Udaan 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghav doubts on Rohit

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The Episode starts with inspector dropping Rajjo home. He asks Chakor not to worry for Rajjo. Chakor thanks him. She asks Rajjo did she meet Anjor. Rajjo says yes, she is fine. Inspector says she is safe, she has protection around, we have to lodge Rajjo’s case. Chakor says I will come on time. Rajjo says I m fine, nothing can happen to me, Chakor and Raghav with me, none can look at me badly now. Raghav says I will not let injustice happen with you, I started getting justice, I have beaten that goon today. He holds Akash’s hand while talking. Chakor asks him why did he hold Akash’s hand. Raghav leaves Akash’s hand. He says it just happened. Chakor says Rajjo you have to go to hospital to meet Anjor, ring that bell if you want anything. Rajjo says I did big sin to blame Raghav. Chakor says its not

your fault, real culprit tried to frame him.

Rajjo says you believed that he can’t do wrong. Rohit comes home. Raghav stops him. Rohit asks where is Rajjo, I will ask her how is she. Amit says you shouldn’t meet her, you had a fight with her. Raghav looks on. Rohit asks which fight. Amit says you both had an argument right. Raghav asks from where are you coming at this time. Rohit says I went to meet my friend. Raghav asks who is your friend in Aazaadgunj, you are fast to make friends so soon. Tejaswini asks Rohit not to answer anyone and go. Rohit goes. Chakor takes Raghav aside and gives him gyaan. She asks him not to do anything such. He jokes on her that she is like his teacher. She asks him not to say anything to Tejaswini’s relatives, else Tejaswini will get angry on him. He says sorry. She says promise you won’t be after anyone. He says promise, I won’t question anyone. She calls him mad and goes. He says don’t know why I get scared of this madam.

Rohit gets mad for money and keeps in cupboard. Raghav comes and sees this. He says I will break promise given to Chakor, I have come here. Rohit asks him to leave. Raghav says don’t get angry, if I have any doubt, I clear it. They argue. Raghav says I will find out what you are hiding. He pushes Rohit. He opens the cupboard and gets shocked seeing the money. Chakor says I m coming to you Anjor. Anjor says I m feeling worried, I will fall ill again. Chakor worries. Anjor says everyone is here, but not that I want, I want to have kheer made by you, I m fine, I was teasing you. She laughs. Chakor says you can’t do this, don’t joke like this again, I will make kheer for you. She talks to Leela and asks her to take care of Anjor, stay careful. A ward boy looks at Anjor. Chakor says Leela, don’t leave Anjor free. Leela takes care of Anjor.

Raghav scares Rohit and asks him to say the truth. Rohit says you aren’t Suraj, stay in your limits and go. Raghav asks how are you wearing costly watch, tell me. Raghav shuts the door and says I will beat you like dholki now. He plays music and says you will scream, but your voice won’t reach Chakor, tell me what’s your connection with blackmailer. He dances and beats Rohit. Ae ji o ji…plays… rohit runs. Anjor asks Leela to go to washroom. Leela says I can’t leave you alone. Anjor insists her to go. Leela goes. A ward boy smiles seeing Anjor. Anjor smiles innocently.

Akash says Rohit will speak up when police beats him. Rohit says Imli gave me this money. Leela sees Anjor gone. She calls Chakor and says Anjor isn’t here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raghav’s antics were the star today, he’s funny and in your face. I was excited when he held Akash’s hand, his instincts are very good even if he isn’t aware of it.
    That look he gave Teju when she told Rohit to go 😂😂😂.
    The action sequence/dance was unique, I greatly enjoyed it but think it was a liitle out of sync
    I found Anjor cute today.
    So now Akash knows that Imli is interested in haveli, he’ll soon realize he needs her help to succeed.
    I think Imli will rescue Anjor.

  2. Their is a marked improvement in the plot and scene writing, I checked the credits and no names have changed, must be someone in the backroom team. Anyways hats off to them.
    The background music has been toned down, the past few episodes, hope it stays this way.
    The actor playing Rohit is doing a good job. Liked Rajjo today she wasn’t overacting.

  3. Raghav is a very sensitive character, his eyes welled up when Rajjo said he’ll keep her safe.

  4. Raghav is too cared for rajjo. I liked that, but I thinks he likes chakor😶 and he is also teasing her for her gyaan😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  5. Raghav is too cared for rajjo. I liked that, but I think he likes chakor😶 and he is also teasing her for her gyaan😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

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