Udaan 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Chakor confront Bhaiya ji

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Udaan 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vivaan shouting Imli where are you. The lady says she fell down and ladies took her to doctor, as she is pregnant. Vivaan gets shocked and prays for Imli and his child. He goes. Imli refuses to get checkup done. Doctor says you fell over stomach, its about your baby’s life, you should get checkup done. Lady also says the same. Imli scolds the ladies. She says let me go to my doctor. Doctor asks where is she, its not good to wait. Imli says she knows my problem, let me go, I will call her, she will come. Lady gives her phone. Imli calls her doctor.

Suraj and Chakor are on the way. Suraj says when I got breakfast for you, I did not see you and thought you are joking, I was so worried. He turns to her and sees she is sleeping. He removes his jacket and covers her up.

He holds her face and says don’t know what would have happened if I did not come on time, I will never leave you alone, any danger coming to you has to face me first, I love you a lot, I can’t even express it. He cries. She wakes up and says Suraj. He hugs her and says I know who did this with you, this time I will not leave Bhaiya ji.

Bhaiya ji punishes servant. Servant asks for a last chance. He did not know about Vivaan coming to save Chakor. Bhaiya ji beat the goons. He pushes the table and hangs the servant. He shoots on the rope and leaves him. He says last chance and goes.

Imli’s doctor checks Imli and says Imli and baby are fine, I did necessary tests. Lady says its Teej’s puja miracle, problem came and ended, can we see her. Doctor says no, she is fine, let her rest, I will go. The male doctor says you look antaryami, you did not do any tests and know baby is fine, I did not see such miracle. Imli’s doctor says I have experience and know everything, a doctor should not doubt on other doctor. Imli comes and asks her doctor to leave. Imli thanks the male doctor and goes.

Imli’s doctor meets Vivaan and says Imli called me here for emergency. He asks how are Imli and baby. She says they are fine. He says fine, I will leave, Imli needs me. He leaves. Imli looks on and leaves. Bhaiya ji sees garlands on his pic and gets shocked. Suraj comes and says you don’t even deserve this, but I have put chandan garland so that your soul gets peace. Bhaiya ji asks what are you saying. Chakor comes there and smiles. She aims gun at her head and then points at Bhaiya ji. She scolds him.

She shoots at the photo frame. Bhauya ji asks are you mad, am I responsible for everything, I m saying truth, I don’t know anything. Suraj says we will know it, they were your men. He holds Bhaiya ji’s neck and dips his head in water. Bhaiya ji denies it. Suraj says say truth, you have sent the goons. Bhaiya ji says I don’t know, leave me, Tejaswini comes and stops Suraj. Suraj says he is a devil, not father, he was trying to get Chakor killed. Tejaswini says you have to leave him. Suraj leaves him. Tejaswini says he was in Teej puja with me, how can he do this.

Suraj says he can do anything sitting here, I m warning him, if he attacks Chakor, I will burn him alive in his haveli. He goes. Chakor asks Suraj to let her go. He says you won’t go. She says how can you go everywhere with me. He says I m your husband, I married you, its my duty to protect my wife. She says I agree we got married, but world does not know, let me spend time with mum and dad. He says we got married, even then you don’t want to be with me. She says I will stay when you get me here as bride, I don’t want to go away, its matter of few days. He says I m scared, Bhaiya ji is here. She says Bhaiya ji could not succeed, I know you care for me a lot, we have to face any challenge.

Suraj says you run away from me. Chakor says staying away is good, there is fun in this wait. He asks really, fine, then we will get restless together. He gets close. Mahiya….plays…..

Suraj says Chakor did not come till now, I m scared she can get late like this time. Chakor comes and says I have come. She slips. He holds her. They smile. Imli’s doctor meets Imli at night. Imli gives her money. Doctor asks why are you doing this. Imli says I just know one thing, my life depends on this one thing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The epi seems interesting. Surj puts his jacket on Chakr while she’s sleeping ??? I think sukor should tell everyone that they r married. I’m glad Imli’s baby is fine but I’m not convinced with her doctor. Sukor up against KN. Moment I’ve been waiting for.
    Hi everyone! Happy Independence day. I’ve updated my ff Maahiya. Plz do read it.

  2. love suraj care for chakor .he can do anything or be anything for chakor.his love and affection can seen in his eyes.chakor also love him very much but she can’t see other people sorrow that’s her biggest problem.
    And I don’t understand vimli part.is she really pregnent now?
    really wanted A very grant wedding for sukor and vimli should stay in their limites.I also want chakor get good dress .l like her when she first got married with suraj.That dresses was just fabulas.
    hi all my friends!Shreya di is again disapear?
    love u all.Aria is fine.

  3. Suraj moment with chakor in the car was so romantic and cute…loved sukor face of with kamal was amazing i love sukor and kamal jee face offs i wanna see a proper sukor wedding please cvs give us the wedding witg rituals then kamal evil plans can start cvs have given vimli a new storyline and somehow it will affect sukor imli paying doctor etc makes it look like she has a big secret about the child i now think she aint pregnant thats why she didnt let the other doctor check and called her own and didnt even do any tests seen new olv were vimli act suspicious and chakor feels hesitant to know imli suspense i to agree chakor is recycling the same 5 dresses everyone had an update in thier wardrobe hoepfully after sukor proper marriage cvs give chakor pretty dresses like they use to before…

  4. Sukor scenes are awesome…and first and last part romantic scenes are fabulous…..and in precap….sukor scenes are nice…and why imli give money to the doctor….and why did she hide from sukor about baby…hi udaan fans…hi Nemo lily k,aanya,sukorian and all members.

  5. happy independence day to all my friends.but in my country it’s a tragic day bcz the father of nation Bangladesh died in this day.

  6. I think imli again loses her child because her doctor and even she is behaving weirdly.

  7. Happy independence day to all my indian friends!
    Hi Suhani! Hi Asha!

    Nice episode! Sukor car scene was emotional and their hug was so beautiful. Loved how Sukor confronted KN, liked how Chakor held the gun to KN’s head while Suraj supported her, Surajj’s anger was awesome to watch. Sukor scene at the end was lovely, I wish they’d get married in court before the wedding.

    Imli is hiding something, I think she already lost the baby and the doctor will help get her a baby to pass as her own.

    1. Thanks for the quick update Amena!

      1. I think imli role helping ragini will impact chamli relationship becoz wen chakor found out that ragini escaped she told imli she will never forgive the person who helped and imli got tensed wen ragini comes i hope she reveals that vivaan was helping her to cuz kamal deep down thinks it was chakor that’s why he is after her the plot looks big the vimli plot i hope it dont affect sukor?deep down ik it will somehow and noticed imli is wearing chakor shawl in precap and last yr in August imli baby plot took over this yr its starting to beocme big and cvs adding suspence if imli life depends on this i think the baby is a fake…and chakor may fall pregnant imli may want chakor child something like that may happen just a theory

    2. Imli baby suspense i feel is somehow linked to ragini i think this vimli plot is a start for ragini comebk cuz ragini is strongly against vimli after what vivaan did to her and imli helped her escape chakor sed that she will never forgive the person that helped ragini we all know how evil ragini is and her entry and revelation about who helped her will create misunderstandings between sukor and vimli

      1. Sukorian

        so true u r absolutely right Piyal I think so too

      2. I wish Imli’s role in helping Ragini escape gets revealed. Imli shouldn’t get away with it. I hope Ragini doesn’t return so soon, she’s irritating.

      3. I also think this cuz kamal is after sukor its sukor fight agianst kamal narayan and cuz cvs love vimli it will be ragini agianst vimli ragini started to lose interest in the war between the bundua track and got angry as kamal always plotted against sukor that why ragini teamed with vivaan as both ravaan loved power and now ragini is bk and vivaan is also apart of imli suspense cuz in the spolier wen the pots were to be broken vimli ran of and chakor got worried i dont want chakor to be tensed in her wedding for vimli isnt kamal enough?

  8. What’s this.imli is behaving so different it seems to be like she is not pregnant in the latest spoiler also she is behaving so weird don’t know what she is hiding
    Coming to sukor scenes there r awesome as usual

  9. Happy independence day to all my friends

  10. Sukor and kamal face of was great it shouldhave been a bit longer loved sukor scenes so cute! Kamal killing those goons is a sign that his anger is becoming intolerable seeing chakor alive the way he threatend shiku will make shiku to do something hopefully kamal dosent do anything on sukor wedding day but this time if kamal does something i think his plan will work dont know imli new weird storyline it seems she faked the pregnancy but why wolud she do that i mean sukor went through some much heartbreak and vivaan went even more mad in revenge wen the doctor asked and imli sed her life depends on this the doctor kinda smirked in the precap couldit be possible that imli wanted a child so badshe started imagining having one (maybe imli mental health storyline of how her losing her 1st child has shattered her but she did grieve for that child so thismay not be true i agree piyal this is some how linked to ragini i bet )

  11. Loved sukor and kamal scene how can tejswani sympathies with kamal wen he made suraj life hell as bundua did tejwani forget how her child suffered kamal made suraj life worser than death cvs should have focused the emotional impact of suraj wen he got freed from kamal and how he feels seeing kamal around him in the haveli…sukor and kamal face ofs rgreat loved how suraj took chakor up and kamal stared kamal was very angry agianst the goons he will take revenge from sukor for what they did and this time its kinda obvious kamal plan will work i have a feeling the remarrige wont be complete cuz of a evil kamal plan and sukor will make do with the phere that they took…i also heard kamal will be shocked as he finds out sukor got married secretly

  12. I dont get kamal or cvs in this track vivaan did all the bad stuff to kamal whilst sukor delt with separation kamal should realistically be after vimli for revenge kamal hates chakor etc thinks of her as her bundua and belittles her but imli is accepted as thier bahu where as in serial she has no education and use to be a goon i watched buchua track and in beginning of it imli told sukor not to but in as its her personal matter with vivaan but then they involved sukor and now cvs doing another vimli plot i dont wanna see vimli even in camping trip wen sukor had a love moment i got irratated seeing vimli stareing and vivaan didnt even aplogise for kidnapping chakor and accusing suraj to be the father of his child?(guys ik this is old stuff i brought up) becoz of previous tracks i cant sympathise with vimli i only like sukor and kamal as villian ragini was to irratating i jus hope cvs give sukor marriage and then i wanna see kamal and sukor today episode should have been more about sukor and kamal and it seemed to be abit rushed cvs slowly starting to use vimli again as a big showdown cvs eithet give imli child or dont please dont make it big!last yr main plot was imli and her child june till September was bout vimli then april till june was about imli and child sukor main storyline was kamal return and suraj bundua track and now a sukor remarrige please cvs dont show us another vimli pregnancy storyline iv seen enough i still want cvs to show suraj was never the father of imli first child as this somehow bothers me even though i lovesukor!

  13. Eria i totally agree even though vimli n sukor r cool i want sukor to stay away from them vimli still selfish look how cunningly vivaan got the papers signed the he told suraj the truth and how for her selfish reasons to protect vivaan imli helped ragini and eria ikr imli is from same family as chakor a poor household cvs now portray imli as ideal bahu but imli was a goon everyone has had a storyline focused on them imli had 2 baby storylines and the 3rd started vivaan went mad with ragini was a vivaan plot suraj bundua track but chakor hasnt had a track that mostly focuses on her like a solid track i think this track will be about kamal coming between sukor love

    1. @Qarai,I agree with u so much that couldn’t help but comment.After leap,there is no solid track on Chakor!There was a comment here pointing this issue before.But some fans gave ‘logic’ like as chakor helped suraj on bundhua track,it is her track too.So is imli’s 1st and 2nd baby tracks,as these somehow affected chakor!What to say!I feel some people are very judgmental when it comes to chakor whereas they become understanding and show compassion out of their way for other characters in udaan. Unfortunately,they are the ones who are the most active in giving feedback on social platforms.That’s why cvs also don’t focus on her.

      1. What track will satisfy you as focusing on Chakor enough? Baby track 2 was terrible but had some of the best chakor scenes, it showed how she felt betrayed and tried to move on and how suraj tried to win her back.

        Personally I’d like to see less of vimli but i don’t think chakor is ignored.

      2. Sorry if this is posted twice but my old comment hasn’t appeared yet.

        Can you give suggestions for Chakor-centered tracks? Baby track 2 was terrible but had some of the best Chakor scenes, it showed how she felt betrayed and tried to move on and how Suraj tried to win her back.

        Personally I’d like to see less of vimli but i don’t think chakor is ignored.

      3. Dear i totally agree this basless imli pregnacy storylines r dull and that drfits away storylines as they r mostly sidelined wen this buchua track started sukor were sidelined until suraj sed he was the father it would have been better if chakor had her own storyline 4 her character instead of seeing another vimli sepreation as trp starting to get stedy everyone is glued to see sukor marriage mysterious about kamal plans cvs decide to throw in a stupid basless vimli storyline this is why cvs got sukor married like that i so know wen vimli reunite cvs will give us remarriage then that’s why cvs scrapped the storyline were imli wanted to give vivaan divorce but cvs saved it for now and chakor did not have her own storyline till now after leap it was imli against her she had to stay married to suraj for imli she came bk to protect suraj she motivated suraj and stayed is willpower in bundua track then suraj left chakor for imli protection in buchua track finally sukor remaarige track kamal comes bk to attack sukor sukor teaming up against kamal cvs bring another basless storyline about vimli since both couples got married they stopped the bundua giri fight its like its been sidelined i will be really pissed of if sukor butt in to help vimli idc if cvs united them what vimli did to sukor was disgusting like in buchua track imli claimed suraj was jealous that he lost his child and chakor still loves vivaan that’s why sukor r jealous of them wen she knew how much sukor loved each other…i still hope suraj is proved not to be the father of the first child…im notpleased cuz in olvs chakor is worried 4 this imli?

    2. What are your suggestions for a chakor track? At the start they’ve shown chakor competing at races and how KN tried to stop her from winning, once by blackmailing her and once by spiking her drinks. They can repeat that, but what else can they show about her career?

      Of course, they can have a marriage track, but even then some will say it wasn’t about Chakor. Baby track 2 was equally about vimli and sukor. June included the lucknow trip, getting evidence about the gun factory and sukor romance, it had very little vimli.

      They can make Chakor pregnant, but she isn’t a housewife, she’s fighting for a cause and has no time for kids right now. Vimli new drama is a nuisance, I would’ve preferred if they focused on the four of the fighting against KN.

    3. My problem with all the baby tracks is not that sukor or chakor are sidelined, they rarely are. it’s, as sukorian said, that they deviate from the main topic of the show that is the fight to free Azaadganj and its inhabitants. As long as the track is about the fight between good and evil, it’s ok but all other unnecessary tracks are irritating.

      It looks like sukor’s main focus will be to reunite vimli. I hope I’m wrong and sukor focus on kn and leave vimli to solve their problems.

      1. The problem is that chakor’s doesn’t have a main storyline for example something has to happen to vimli and chakor gets involved for example wen chakor married suraj first time he was using her aginast money etc treated her like a bundua but cvs brought vimli baby track 1 and the whole drama revolved around that chakor had a small storyline wen kamal mixed drugs cuz the main concept was suraj turning bundua ik chakor had alot of scenes but thier still needs to be a storyline about chakor for example chakor running it was her main aspect whilst returning after leap now its not even mentioned the main focus azaadi from being bundua is not even shown as importance the only part was in beginning and wen suraj was turning bundua vivaan took credit for burning the guns about gun factory as cvs tried to show he was innocent wen he wasn’t the buchua track was nonsense it was all due to lack of trusy between vimli in baby track 1 and kamal return they all new ragini was evil but vivaan still trusted her…and what they did with suraj showed kamal and ragini cant be trusted now imli helped ragini escape and what i dont like is that these storylines r caused by vimli like the problem triggers with them which us fustrating as vimli r selfish and only care wen everything is going good for them now we r starting to see chakor vs kamal whilst suraj is with chakor but cvs started this stupid imli track and ik this will affect sukor as it did last time…and ik chakor is a fighter but she did fall in love she can have her own family and still fight for freedom but cvs still portay vimli as ideal couple thats why im saying it stright i dont like vimli yh the problems have been solved between all 4 but did vimli apologise for thier behaviour during buchua track no vimli expressions should that they expected sukor to do all that what i dont want is vimli attached to sukor vimli have had big storylines about them now cvs should focus on sukor problem it was only for 2 weeks were we sawvimli side lined and now cvs starting a 3rd stupid buchua track i mean they had budget for 3 guad bahrays instead of doing that big babyshower sukor could have had thier sangeet and mendhi and wen vimli united they had no problmes until vivaan joined ragini but wen sukor confessed thier problem started on the same day as suraj was gettinh acused og being the father my fustration is cvs start the storylines from vimli point of view and some how sukor get tangled in the problems this is why i dont want vimli problems as they involve sukor and it is possible chakor can fall pregnant but its not necessary that chakor will have an evil imli may do something etc

      2. @qarai i agree with u 100% i would love to see a storyline about chakor returning to run its true the storylines start with vimli problems apart from the beginning of the show and suraj bundua track the main storylines were about imli buchua which is frustrating i love sukor i love watching all thier scenes but i dont like vimli too as soon as a problem came they were so qucik to blame sukor i cant stand them now its sukor vs kamal its chakor storyline against ksmal whilst suraj is gonna support chakor just like she did in bundua track sukor remaarige is a mess we all wanna see it but we knowit wont happen that’s whysukor took those pheres as that is thier marriage and we all know wen ever vimli have problem it affects sukor and it will this time to eg chakor may support her sister and suraj may support vivasn as they r all friends now see this what i mean and sukor start having problems kamal starts taking advantage cuz in olv vivasn will leave imli…i also saw during second buchua track imli did give vivaan divorce papers but cvs changed thier sepreation to this and all this will delay sukor remarrige and sukor will try helping vimli?i will enjoy seeing sukor but the overall aim will be boring as its once again all bout vimli!

  14. http://tvserialnews.com/udaan-shocking-imli-hides-the-miscarriage-truth-from-vivaan/
    New spolier which states sukor have a new track whilst this will be vimli track also read that vivaan will break all ties with imli im just hopeing thats cvs do sukor remarriage i dont want vimli part of their remarriage track… (most likely cvs will include them as they love vimli) so imli is lying and now it is possible for chakor to fall pregnant but thier will be to many enemies for sukor child in jealouslyimli will turn evil and we have kamal @eria ur right cvs r giving a basless vimli track again?

  15. Hey all… How are you.. I’m back
    I liked the episode especially sukor car scene and their faceoff with kn. Imli is suspicious. does she really pregnant or not? Don’t know what is the new twist.. But I hope it Does not affect sukor.
    Happy independence day my dears

    1. Hi sruthi good to see you back!

  16. Piyal thanks 4 spolier hope this vimli seperation dosent lead anything to concern for sukor i hope it dont dely remarrige for sukor it most likely will and cvs will problerly do remarrige for vimli?so instead sukor will declare that they r already married so chakor can live in haveli with suraj i just wanted to see one track of happy sukor during thier wedding but it looks like it will get delayedwith kamalplot and now this imli plot (really not interested vivaan should understand imli was emotional as she lost herchild 2nd time im sure if imli had 3 ghud bharais cvs can give us atleast one sukor remaarige with rituals

  17. Imli lost the baby after Ragini’s truth was revealed. Vivaan finds out


  18. Sukorian

    oh I just hate Vimli track y do they need to give them so much space in the serial. The serial is based on the freedom right? The Baby tracks hasn’t anything to do with freedom…? Chakor has finally do i d some1 Suraj who is ready to help her to get Azaadghanj free from KN y do they have to bring the baby plot in. again n again I want Sukor against KN it was so gud always after the return of KN the fight till Bandhua n then from Bandhua the fight to his freedom. All great. But this baby track separation tracks t out of mind all doesn’t make sense anymore.

    wb sruthi

    1. The four of them fighting KN is far better. KN returned too soon. It was better if they showed sukor making projects for the villagers and then kn coming back to his senses and sabotaging their plans.

    2. Exactly?? totally agree azaadi is main focus i know see tyrant kamal and our sukor a power couple to fight kamal chakor now has a partner suraj to help her in this azaadi fight i dont even mind kamal as he is villian and every serial needs villian only problem i have is i want sukor married withall rituals then idm seeing kamal vs sukor i also wanted to see kamal and suraj face of after bundua track finshed but we never got that why i dont like vimli is last yr this time the story was bout vimli and ragini burning the cradle etc but vimli smacking chakor for it then wen vimli reunited imli wanted to cause harm cuz she got jealous as vivaan and chakor stayed friends? we have seen 2 storylines about her child and i dont wannssee a 3rd? its pointless cvs try to show vimli ad positive but iv never seen them in a positive form the way i see them is if they r happy they dont carw but anyone else but if they get problem the drag ever1 down…

  19. Thanks piyal. I don’t want vimli to remarry with sukor. Imli may turn evil if vivaan leaves her. I don’t think chakor will have a baby because it’s the actors are young and may not want to play parents so soon.

    1. I agree but i knew imli would lose her child as in the show its queit fast 4 them to have a child at this stage i was thinking chakor may get a storyline it may be like a fake 1 which many serials use main lead only have a child wen its time for a leap so we know sukor wont have a child so soon sukor have bigger problmes

  20. Helloooooooooo gys. Here m again to disturb u all. How r u all.
    Happy independence day gys.

  21. Episode was amazing bt I like sukor n kn ji scenes.
    Imli scene was suspensful. Now wt she is try to doing. Really suspensful. Let see bt happen next.
    Precap mai sukor scene bhi bhut acha tha.

  22. Hi nemo di, sukorian, shanu, lily hw r u gys.
    N wt happen to aria?is everything fine naa?

    1. Hi aanya! Aria has exams, so he isn’t commenting until next month.

  23. Gys u don’t think so that imli is lying about her pregnancy.
    I think she isn’t pregnant. Remember gys ab tk ye nhi pta k vo hotel ka room chod k khana gain thi.
    Ho skta hai in lady doctor k paas gai rhi hoengi. Wt u think gys.

  24. http://tellyreviews.com/2017/08/15/shocking-vivaan-imlis-relation-turn-bitter-udaan/
    This weeks plot after i think the pooja if thid storyline does not affect sukor and vimli dont act selfish then i agree with imli vivaan done so much shit to her abused her etc and its only been a month since he accepted imli bk at the beginning there was evidence of imli and suraj sleeping in that car together but chakor still believed suraj until suraj and imli convinced her its suraj child where as vivaan trusted ragini who done so much to him more!imli did alot of selfish vivaan she even let ragini go ik it was wrong but she did sacrifice alot she gave up guns etc became a housewife and focusef on having a child whilst vivaan taunted her all the time about suraj like he still lives in the past and imli sulked everything in what cvs did wrong is vivaan got no punishment this time vivaan should beg imli not imli begging him sukor r a team equal respect each othet vivaan always controls imli on what to do and what not to do sukor r different i like sukor better imli really wanted achild she must be traumatised ik sukor will support imli as i beleive what she did was wrong but she did have alot of torture against her only suraj supported her then so imli most likely wont go against sukor its most likely vivaan getting mad and joining kamal i think vivaan will turn into kamal side kick i cant believe vivaan raised his hand on imli though he is weak good imli smacked him bk foe what he did he needed a beating after that

  25. Sukorian

    hi aanya fine hope u 2?
    Imli is hiding more even I think so but still it’s not real story Udaan was based on freedom fight of a small girl I hated it season 1 was not for sorry if I hurt any1. I don’t want any surprises on the baby anymore they should show us what we want marriage of Sukor without interaction of Vimli. Then they should show a fight between Sukor n KN for freedom. N Maybe Ragini can cb but not again a stupid separation n reunion work on Vimli n don’t know but the plot is now a side story…

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