Udaan 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor thinking about Imli and how she has made her feel her roti is big by showing the smaller one. Ishwar asks her how did she know and she does not tell him. He sees her wiping the small line and leaves. Aditya says he has to see more rooms. Chakor says later, I have to go to puja. Aditya insists. Chakor agrees. She shows the dolls she made. He asks this is for whom. She gets upset and misses Imli. Imli makes a bead and thread necklace for Chakor and cries. Aditya asks the doll name. Chakor says come and see the haveli. Imli hides the necklace from Dadi. Dadi says your dad will take you to the fair, it will be fun. Imli says I don’t want to go there, I want to meet Chakor. Bhuvan and Kasturi cry.

She says fine, but on one condition that we all will go. Bhaiya ji and his family takes the guests towards the temple. Bhaiya ji asks Ishwar why is he seeing the car like this, tell me which you like, I will gift you. Ishwar laughs and says he is fine in whatever he is now, and he is happy in what he is doing. Bhaiya ji asks what are you doing. Prabhakar says where is Aditya. Prabhakar asks Ishwar to be calm. Ishwar says he wants to see is Bhaiya ji a tiger or not. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji to deal with Ishwar step by step. He says yes, you are right.

Aditya says you are a good guide. Chakor says I forgot to show something and makes him meet Dadi. She says he is Aditya and wrote a book too. Dadi blesses him and gives them Prasad. Aditya likes the Charkha and Gandhi ji’s pics. He asks her is she Gandhian. Chakor says its her Bapu. Aditya says yes, that’s what he is called. Chakor says don’t take name, call him Bapu. Aditya says Gandhi ji is father of the nation. Dadi smiles. Dadi asks him about his book. He says prose and poetry. Dadi asks him to recite one. Aditya says one and Dadi likes it. He says earth can’t touch the moon. Chakor says your poetry is wrong, I will bring moon on earth.

He says earth and moon can’t meet. She says moon has to come for me. Aditya says this can’t happen. Dadi says Chakor will bring moon on earth one day. Aditya says you don’t know anything. They start arguing. Dadi smiles. Aditya leaves. Dadi asks Chakor to make up to Aditya as he is annoyed, he is our guest. Chakor runs after him. Aditya sits in the car. Ishwar asks what happened. Chakor comes and says why is he annoyed. She says his poetry is wrong, I m saying moon can come down and he is saying it can’t. Aditya says moon can’t come on earth. Chakor says how do you know, it will come one day. Ishwar says wait, I think you have to understand. He says poetry is your thoughts and dreams, and she took gave a dream, she has thoughts that moon will come on earth. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini looks on.

Ishwar asks them to shake hands. They leave. Chakor says she has to go and asks Laali to hurry up. They come to the temple. Bhuvan, Kasturi and Imli too come there. Imli says she can’t see anyone and asks Bhuvan to make her sit on his shoulders. He says fine and lifts her. Imli looks for Chakor. Chakor and Laali run. Chakor asks her to hurry up and runs fast. Laali gets tired and stops. She says I should have not come, but Girja sent me. Chakor says she is going from main road. Laali says if Tejaswini sees you, she will beat you. Chakor runs.

Aditya and Abha stop on the way ad he takes pics of some sheep. Ishwar and Prabhakar are also there. They are shocked to see Chakor and Laali running on the road. Abha says we will drop her. Aditya says she is also going in puja. Ishwar says sure. He stops Chakor. Laali is shocked seeing Ishwar and family. Abha asks Chakor to sit with them, as they are also going to puja. Ishwar says what are you thinking, come and sit. Chakor smiles seeing the car. Prabhakar’s wife says sit fast. Laali says Chakor is gone now, Bhaiya ji won’t leave her. Chakor goes to the car and smiles. Mutti me hawa ke jhokein hai………………… yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………………plays……………………Ishwar opens the door for her. Laali says what will I say everyone. Chakor smiles sitting in the car. Abha sees her playing with the windowpane and laughs. Udaan hai…………………plays………………….. She says its automatic and shows the button to up and down the glass. Chakor smiles playing.

Bhaiya ji says Ishwar has come, he is the special guest. Manohar opens the door of the car and is shocked to see Chakor getting down. Bhaiya ji is shocked too. Bhuvan, Kasturi and Imli are glad to see her. Chakor smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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