Udaan 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor explaining Imli not to become bonded labor to Bhaiya ji, as they don’t have account of how much they took from him, and Ishwar told them to get education to know it. She says you can earn more than our parents, but you need education. Lakhan comes on bike and asks Chakor to come to haveli. His bike does not start and they laugh. Imli ask how will he reach haveli, Chakor can go. Lakhan asks Chakor to come. He gives her medicines and asks her to make it reach Amma, if this does not reach on time, it will be problem. Chakor takes it and asks Imli to get just education. Imli says fine, run, and keeps finger crossed.

Chakor gives the medicines to nurse and asks her to give it to Dadi. The nurse says I did not ask for this, and checks it. Chakor asks did Lakhan give wrong medicine. The nurse thinks. Girja asks Chakor to come for work. Chakor says Lakhan gave medicines and nurse is seeing. The nurse says I m going now, other nurse came in my place. The nurse asks Chakor to take her of Dadi, as she does not find things good here.

Tejaswini tears the prescription. Bhaiya ji says this medicine is not required, The new nurse says this is good, she can get fine soon. Bhaiya ji says no, let her get well slowly, getting well soon is dangerous. The nurse asks what does he mean. He shows her the money and she smiles. He gives her money and asks did she understand. She says yes. Chakor comes to Dadi. Bhaiya ji says Amma’s face has peace, she should have this peace forever. Chaklor says no, Dadi will not sleep forever, she will wake up very soon. He shouts asking how did she come here without permission. She says Lakhan has sent this medicine, his bike is not good.

Tejaswini asks her to go and Girja takes Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks the nurse to do for what she came here. She says yes. Girja gives many clothes to Chakor for ironing. Chakor asks can I do some today and some tomorrow. Girja says no, start now and gives electric iron. Tejaswini comes and asks her why is she giving electric iron, and Chakor can iron our clothes by hot water pot. She asks Chakor to iron all clothes by using pot.

Chakor looks on. Dheere dheere chaun ke rang banke…………..Chakor starts ironing the clothes by the big hot water vessel. She says she did all and just one remains. She says when she finishes this work, she can erase the stains off her uniform. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………..plays………. She finishes the work. She washes her uniform and says stains are not going, how to remove them. She sees the soap and goes to take. Girja says servants don’t use soap and ask about clothes ironing. Chakor says all done, give me some soap. Girja asks her to wash utensils cleanly.

Chakor recalls Kasturi’s words. In FB, Kasturi tells her about lemon removing stains. Chakor calls her magician and Kasturi laughs. Chakor says I will get lemon now from kitchen. Imli talks to Sheru and says her stomach is making sounds as she have her half roti to him. Sheru barks and Imli says your stomach is also making sound, we both can’t get hungry, you can’t talk to me, but I understand your barks, you have become my friend.

She says we will earn money, you get everyone and I will sell raw mangoes. She hugs Sheru and asks him to be there. Chakor looks for lemon and sees Laali eating it. Laali says Girja knew you will come to take lemon, so she has send me to guard it, its very sour, I will go now. Chakor asks for one and Laali takes all lemons and leave. Chakor recalls teacher’s words and thinks whats the use to learn 9th table when uniform is not clean.

Imli talks to guard and asks him to give uniform to Chakor. Chakor sees her and runs to her. Imli gives her uniform and says your uniform got bad, you wear this. Chakor says this does not mean you will not come to school, if you don’t study, you will b stupid. Imli says I will learn from you, whats the need to study, and Sheru also does not need uniform. Suraj asks who is there. Chakor asks Imli to go. She tells Suraj that Imli got uniform for her, as he has stained the old one. She says I will go, I have work and then have to homework too.

Suraj gets angry. Chakor does her homework, and studies sitting under the garden lamp light. Suraj says I will make her homework completed, and switches off the power. Chakor turns to see. She recalls the teacher’s words.

Imli earns money and shows Sheru, and does not know what they earned. Bhuvan says they earned all day and the money was cut in loan, what will we eat now. Imli thinks what to do, to give money to Bhaiya ji or parents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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