Udaan 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor-Raghav survive

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The Episode starts with villagers informing Tejaswini about Chakor and Raghav’s death. Tejaswini denies it. Anjor shouts and says my mum will come back, nothing will happen to her. Tejaswini hugs her and says we will pray for Chakor, come with me. They pray for Chakor and Raghav. Chakor and Raghav are somewhere on the lakeside. Raghav gets conscious. He wakes up and gets shocked seeing Chakor. He shouts madam…. He asks are you fine, open your eyes, this can’t happen, no…. Wind blows inside the house. Diya flickers by air. Raghav shouts for help. Diya blows off. Anjor worries. She says nothing will happen to my mum. She prays for Chakor and cries. She says I m going to find mum. Raghav hugs Chakor tightly. She coughs and gets conscious. He thanks Lord. She asks where is Anjor. He says she

will be fine with Tejaswini, don’t worry.

Anjor runs on the road and recalls Chakor. She cries and says where are you, I have to go in to find you. She sees angry villagers. Leela hides Anjor. Chakor says what happened with us, we got ruined, villagers want to kill us, no one is there to support me. Leela stops Anjor and asks her to run away, else villagers will kill her. She says the villagers have burnt Chakor and Raghav to death, run away, villagers will kill you. Anjor cries and runs to find Chakor. She shouts mumma… Chakor is at some temple. She cries and says I have always worshipped you, protect my Anjor, make me meet her. Anjor gets Chakor’s earring and says she would be around.

Raghav asks Chakor to have food, else she will get weak. Chakor hears Anjor shouting. She says Anjor is calling me, she needs me. Raghav says that girl is calling out her mum, she isn’t Anjor, you have sent Anjor with Tejaswini, she will be safe, don’t worry. He asks her to hold his hand, they will start a new life with Anjor in some new city. Chakor asks how will this happen, Anjor will not accept this. Raghav asks why, I will give her uch love as Suraj would have given her, you know I do what I say, do you trust me. She holds his hand. They go inside the temple. He makes her wear the red chunri. He says I want to give you respect, I want to take you far where past doesn’t chase us, I want to start a new life with you, I promise I will give you much love. He proposes her for marriage and shows sindoor. She cries happily. He is about to fill sindoor in her maang. Anjor comes there and looks on. Anjor thinks Chakor doesn’t love me, she is marrying this man. Chakor stops Raghav from filling her maang and says Anjor… She looks around and doesn’t see her. She says I felt Anjor is around.

He asks do you love me. She says yes, I love you a lot. He asks why did you stop me from filling your maang. She recalls Anjor’s words. She says we are living for Anjor, if she is unhappy, how will we stay happy. Raghav says I will become Suraj for Anjor. Chakor says no, you are really nice Raghav, Anjor has to accept you, I can’t hurt Anjor for my happiness, forgive me. She returns chunri to him and goes. He cries.

Chakor hugs Raghav and cries. She says I can’t live with you, we have to get away. She runs far from him. He cries seeing her going.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can’t believe tomorrow is the last day I’ll see VJ in Udaan. I’ll stop watching when the leap comes.
    Wish VJ all the best , he’s very talented and dedicated. Hope to see him in a new show soon. No one could’ve played Suraj like him, I loved both Suraj and Raghav and will miss them both.

  2. The acting was superb but there is zero logic.
    Why did Raghav ask Chakor to marry him, knowing that Anjor hates him?
    Why did Chakor send Raghav away? He could’ve remained close and tried to win Anjor’s trust, why end any hope of being together?
    Why did Teju hide at BhuKa and not outside the village or in the police station? they knew the villagers will attack them
    Why didn’t Raghav come with Chakor to make sure she left from Azaadganj safely, instead of leaving her to go alone and getting attacked again.
    All of this because stupid writers think pain is the only possible emotion.

  3. It’s very hard to believe that vj is quitting the show . He is damn cute and talented actor I ve seen but his each and every acts always makes me to love him more day by day . Soon he will get new shows to explore his talents. I wish that this quitting to be cancelled and to bring him back. Why the writers can’t understand that without vj noo udaan. For me noo colours toooo.
    I am eagerly waiting for his next show . Love u lots vj .😘😘😙😙😙😘😍😍

  4. Without vj udaan has no life

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