Udaan 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor survives

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking where is my Saanvi. Imli says you can take my life, this secret will end with me. Chakor says don’t take my patience, where is Saanvi. Imli says like Suraj is with you and far, Saanvi is also close and still far, what will you do knowing her truth, I will send you away, go and die, and remember me. She pushes Chakor down the cliff. Chakor cries and recalls Imli and her childhood moments. Udaan….plays…. Imli smiles. Diya blows off. Suraj sees this. The light in haveli goes. Garima and Madhuri feel restless. Gumaan fills Suraj’s ears against Chakor. He says Chakor has sent a girl in lake for revenge. Suraj says Chakor wanted to save Anjor, she has saved Anjor by reaching on time. Imli comes home injured and says Suraj… she falls down. They get shocked.


asks what happened. Imli says Chakor has done this with me, she has gone mad, Chakor has kidnapped Anjor’s parents, my parents are helping her, they feel Chakor is bearing injustice, they don’t know truth, I thought to explain Chakor. Suraj gets shocked. Imli says Anjor and her parents aren’t safe. Suraj says I won’t let anything happen to them. Imli winks to Gumaan. He smiles.

Kasturi, Bhuvan, Sugna and Keshu are caught up. Imli comes and says Chakor is no more. Kasturi and Bhuvan get shocked seeing her true colors. Kasturi says what are you saying, Chakor would be fine, free us. Gumaan comes and says she got you captive. He jokes and says you gave birth to a Devi and a Daanav, didn’t you understand, Chakor is Devi and Imli is Daanav. Imli holds his hand. They smile. Kasturi and Bhuvan get angry. Gumaan says your Imli has killed your Chakor. Kasturi says nothing has happened to Chakor. She kicks down Imli. Imli scolds her. Kasturi says you killed my Chakor, Lord will ruin your fate, you think evil wins, you just see, good will win, and evil will lose.

Suraj comes to Anjor. She hugs him. He says don’t worry, you will stay with me till you get your parents. Kasturi shouts on Imli and calls her a stain on human’s name. Suraj takes Anjor. Chakor is lying on the stretcher. They pass by. Chakor’s hand touches Suraj’s hand. Suraj asks why is she alone, where is her family. The cloth moves off her face. Suraj and Anjor get shocked seeing Chakor. Kasturi curses Imli. Imli shuts her up. Anjor runs to call doctor. Suraj asks why is no one treating her. Ward boy says its a suicide case, doctor can’t touch her till her family comes. Suraj says wait, I m her family, I m her husband, her sindoor is of my name, call doctor. Mahiya….plays… Doctor takes her to OT. Suraj says I won’t let anything happen to you.

Chakor gets treated. Suraj recalls Imli’s words. Gumaan says we will invite your parents in Chakor’s final rites. Imli says yes, we will take them. Gumaan gets Vaani’s call. Vaani says Chakor is in hospital. He asks how is this possible. She says Suraj called me and informed. He says fine, I will come there. Imli asks what happened. He says Chakor is alive, she is getting treated at hospital. Kasturi and Bhuvan happily cry. Imli gets shocked and shouts no, this can’t happen, she never dies. Gumaan says she has to die. Kasturi says Chakor is alive, now Imli you see your end.

Doctor says we couldn’t save Chakor. Imli says you are really dead. Chakor dances in haveli party. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I didn’t like the episode, I didn’t like that Suraj changed his mind and didn’t pray for Chakor, would it ruin the plot if he was shown praying for her safety or if the scene was omitted? Cvs always give ammunition to Suraj bashers, after making progress and showing Suraj saying that Chakor saved Anjor and then show him promising to save Chakor’s life, they erase all of this with one silly scene.

    Ghumli scenes were too long, I would’ve preferred if we had more Suraj-Anjor scenes. I don’t understand why they don’t want to give Suraj ss, the show is ending soon. And watching Suraj is far more entertaining than watching Ghumli.

    Suraj looked surprised in precap but in today’s olv, it’s shown that he talks to Chakor.

  2. Juthika Ghosh

    Same thing again— enemity of Imly Nd Gaman,etc., boring. Just pulling the episode.

  3. I’m really really heartbroken that the serial is ending. I really wanted it to continue.. I love meeras acting a lot. She is truly a gem. And really angry at Suraj for not trusting Chakor again and again. He has already did this mistake if not trusting Chakor in the past also and Chakor has shown him the mirror.

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