Udaan 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bacha Pandey dies

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Udaan 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikram saying I will just come. The man stops him and asks him to enjoy the function, that’s kept for him. Suraj thinks to go and get the antidote. Chakor and Rajjo dance on badi mushkil… Suraj makes a leave. Vikram also makes an excuse to leave.

Chakor and Rajjo dance around and stop him. Suraj goes to find the antidote. He hides from the goons and beat them. The man says I will go and tell Vikram. Suraj stops him. Vikram gets angry when Chakor pushes him. He falls in the dirty mud. She apologizes to him. Suraj looks for the medicines. Rajjo and Chakor do a drama. Chakor begs him to forgive her. Vikram says leave my feet. Rajjo says forgive her. Chakor says I have forgiven you, leave me, let me go. Rajjo and Chakor make him busy in talks. Vikram says you ruined all

the fun, I m going. The man scolds Rajjo and Chakor. Rajjo says forgive me. Chakor wishes Suraj comes back. Suraj looks for antidote. He sees a box and checks it. Vikram comes there. Chakor tries to stop him again. She covers her face. He goes ahead. Rajjo says you would have got caught. Chakor says Suraj didn’t come out yet, what shall we do. Vikram comes there and opens the lock. Suraj smiles seeing the antidote. Vikram switches on the lights.

Suraj hides. Vikram takes an antidote and goes, locking the door. Rajjo says I thought Suraj will come out. They see Suraj coming out. Chakor smiles. Udaan hai…plays…. Chakor says our plan will not fail, Bacha Pandey knows what will happen with him. Suraj says he will be getting punished, I have told him. FB shows Suraj saying you have tortured my daughter, you will be paying a price for that, you ruined many lives, you think Vikram will give you antidote and you will get fine, no way, I will change the antidote, Vikram will give you poison. FB ends. Rajjo says it means you have the real medicine. Vikram comes to Bacha Pandey. Bacha signs no to him. Vikram gets the bottle. He says you will be fine, I have come to free you from this pain, don’t worry. Suraj and Chakor pray. Rajeshwari does the aarti. Vikram says calm down, you will get fine by this. He injects Bacha. Bacha screams. Everyone hears his scream. Udaan hai….plays….

Vikram says don’t shout, you will get fine, I have given you the antidote, everyone will come, calm down, why are you shouting, I have to go, no one can see me with you. He goes from window. The people come in and see Bacha shouting in pain. Rajeshwari asks what happened, everything will get fine. Doctor says I don’t know what’s happening to him. Suraj says Bacha Pandey is dying, we shall go and shed some tears of happiness. Chakor agrees. Tejaswini is with Anjor. Anjor moves her hand. Tejaswini smiles. Bacha Pandey dies. Rajeshwari gets shocked. She asks nurse to check him. Nurse says he is no more. Suraj and Chakor look on and smile. Udaan hai…plays….

Vikram says someone has killed Bacha, I have to find the truth. Rajjo asks Bhawri not to enter her house. Vikram asks her to show her sister’s face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why did CVs turn Sukor into cold blooded murderers? It’s one thing to make BP suffer (it was wrong but more forgivable) and another to plan his death. Also there is a difference between killing someone in the heat of the moment, like when Chakor killed KN and planning.
    If it’s ok to kill BP, then Sukor should’ve burnt Imli, she did more horrible crimes.
    Also the glee that Sukor showed in killing BP is unsettling, I can expect this from Suraj but not from Chakor.
    When Chakor killed KN, she handed herself in to the police? Will Suraj do the same?
    Is it ok now to seek revenge and take the law in one’s hand?

  2. Safiya Hosein

    You know what, Bacha Pandey deserved what he got. Think of all the innocent people he made suffer and the lives he ruined. He was cold and black hearted. He has no respect for women and children.
    Who was going to punish him? The law? Nope, they buy people who are sworn to protect and serve.
    I dont see Suraj’s act as murder. I see it as getting rid of scum and protecting innocent women and children. The police officer in Azaadganj can only do so much as bis hands are tied. So, Suraj and Chakor did what had to be done to protect their village and others. And the way I see it, if those drugs were not created and used by Vikram and Bacha Pandey in the first place with the intention to harm innocents , then maybe Bacha Pandey would not have met his fate. I see it as KARMA…plain and simple!
    Really good episode!

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