Udaan 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manohar aiming the gun to shoot Chakor. He says he has silencer in this and there will be no sound. He says once he shoots her, pull her in darkness. Vivaan comes in between and Manohar stops. He says what is he doing there, I don’t know why is my sin being friendly with my enemies. He says its not good to do anything now, lets leave, we will see later. Bhaiya ji and everyone meet Baa. He asks Tejaswini did she understand what did he explain, Bhagya is haveli is curse for them.

He tells Baa that he knows she has been in pain, even he felt bad seeing her in coma. He asks her to forget everything. She asks who are you. He says I m your son, and she is your bahu Tejaswini. Ragini says Dadi I m Ragini. Baa asks who are they. Tejaswini says what is she saying. He says I think her memory is gone. She says its good. Bhaiya ji asks does she not remember anything. Baa asks what. He says fine, its good thing. Tejaswini tells Ragini that Bhagya is her elder sister.

Bhagya touches Baa’s feet. Baa says Chakor. Tejaswini asks what did she say. Baa says Chakor…. They see Vivaan and Chakor coming there holding hands. Chakor says Dadi, you got up and goes to hug her. Baa smiles. Tejaswini asks how does she remember Chakor. Baa smiles and says Chakor… Tejaswini says she does not remember else than Chakor. Chakor says don’t worry, she will recall everything soon.

Tejaswini does not wish this to happen. Bhaiya ji tells Manohar that its good whatever is happening, Ishwar came and said Chakor run the race and earned good name for us, if we kill her, we can get in problem. He says the problem is Amma got conscious, if she tells Chakor and Chakor tells Arjun or Ishwar, we can get in trouble, keep an eye on Chakor.

Manohar says fine, I will do as you say. Bhagya sits near the Lord idol as Devi Maa at night. Laali sees her and tells Tejaswini. She says she is real Devi, as she touched Dadi’s feet and Dadi got up. Tejaswini says she is human like us, not any Devi. She asks Bhagya to come, she is not Devi, she is like them. She asks her to pray to Lord, if anyone preaches her, then stop them. Chakor says Bhavani has done her puja, she will not understand this so soon. Tejaswini says she is saying right, Bhagya has been Devi for 18 years, she has to meet people, and she can get all that out of heart.

She asks Laali to get phone diary. She says she will organize big puja and make everyone meet her daughter. Kangan sees the cup and recalls Chakor. She cries seeing it and recalls her accident. Arjun comes and says I know why you are crying, I can’t return whats snatched from you, I can’t make you stand on your feet, but I can take revenge from that woman. He gets a call from Tejaswini. She says about big puja and invites him and Kangan. He says fine, we will come. She asks Lakhan to invite all the villagers. Bhaiya ji asks what is she doing, does she want to make fun of him. She says you made fun of me, you made Bhagya as Devi, I want to make her meet everyone and trying to give her a new life.

He asks what will people say, they will ask how did he get daughter. She asks him to think of his blind faith. He says he is duty of a devotee. She says I m duty of a mother. He says I will not support you. She say then I have to tell everyone why was Bhagya missing from our lives. He says what. She asks Girja to prepare for big puja and goes. He says all this is because of Chakor and gets angry on her.

Chakor talks to Baa and says everyone worries for her, many of them prayed for her. Baa asks about Satyagrah. Chakor tells about hunger strike done by them in village and reminds her. Baa starts crying. She says I don’t remember everything. Chakor asks her not to cry and wipes her tears. Baa hugs her. Manohar looks on and thinks Amma should not remember anything, else everyone will know I have shot. Chakor thinks Dadi will recall everything.

Tejaswini asks Chakor to make Bhagya ready for puja. Chakor makes Bhagya ready and she wears Tejaswini’s bangle. Kangan tells Arjun that its same bangle. Arjun is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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