Udaan 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji talking to Aditya and he asks his name. He looks a sharp kid and tells his mum that its Bhaiya ji, but he is not saying his name. She talks to him and says I m Abha, Ishwar’s wife. She asks Prabhakar to talk to him. The judge Prabhakar looks good and his wife looks greedy. Prabhakar greets him. Bhaiya ji says he got the invitation and he will come, we are doing this for kids. Prabhakar says its proud for us, this will encourage Aditya. Bhaiya ji says yes, but on one condition. Its easy one, my wife wats you and your family to visit us. He says we are keeping Maha Shiv puja, if your family comes, we will be glad. He says bring your son collector Ishwar too. Prabhakar says I will ask him, he is busy. Bhaiya ji says fine, give us a chance to welcome you. Abha asks what happened.

Prabhakar says Bhaiya ji wants us to come to his house and he wants Ishwar to come, but it will be good if we keep Ishwar away from Bhaiya ji. Prabhakar comes to meet Ishwar at his collector office. He asks do you have time for me, Ishwar smiles and says always, I m a small collector and you are high court judge. They laugh. Ishwar asks him to sit. Prabhakar blesses him and asks his work. Ishwar says he is trying to clean the corruption. Prabhakar says I know you don’t leave any work incomplete, you are warrior. He says did Abha tell you about book release. Ishwar says yes, she said you called Bhaiya ji and he in turn invited us, we will go.

He says he has to see Bhaiya ji who has taken corruption high, so many people complain about him, I heard he thinks his workers are his property. Aditya comes and shows a book. He asks a meaning of a word. Ishwar says Aditya will not lose anytime. Prabhakar explains Aditya some meanings. Ishwar too joins him and says good things. Aditya says fine and has many questions. Chakor tells Baa that she feels bad seeing this sign. Baa says me too. Chakor says she will erase this sign one day. Baa says I know, and Ishwar should help you. Ishwar says my heart says we should go to Aazadgunj, there is something which is calling us.

The pandit asks everyone to work fast as Bhaiya ji is coming with his guests. Kasturi works and imagines Chakor. She cries seeing her not there. Bhuvan asks what happened. Lakhan comes and says who will work in the fields, and taunts her. Kasturi says cut me if you want, then take the payment. Lakhan asks what happened that you are so angry. Kasturi says you are among us and you beat us up for Bhaiya ji, are you not ashamed. Lakhan says I was talking for your good, come to the fields to get food. He leaves. Bhuvan says Kasturi we will go and attend Maha puja also. Kasturi says she won’t go, as Chakor will be there, what will we tell her. Bhuvan gets upset.

Chakor works, and Suraj and Ragini play with balls. Chakor sees them and plays with the fruits. Ragini says Chakor made better one. Suraj gets angry and breaks it. He scolds her and says if she does again, he will complain to her mum and get her punished. Chakor smiles. Chakor comes to Girja and says she wants to come in the puja as I have done all works. Girja says why, oh as your parents are coming there. Chakor says no, I will not meet them, I will just see them from far.

Chakor requests ad Girja agrees. Imli talks to Dadi and says about hide and seek game. She says she will meet Chakor today and tell her everything. She says my sister is very strong and no one can win over her. Imli asks them to get ready for the puja, else they won’t get the food. Bhuvan says we can’t go. Imli asks why. Bhuvan says as we are going to a fair to buy things. Imli says no, I want to go in puja and meet Chakor. Bhuvan explains her. Kasturi cries as Imli says she wants to meet Chakor and does not want anything. She runs crying.

Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini talk about Ishwar. She asks him to talk calmly and not create any issue. He gets angry and says don’t worry, I will manage. Suraj comes and says he won’t wear this shirt. Bhaiya ji scolds him. Suraj argues and Bhaiya ji gets more angry. Girja comes and says guests came. Bhaiya ji welcomes them. Prabhakar introduces Ishwar to him. Ishwar looks at Bhaiya ji.

Ishwar says he won’t give the certificate. Chakor meets him and says about the sign. Tejaswini sees them. Chakor says my family has this sign on their hads.

Update Credit to: Amena

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