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The Episode starts with Chakor thinking about Vivaan and praying to Lord. She says she came so far to meet him and he is annoyed. He tells Kaka that she will go to his home to meet him. He says how can he be your friend, he is rich guy. She says she is not lying, he is really her friend. She asks him to take her his home. He says he is rich guy, I can’t come. She asks him to take her to Aditya, his dad is big guy. He asks who is Aditya and what does his father do. He worries as she has lost and asks his house address. She says some benchmarks. He says come with me, I will try to drop you. He makes the announcement of Chakor bring lost and asking her relatives to come and take her from Samithi office.

Pasha and his goon hears this and are happy. Chakor says she came here alone, stop this now. Kaka smiles. She says she will find Aditya’s home herself. Pasha comes there and acts sweet to Chakor. She thinks of having seen him on the road. Pasha says he knows her and will drop her home. Kaka confronts him. Pasha says she stays near inspector’s house. Chakor says Pasha is right. Pasha says lets go. Chakor leaves with them. Kaka says I don’t feel they are good people. He gets busy on work.

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Imli tells Dadi about the haveli. Dadi asks did she see Chakor. Imli says no, but I will see her soon. Dadi says she wants to see her once before she dies. Kasturi comes and asks Dadi not to provoke Imli, as this can be problem for them. Imli says she can take her to haveli and make her meet Chakor. Kasturi asks how. Imli laughs. Pasha and his goon bring Chakor somewhere. She says they got her somewhere ele, but they are lost too, she will take them to beggar kaka and he will help them. Pasha asks her to shut up.

Ishwar asks police what are they doing, if they don’t get the girl, he will take action against them. Prabhakar asks him to have food. Ishwar says he is not hungry. Aditya too does not eat. Prabhakar calls Chakor a problem and says Bhaiya ji can be angry on us thinking we have hidden her. Ishwar says don’t talk about him, he is the root of this problem. He made kids Bandhua too. Prabhakar says you are not understanding, our respect and even life can go, don’t challenge Bhaiya ji. Ishwar says what about he challenging innocent people’s freedom, what will they do. Prabhakar leaves.

Aditya asks where will be Chakor. Abha says I wish I could say and prays for her. Chakor is kept in godown. She asks for food. Pasha says he will end her hunger forever and shows a knife. She gets shocked. Chakor shouts Maai. Kasturi wakes up saying leave my Chakor. Everyone wake up. Imli asks what happened to Chakor. Bhuvan says she saw a bad dream and asks Kasturi to forget it and sleep taking Lord’s name. Kasturi prays for Chakor.

Chakor asks Pasha to leave her. She says I don’t want to be here, I want to do to Aditya’s house, his parents will be waiting for me. His goon says we are not keeping you here, but have to send you to Bhaiya ji. Chakor is shocked. Kasturi asks Imli to take her to Chakor. Imli says fine, we will go in morning. Kasturi cries.Chaor says she won’t go in haveli and bites his hand. Pasha holds her hand and asks her to be quiet and shows knife saying he will cut her neck. Chakor is shocked.

Manohar is drunk and apologizing to Bhaiya ji. Pasha calls him but he does not take the call. Laali tells Manohar that his phone is ringing, but he is totally drunk. Chakor asks them to leave her. Pasha says she is making us mad, Manohar is not taking call, he might be drunk, lets wait till morning. They switch off the lights and leave. Jaage hai der tak kuch der sone to do………………adhe adhire khwab jo poore na ho sake……..…plays……………….Chakor looks at the moon. She thinks about Vivaan. Vivaan looks at the moon and thinks about Chakor. Vivaan says he will never forgive Chakor, as she has cheated him. They both look at the moon.

Pasha tells Manohar that he got the girl and tell him what to do. Manohar says he will inform Bhaiya ji and let him know. Manohar calls Bhaiya ji and tells him everything. Tejaswini looks on.

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