Udaan 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor talking to Ajay. Suaj gets close seeing them. Chakor says I will leave now. She thinks Suraj till get a big shock now. She hugs Ajay. Suraj gets shocked. He says come out now, I will break your head. Ajay smiles. She leaves and smiles seeing Suraj. Imli feels happy by the baby kick. She says I will tell Vivaan. She calls him out and asks him to come soon. Vivaan asks what happened, are you fine. She says yes, see the baby is kicking. He says yes, he is really kicking. She recalls the past. She moves him away and says get away, don’t touch my baby, leave. He asks what happened, just you can break this wall between us, I want to become old Vivaan. She moves him away and cries.

She says I also want this, I want us to become like before, but what to do, I recall all those bitter things, you know wounds of words are deeper than wounds of sword, the people I trusted left support, Chakor and you have hurt me a lot, I needed you the most, you were not there with me to support me, if Suraj left me alone, where would I be, did you think of this, you leave now, my baby can’t tolerate the man who called him a sin. He cries and says you are right, I m not deserving, I should also suffer like you, this is my punishment. He leaves. She tells baby that she did not say wrong to Vivaan.

Suraj says let Chakor come, why did I send her, what did she do. Chakor comes and asks were you waiting for me. He says yes, you look happy, why. She says I had fun, Ajay is a great person. He asks what did you say, did you tell him about me. She says oh, I forgot. He says maybe you don’t want my forgiveness. She says yes, I don’t want, you keep it, I don’t care if we don’t meet, we don’t have that old thing between us, that love ended, I feel you are not right man for me, its better if I stay away. He gets shocked.

She smiles and says I liked the last punishment you gave me, thanks. She goes. He says what did this happen. Its morning, Vivaan sees Imli’s pic and says I wish I got Ragini, I lost happiness. He sees the gun crates and throws. Chakor comes. He says I want to shut this gun factory, but Ragini trapped me, I have to end this crates, else those people can hurt my family, if anything happens to my Imli, no I can’t take big risk.

She says if you really want to shut this gun factory, it will get shut, I have an idea, I will tell you later. She thinks Vivaan’s problems will end. Ajay recalls Chakor and thinks I feel she started liking me. Chakor comes and asks where are you lost. He says nothing, you tell me how did you come. She says I have imp work, will you help me. He smiles and thinks you want me to do your work. He says I will do. He thinks she wanted to meet me by work excuse.

Imli comes to Vivaan and asks do you still do this wrong work, I felt you changed, but you didn’t. He says I m helpless to do this. She says why, I can’t let you do anything wrong, if you really love me and our child, swear you will get this gun factory shut. He says sorry, I can’t false swear. Chakor comes and asks him to swear, the dangerous people will be locked soon. Vivaan asks what are you saying, how can this happen. She shows the newspaper. She says I gave this gun factory news to media, your name will not come in between, I took Ajay’s help, I have put everything on Ragini’s name, those people will be caught. He says I can’t believe you did this so easily. Imli says I m glad you will not do wrong work. Chakor asks will you not forgive me. Imli asks could you forgive me being in my place, how can you expect this from me. Chakor asks will you come in village celebrations. Imli goes.

Everyone celebrates. Suraj thinks Chakor is getting sweets for me. Mahiya…..plays…. She goes to Ajay and gives him sweets. Suraj gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Suraj gets angry.Suraj gets jealous. Suraj drinks alcohol. Suraj drinks poison.

  2. Imli hugs Suraj.Imli cries.Imli gets pregnant.Imli slaps Chakor.Imli cries. Imli hugs Vivan. Imli gets pregnant.

  3. Aaaarrrrggghhh! ??? I don’t like this jelousy track! Chakr should stop it now. One act is enough. Surj didn’t make her jelous when HE teases her. He just gave her little work ti do in which she says to everyone that he loves only her and they both love each other. Besides, when surj was talking to Imli about him teasing chakr, chakr heard. She also heard that telling Ajay about their love was the LAST punishment. So she could of just done that and tease him after by giving him things to do to prove his love for her. The MU has started. I’ve heard that Ajay will propose to Chakr by the end of dis week. What’s going on? I don’t feel like watching it. I’d rather just watch the bandua track or the journey to delhi track again. They had alot of cute nok jhoks then. I’m only glad about one thing from this track, and that is that the gun factory has shut down. No more kids allergy. ?

    1. I agree, I thought she would play a prank on him, but instead she’s making him feel jealous and misleading ajay too. CVs are desperate to get Ajay as part of the story.

      We will not know how this will go, either chakor will realize she went too far and stop teasing suraj or she’ll encourage ajay because she wants suraj to come and apologize to her and then we will have a long mu. I hope it’s the first option because this is a very silly reason for separation. I thought Chakor is supposed to be mature, how can she forgive his infidelity but not him playing a silly prank on her?

    2. Nobody wants another MU or separation track, the first one was too hard to bear. I want sukor to have some peaceful time, working together, fighting together, making plans against KN, planning their wedding. I want to see them happy together not angry at each other.

  4. uff I hate Chakor how she can play this stupid game to make him jealouse she is playing with some1 else feelings. Imli is in her point of view right I don’t like but it’s not easy to forget. Vivaan cheap still don’t like him n poor ajay. I missed all others Teju, Kasturi, Bhuvaan n KN. Suraj teased her ok but yo Payback in this way is wrong!!!

  5. I only liked Suraj Chakor convo, they were so cute especially Chakor while eating chocolate. I liked that Suraj didn’t react rashly, it’s good seeing him toning down his insecurities. The scene was light hearted which gives me hope that this fight will end on Friday or Monday.

    I felt sad for Ajay, he already thinks she has feelings for him. Chakor ended up hurting one of the few good guys in Azaadganj.

    Vivaan is getting off lightly, he hasn’t apologized for his actions and isn’t brave enough to face their consequences. I don’t know how Chakor is ok with hiding his role in the gun factory and how Ajay agreed to her.

    I missed KN today, having him on screen is far better than vimli drama.

    ******* imli rant alert*******

    I know imli suffered in the baby track, but the way they’re making the story revolve around her is ridiculous. The majority of the episode was about her, the whole week is about her. Having her constantly in our faces will increase the anger and hatred of the fans who don’t like her. They need to stop giving her a central role until fans calm down. Angry fans need to forget imli not be constantly reminded of her. Portraying her as a victim or a saint is making matters worse. I liked imli before the baby track , they’ll do well to keep her screen presence similar to the period between the start of November and the end of January.

  6. I hate this track and that ajay

  7. I am confused as to who are the main leads of this show, sukor has been completely sidelined and its imli all the way. when will this imli drama end or will it ever end, this show has become so boring now a days. what are the makers waiting for, the trp to hit 0 ?????

  8. Even I agree what’s Chakor fault here the cvs should the jealousy track now.i can’t take it always Chakor will take the blame and feeling sorry and imli was shown how innocent ? but the real thing is not that.I think the cvs forget that the main focus in this story is about Chakor not imli,she is the main female lead and imli is just a supporting cast that’s it but no the cvs always ready to make imli the real focus as if all pain she bears in this show always in this show sukor were solving the problem and vikor took over the credit.that’s the main reason for decrease in the trp rates bcoz we fans only want sukorrrr.i just don’t know why the cvs failed to understand our needs and about Ajay I think now he is going to become a new villain in for Chakor bcoz of her refusal if she don’t do this to make Suraj jealous this misunderstandings won’t create she could have tried other ways to make him jealous instead of getting close with AK.anyways but in today’s episode I liked one thing the beginning was great when Suraj was waiting for the moment when Chakor will confess about their love ❤ affair to ak but so sad that it couldn’t happen and it will be great if the property papers goes in the hands of Suraj and about their remaariage track also.the precap was so boring I didn’t like it and I think kn has a great plan behind returning teju in Haveli.eagerly waiting for the next episodes to come and guys any new spoiler is there??

  9. I think when suraj lied to protect imli most fans were angry with suraj because he disregarded chakors feelings and so i think that story backfired on the makers so now it’s like they are now doing the same to chakor because most fans even if we like chakor her behaviour is unacceptable and immature. Just because i like a character i won’t justify their bad behaviour

  10. I don’t get the writers, yesterday imli was ok with chakor even offered to wash the car and today she was being awkward. Chakor deserved to be forgiven as Suraj made a lie a truth so she was forced to believe it. Her anger with vivaan is justified but not with chakor

    1. Exactly true her anger with vivaan is justified cuz he didnt trust her etc but chakor was made to believe the lie by herself and suraj so how by any means is chakor the gulity one?? And so true yesterday she forgave both of them but now she hasn’t and chakor gonna go to temple and beg het then she says ok… that was totally not needed

  11. What are cvs doing to chakor this track would make more sense wen sukor wernt together!!! Its ok seeing her tease suraj but using ajay feelings is wrong and the old chakor would never play with some1 feelings and ajay thinks chakor loves him to suraj is right chakor is giving ajay all the wrong signals and if ajay turns negative its all cuz of chakor and what is she doing!!!! She helping cheap vivaan wth dont worry vivaan i blamed everything on ragini!!! No chakor u are wrong vivaan is just to much as blame as ragini i cant believe chakor is lying and bribing the law and ajay who says he never takea bribes etc his honest has also lied to protect cheap vivaan and imli track is so dumb first she says she forgive every1 now she says she dosnt and her saying ro chakoe what would u do if u were in my place well imli u forgot wen ragini burnt ur first child cot u smacked chakor and blamed everything on her u blamed her for taking suraj etc and wen u found the truth out she forgave u stright away since chakor didnt like suraj then she lived with him for the sake of imli so for imli to say all this to chakor is cheap and rude even in interview meera was fustrated with imli character and sed she finds it dumb to do all these forgivness scenes and vidhi was getting embarssed explaining her role about imli cuz deep down she knew that her role is dumb the only thing interesting right now is kamal narayan track the rest is dull and i think this week trps will be very low

    1. Well said, chakor is wrong to mislead ajay and hide vivaan’s action. imli is given too much importance, she’s right not to forgive vivaan right away but at least chakor tried to protect her and found her a place to stay in lucknow. imli was the one who chose to lie to her sister and break her heart. KN’s track is the most interesting and most sensible.

  12. The show has lost ita touch the same chakor that fighted for the right and justice is now hiding and supporting crimes of the criminals (vivaan) (in old track wen suraj was evil etc chakor ranted suraj about how low is he going cuz he played with everyones feelings by doing the bridal swap) now the same chakor is using a innocent person feelings and is playing with ajay… ( chakor helping vivaan was becoz imli sed if chakor saves vivaan she will forgive her but instead she doesn’t and tippu u r right about how chakor forgave her for everything etc straight away… Instead chakor will beg her in the temple then she wil agree) apart from sukor convo and poor ajay day dreaming (which i found funny) was the best thing the rest was to boring all bout imli etc cvs know its time to sidline vimli but they dont wanna and kamal track is best thing going and what is also sad is that chakor is using ajay to help criminal vivaan who gets away scotch free… as always…. and chakor did say she will never forgive that person that helped ragini well i hope vimli r kept away from sukor what has happened to sukor love story even after cvs messed up suraj by him saying he imli child father etc i finally started to accept suraj bk (i.e. forgetting what he did) but cvs r doing the same bs to chakor character and i hate them for this

  13. The show for me has gone so crap and boring please guys dont get offended please i need to get this of my chest i loved this show but now what the heck is going on its just showing imli feelings some1 previously sed in old comment vimli should get thier own spin of show i agree so we dont have to see them anymore if cvs love them so much and first cvs damaged suraj character now they damaging chakor character i dont have an interest the feeling to watch this show anymore becoz of thier stupid tracks that dont make sense watched the new olvs and in new interviews i can see meera fustrated with imli cuz its all about imli meera sed she has to do all these forgiveness scenes and she didnt look to happy i feel like cvs want the show to end asap everything they are doing is wrong and they dont even care about trps sukor romance saved them and brought them bk at 11th spot but they now using imli storyline as the centre one and if cvs dont stop it will be so hard for udaan to come bk in top 10 as other shows are spicing up and new shows are coming on and cvs change chakor outfits she wears the same 5 all the time and i dont like it her best looks was during bundua track and until love confession her hair make and dresses were the best then and it shouldbe now to cvs fixed suraj style please fix chakor too

  14. I watch old episodes these new storylines make me sick cant watch them agree withu guys after ruining suraj cvs after chakor who was theright one that is now lying and helping a criminal wat the hell… and cvs showing imli as a pure devi makes me sick cvs doing this to chakor on purpose so imli stands out as the right one etc the clever intelligent and rightful one (aka chakor avtaar) and chakor has changed as a immature childish teenager behaviour who is using some1 feeling to prank suraj and finds it funny… if cvs love imli then why did they add sukor… i really too wish vimli go i wanna see kamal and sukor action not vimli!!!!!

  15. Do u ppl think it as a bulove gamey. I think its a nonsense by d name of love. Here ajay getting serious and there surah getting serious, but chakor is njyng diz trapping.

  16. Sukor scenes are toned down a lot nowadays.More focus is given to that shameless woman and her useless husband.Ajay looked ecstatic about the meeting he had with chakor.Felt really for him.

    1. Hi Jasmin

    2. Shreya.

      Hi Jasmin

  17. I think Suraj should take a break from Chakor for a few days, go out of the city without telling him, CHakor is busy digging her own grave she is an idiot encouraging Ajay. Let her miss him for a few days then she’ll stop her nonsense. Suraj was only troubling her he wasn’t prancing around with another female

  18. Its fun to see chakor pranks on suraj..but at the same time it also irritating.. Because ajay think that chakor also have feelings for him and that’s why she always make execuses to meet him … There are so many imraj scenes in the past.but there is nothing between them both suraj and imli behaves as a friend and cares them in this way. But here it s not similar. Because ajay already fall for her..its better to stop all these scenes..
    We always want sukor together. And fighting together against kamalnarayan..we don’t want any other misunderstanding track or separation track
    And I also have the same doubt yesterday imli behaves with chakor in a polite way and even tries to help her in washing car.but today she has changed.. What all these?or is it due to mood swings in pregnancy time

    1. The imraj scenes maybe ok for you but not for me and the most.I have seen fights erupting in various sites so please dont start with the so called purity of imraj.If you must know,the sole reason why many stand divided and trp keeps on decreasing is trying to justify such a relationship.
      Suraj and imli are exes and most importantly they right now belong to a single family name.And the nerve of the lady to propose suraj!Such disgrace in the name of a woman.Ajay chakor scenes should be toned down but i am sure that audience would prefer seeing ajau-chakor than the shameless woman with her brother in law

  19. Shreya.

    Honestly guys I hate dis episode nd Haan I liked sukor conversation part only…nd am really feeling very bad abt Ajay he was increasing his feelings towards chakor….

    Abt imli nd vivaan no words….nd u all r ryt guys imli’s behaviour towards chakor is not ryt…..

    Guys if u don’t mine thn I want to ask one thing…v all r saying imli’s behaviour towards chakor is not ryt bcz Suraj lied to chakor nd chakor believes Suraj words tats y only it’s all happened bt one more thing is vivaan showed d medical report nd everyone believes vivaans words nd medical report chakor also believes na…nd v all know when chakor take imli in Lucknow tat tym chakor indirectly asked imli who is d father of ur child na…so tat means chakor also not believes imli’s words.. may b CVS r trying to show these points to us….

    ONE MORE THING AM NOT SAYING IMLI IS RYT….I just remember tat hotel conversation tats y only I asked u all may b is dis also CVS view…I know CVS hv no brain…lol..bt still I have dis doubt..

    1. It’s because of Chakor’s doubts but they are spending too much time on Imli’s pain and ignore that Chakor too suffered. Why doesn’t vivaan apologize to villagers or to Suraj. Other people suffered in this track too.

  20. Shreya.

    Guys I read one information in fb…. Kn nd chakor hv a talk…I think chakor finds kn is just acting.. nd d conversation is kn was saying chakor u hv no relation with us u nd Suraj r divorced…chakor was saying Suraj loves me…at tat tym vivaan came nd said chakor police arrests Suraj.. dont know y they arrest may b bcz of Suraj nd Ajay fights Ajay will arrest Suraj….

    This is d upcoming information so it’s cleared cvs once again trying to show d mu track….be ready for dis guys…

    1. I’ve read it too. I think Chakor will be angry with Suraj for fighting with Ajay. I hope she doesn’t do something stupid and encourage Ajay more. if there is an MU it’s for the most stupid reason and it’s too soon, we just cleared the one before.

    2. oh no but I won’t blame Suraj alone for his act afterall Chakor made him believe she is interested in Ajay n as her love n ex husband he can’t tolerated who knows what the real reason was right now the whole serial is like shit I don’t like to watch they r messing up with the real story fighting n this time Chakor who was always some1 who supported the law n the right way is doing wrong in personal life she is using ajay n in “profession” she made ajay go against the law like riana said it’s too wrong

  21. Shreya.

    Aanya…u r back na. Nd I read ur previous page cmnt so nidhi is busy in her entrance exams…plz convey my best wishes for her exams…nd aanya forgot everything asusual u cmnt dis page my dr… Actly I don’t understand tat much what u r write in Hindi sooo….ok my dr let it bur clve is reopened so hw was ur classes…

  22. Shreya.

    Oops aanya sry actly d làst line is ur clge is reopened ryt…hw was ur studies…

  23. Shreya the olv is true chakor finds out kamal is evil and chakor feels bad wen kamal says you have no relation with this family and suraj has a fight with ajay cuz of his love confession with chakor who is upset cuz she is gonna tell ajay that she dosent love him and kamal taunts chakor but chakor says your son suraj loves me alot so chakor will be coming bk to haveli soon and centre plot is kamal suraj and chakor track the storyline is changing and poor suraj he was just defending his.love i dont think they will seperate cvs should know better cuz thry had a big separation before and kamal is gonna do somthing to sukor

  24. http://tellyreviews.com/2017/07/12/chakor-counter-bhaiya-jis-motives-udaan/
    Written olv chakor will help suraj so its kinda obvious ajay will turn negative and join kamal to seperate sukor and kammal wants his right hand people bk cuz web tejswani and suraj were with him they never stabbed him in the bk so he wants them bk to use them etc

  25. Guys I just saw a pic of sukor in Instagram where vj shared it with a caption “voh badal gayi” with a sad emoji..does it a clue to us about the upcoming episodes???
    I hope there will be no misunderstanding track again.. If the CVS make the track like this we fans become very disappointed… Plzz CVS its a request..don’t mess with it

    1. It’s disappointing if they go this way, it’s repetitive. We only get Sukor scenes when they are angry with each other but very few when they’re happy. TRPs are already unstable and an MU won’t help.

  26. Good epi. Suraj nailed it bt i feel very bad for ak47 bechare unhe tn pta bhi nhi chakor suraj ko jls feel krvane k liye ye sb bol rahi hai.i mis kn ji n chakor tsn.suraj ke dialoges to awsm the spcly vo ‘chakor tum bahr aao tumara sr fhod dunga’ n chakor kya gndi si choclate kha rhi thi vo bhi raat ko.lvly epi.bt feeling bad for ak47.

  27. @ lucy n ajay agree with u gys u r right don’t knw wt cvs want bt m exited for evry upcming moment of udan.

  28. @shreya di pkka mai nidhu di se boldungi n di my classes r going to start on monday or pata hai aaj mera admision tha issi liye to late cment [email protected] thnk god aap mujse chote ho aap to nidhu di jitna gussa krte ho.muje to dr lg raha tha aapse bhi roj dant khani padegi bt if u want u can scold me like my lil sis lily n like nidhu di.

    1. I am not a Disney villian ,aanya.I dont scold people for fun either.Just a simple girl like you .Hope you are keeping well.
      Toodles ?

  29. U r right nemo di hope for the [email protected] so bad [email protected] bt i can’t undrstand onething y cvs doing like this i think after kn-chakor tsn for ajadgnj sukor is the best part of this story so y they wana make it over dramaticl.khuch to khas hoga aage ya sb bkbas hoga aage bt i want smthing spcl hope for di best. N gys suraj jail mai kyun hai kyuni unhone ak47 se jhgda kiya iss liye?

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