Udaan 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghav wants to fight for justice

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Udaan 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor and Raghav coming to hospital. Rajjo gets scared seeing Raghav. Chakor says calm down, I m with you. Rajjo asks why did you get him. Chakor says Raghav is innocent. Rajjo gets shocked. She asks what are you saying. Chakor tells her everything. She says look into Raghav’s eyes, you will see his innocence, he was framed in to this, we all believed that he is the culprit, but the real culprit is someone else. Rajjo says what did I do, I doubted on Raghav and didn’t know what I m doing. She apologizes to Raghav.

He holds her hand and says when you blamed me, I knew police will arrest me and beat me, I thought to run away, now this won’t happen. He says now I have decided that I won’t go anywhere without getting justice for you. Chakor looks at him. He swears to

find the culprit and beat his bones. He says its our battle now. Rajjo cries. He says take care now and become old Rajjo. He goes. Chakor makes Rajjo sit. She goes out to Raghav. She asks him to apply ointment to wound. He refuses. She applies ointment. He screams. They argue. He tells Suraj’s lines. She gets shocked and thinks of Suraj. He says its a small wound, it will get fine, I have got hurt in my heart, you gave me this pain. She asks him to listen and stops him. Mahiya…plays…

She says situation changes people, I m not the old Chakor now, now I don’t have my Suraj with me, he was my shield, I can’t trust people easily now, Suraj left me and I m lost too, don’t expect good decisions from me. He says I expected you to make a good decision, as you are a good person, I m not Suraj, I m not so bad, I respect women, I thought you understand me, you slapped me and this has hurt me a lot. He justifies his act. He says I have thought a lot for you, you didn’t think for me. She holds ears and apologizes to him. He says don’t do this. She asks him to forgive her. He forgives her. She says there is a good person hidden in you, I m happy that you will stay in Aazaadgunj and support me in Rajjo’s justice fight. He nods.

Akash comes and says you here. She asks what are you doing here. He says I was trying to call you, where is your phone. She recalls losing her phone. She asks how is Anjor. He says Anjor is admitted in ICU. She gets shocked. Tejaswini sees Raghav and scolds him. Chakor says I have got Raghav here. Tejaswini says you know he is the culprit, are you out of your mind. Chakor says he is innocent, its proved now, he is here to help us. Tejaswini says I m not related to you, you have a big heart, I can’t regard him my son. Raghav says you got mad in old age, Suraj is no more, he can’t come back, I m here, my face matches to him, Anjor will get fine seeing me, let me go in. She stops him. Suraj says explain her that I m also having these relations as Suraj, if anything happens to Anjor, it will be a big problem, don’t try to stop me.

Someone threatens Chakor. Chakor says Rajjo’s rapist is in this hospital. Raghav says I will find that man and beat him. Chakor scolds the man on call. The man says nobody can harm me, I will teach a lesson to your family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved the episode but the transition from emotional scenes to light hearted ones was clunky.
    Today there were many hints that Raghav is Suraj, similar lines, his concern for Anjor, the way he promised Rajjo.
    The way Chakor looked at Raghav had a lot of emotions and hint of love.
    Loved that both of them reconciled.
    I wonder how Chakor will get her phone back.

  2. i agree to what you said Nemo but i hope it comes to the light that Raghav is Suraj

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