Udaan 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ishwar talking to Chakor about Imli. She asks did he find some way. He says no, but it will be soon found. She tells Bhuvan to come as they can’t leave the bus. Ishwar asks her to listen to her, she can’t go back to haveli. Chakor says I have to go, Imli is in bad state. Ishwar says if you go back, it will limit everyone from getting free of being Bandhua. The bus comes. Ishwar asks Chakor not to go as her dreams will end. Chakor says she has to go, Imli will die. He says he can’t send her to die, as he has seen everyone’s dreams in her eyes. Bhuvan says Bhaiya ji will harm you too. Ishwar says I m not afraid of Bhaiya ji, but Chakor will have to become an example for every bonded labor. Chakor says Imli will die, you don’t know her, she can’t stay without Maai for two hours, don’t know how she is staying there and showed courage asking me not to come, but I have to go there.

She says she will sacrifice herself being her elder sister. Abha cries. The bus starts. Ishwar holds her as Chakor says he is not related to Imli, so he can’t understand. He says you don’t know what they will do with you. She wipes his tears and says we all have this bandhua stamp, my family and Imli is left out, atleast she can be free. Bhuvan cries and nods yes. Chakor smiles. Ishwar cries too. Chakor says you feel Bhaiya ji can break me, no this won’t happen. She smiles and makes them smile. Ishwar wipes his tears and says I m sure that no one can break you, you know a lot now, you studied and became smart, no one can touch you now. Chakor says yes. Abha asks can she stay without them. Chakor says you all taught me a lot, and you will be with me always.

She says her bus has gone, and he has drop her to Aazaadgunj in his car now. Ishwar says what? Chakor says yes, I can run after bus, but I have dad with me. He smiles and sits. He asks Abha to say what can he tell Chakor now. He says fine, I will come with you. He says I will drop you and your dad there. He hugs Chakor. Abha hugs Chakor and cries. Chakor asks her to smile, as she looks duck when she cries, Abha pulls her nose and hugs her. Imli cries and Baa takes care of her. Imli asks why did you not tell me, that the stamp making hurts for life. Baa says what can I tell you, childhood is time to be in dreams, how can I break your dreams, I dream even in this age, I think maybe tomorrow can bring new hope for you.

Kasturi cries and talks to Dadi. She says what will happen with my daughters tomorrow. Dadi cries and Kasturi wipes her tears. Ishwar, Abha, Bhuvan and Chako are on the way to Aazaadgunj. Bhuvan is upset and thinks about Chakor’s wonderful life in Lucknow. Chale Chakore chaand ko choone…………….. plays……………….Chakor asks Bhuvan to come to meet her, and she will end her work fast to meet him. Bhuvan thinks of Chakor working at haveli last time. He asks the driver not to take them soon. Chakor says no, we can save Imli soon and asks driver to drive faster. Abha holds Ishwar’s hand and cries.

Its morning 6am, Imli wakes up and sees her hand. She recalls Tejaswini’s words. Baa asks Imli not to go out. Imli asks did the time come for me to become Bandhua. Baa says no, nothing will happen. Imli asks how long will you save me. Tejaswini comes and taunts Baa. She takes Imli with her. Baa feels helpless and cries. Tejaswini asks Lakhan to call Imli’s family and all villagers to see Imli getting the Bandhua stamp. Bhaiya ji sees this and says he is lucky to get a smart wife and smiles. Kasturi comes running to Imli. Tejaswini drags Imli outside. Kasturi pleads Tejaswini to leave Imli, even she has a daughter and Imli is like her daughter too. Tejaswini says if you stopped Chakor, you would have not seen this day. Bhaiya ji comes and says Tejaswini is Devi, she gave you 7 days time, did we do any injustice till now.

Tejaswini says I think Chakor has stopped Bhuvan there. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to take Imli. Kasturi pleads him not to do this and leave Imli. Imli cries asking Kasturi to save her. Ragini sees this and cries. Arjun waits at the school for Chakor. The sports committee people ask Arjun about her. Arjun apologizes and praises Chakor. He requests them to wait for some time, and calls Abha. He can’t connect and calls at her home. Prabhakar takes the call. Arjun asks about Chakor. Prabhakar says she won’t come now. Arjun is shocked. Prabhakar says she has gone back to Aazaadgunj with her dad, you find some other talent and work on it, and see fate before seeing running speed, as fate can be a bonded life.

Arjun is stunned. Kasturi asks Lakhan to leave Imli. Chakor asks when will we reach Aazaadgunj. Bhuvan says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Imli. Lakhan prepares to make the stamp and holds Imli’s hand. Ishwar asks the driver to drive faster. Kasturi cries. Chakor reaches Aazaadgunj. The car reaches Bhaiya ji’s haveli. Chakor runs inside. She shouts Imli.

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