Udaan 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj warns Rajeshwari Devi

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The Episode starts with Suraj covering up Chakor and scolding her. He says I told you we can’t win over them, I asked you to finish this matter and come back. Rajeshwari calls him smart. Suraj says you should have obeyed me, or made me listen to you, I told you wrong thing, why didn’t you stop me. He starts beating the goons red and blue. Rajeshwari gets shocked. Suraj says I was scared seeing my daughter’s face, you weren’t scared, why didn’t you encourage me.

Bacha Pandey comes to fight. Suraj holds his hand and says you wanted to ruin my wife’s respect, you forgot what happened with Dushasan, you will just remember Suraj when you see this hand now. He breaks his hand. He says your fate is good that I m living you alive, I love my family and don’t want to ruin their future, explain

your owner not to awaken the animal in me. He punches him. Bacha Pandey falls in dirty mud. Mud falls over Rajeshwari’s face.

Suraj holds Chakor and angrily stares Rajeshwari. He says just hear this well, Chakor isn’t alone, her husband is with her, I m with her in this fight, my power, my money, Aazaadgunj and people are with Chakor, we will show our power to you and throw you out of Aazaadgunj, we don’t need cheap people like you who sells people’s souls. He says Chakor, we will blacken her entire face and expose her black business. Rajeshwari gets shocked. Suraj and Chakor leave. Someone looks on from far. Rajeshwari sits angry and scolds the servant. Her son Vikram comes and cleans the mud off her face. She gets angered.

She says Chakor and her family will cry and beg for life, the people will get scared seeing their state. She swears to ruin them. Vikram gets a wine bottle and gives to Bacha Pandey. Bacha Pandey drinks it. Vikram leaves. Bacha Pandey gets a call. He asks what, when did this happen. He says Suraj and Chakor are filing complaint against us. Suraj asks inspector why isn’t he writing the complaint. Inspector says you maybe mistaken, Rajeshwari Devi has a clean image. Suraj says people are scared of her. Inspector says she is very powerful. Chakor tells everything about Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey. Suraj says they have called Chakor home and tried to ruin her respect, write all this in the report. Inspector gets shocked and writes the report.

Rajeshwari says those policemen should lose their uniforms till the next day. Vikram asks them not to use sword for the work that can happen with a needle. Tejaswini says I told you not to do this. She argues with Chakor and Suraj. Suraj says you don’t know Rajeshwari’s crimes, if we don’t stop her, she will ruin the entire village, Lord chose us to end her, we won’t leave her. Tejaswini says she will not leave us, what will you answer Anjor now. Anjor says I won’t ask them anything, I want Chakor to fight for Tuntun. She hugs Chakor. Chakor says I won’t let anything happen to our family, we have to show that we aren’t scared, they just want to scare us, we will end their evil. Udaan hai….plays….

Chakor sings a lullaby for Anjor and puts her to sleep. Suraj comes to Chakor and says I have thrown all the headache pills, its not good for health to have much pain killers. He makes her sit and massages her head. Chakor talks to the kidnapped kids and cries. She says I can feel such parents pain today, how can someone fall so low for money. He says we will end Rajeshwari’s black business. They hug. Someone throws a burning wine bottle in the room. The bed catches fire. They get shocked and ask Anjor to get up quickly. Chakor gets Anjor and hugs. Suraj blows off the fire. Chakor cries.

Suraj runs after Bacha Pandey’s car. He gets tired. Some truck speeds to hit Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amazing episode, the action sequence was awesome and Sukor scene was good, even if it’s short it brought me peace ❤️️
    Teju is getting on my nerves.
    Vikram seems more dangerous than his mom, his entry was intriguing.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Was an awesome episode. Ohhh the animal in Suraj Rajvanshi is awaken!
    Happy that they are levelling the ‘playing’ field and showing how smart and powerful a couple they are against these goons.
    Also, it’s good Suraj reminded them of who he is and how powerful he is too! It is about time!

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