Udaan 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Colonel learns about Suraj

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Udaan 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naina saying I like faluda a lot. Suraj says our choices are same. She says I will take you there, come. He says no, just tell me the address, I will go. She says its fine, come. Chakor asks Suraj to smile a lot. The man says Suraj is already smiling. Chakor says he is working hard, now none can stop this missing from completing. Colonel sees the soaps having chips hidden. Colonel says tell them I really like it, boom… The man asks how long will we go slow. Chakor says such things take time. They discuss. Abhay says we will find out if Suraj made a place in Naina’s heart, else we will go with other plan. Suraj asks how will I find out. Chakor says its easy, you will go late to the temple, then we will know. Its morning, Chakor asks Suraj to go late. He asks the reason. She says just meet her but late.

She wishes him all the best. Colonel meets his daughter and says its a week that we couldn’t talk, where did you get busy. She says I m busy because of you. He asks did you get any handsome young guy, say the truth. She thinks of Suraj. She asks are you spying on me. He says precious things have to be watched, I mean your eyes tell me everything, who is he. She says I don’t know who is he, I m meeting him since a week. He asks where. She says he met me at temple. He asks is he following you, who is he, I will call Deva and find out. Naina says he isn’t troubling me, its just a coincidence. He says its some plan. She says no, don’t know when will you stop doubting, I won’t talk to you. He says I didn’t wish to hurt your heart, but what to do, world is bad, you are a kid, I m worried for you, fine I will not see this guy as a Colonel, tell me who is he, when will you make me meet him. She says not so soon, I don’t know him, once I know him, I will tell you, then you can decide.

He says fine. She asks him to have medicines. She says now I will go to meet him, I m going to temple. She goes. He asks her to be careful. He says if you get hurt because of him, you don’t know what I will do to him. Suraj waits at the temple. Chakor asks him to wait. She says why didn’t Naina come yet. Suraj asks what. She asks why are you sad hearing this. Naina comes. Chakor says Naina has come, don’t worry. Suraj asks why will I worry. Naina does puja. Suraj asks Chakor to talk to him till he waits. She keeps her phone aside. They talk about Saanvi and laugh. The man asks what are we talking, we are hearing a husband and wife’s talk, what’s Chakor’s plan. Chakor says this is our plan, I think you forgot to switch off your mic. Suraj smiles. Naina looks for Suraj. Chakor says my motive to send Suraj late was to find if he made a place in Naina’s place, if he did, Naina will wait for him, else Naina will leave in her car. She asks Suraj to go now.

Suraj gets shocked seeing Deva. Deva says I m happy to see you, what are you doing here. Suraj says I m going to meet my friend. The man says Deva stopped Suraj. Chakor asks what, make Suraj leave soon, Naina is leaving. She says our plan failed, Naina left without meeting Suraj. Deva says meet me today, tell your friend that you will meet him later. Suraj says its imp. Deva says I feel you are going to meet your GF, Colonel was asking about you, you impressed him, come with me. Suraj says I will come to meet him when I m free. Chakor looks for her phone. Suraj asks shall I go now. Deva goes. Chakor turns and sees Naina. She thinks Naina didn’t go, she is still waiting for Suraj. Suraj comes there with a bouquet. Abhay says Naina is in love with Suraj. Chakor worries. Abhay says good job Chakor. Suraj says sorry, I got late, I got flowers for you. Naina keeps the bouquet there and leaves.

Suraj says Naina won’t like to see my face. Chakor says Naina is in love with you. Naina says I can’t go Lucknow, as dad refused for it. Suraj says I will take you. Chakor gets hurt and shouts for help. Suraj gets shocked seeing her fallen under a bike.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I loved the pace of the episode.
    Naina’s scene with her father was sweet, it doesn’t bode well for Suraj though.
    I don’t know if Deva suspects Suraj of being after Naina or if it was a coincidence.
    I like Deva, he’s the colonel’s right hand man but he’s loyal to him unlike Shikhu with Suraj.

  2. I hope Sukor help Naina grow her wings and become independent, she is living in a bubble and isn’t equipped to face the real world on her own.
    I don’t mind Suraj faking love to Naina but I think it was unnecessary, it was enough showing Suraj putting his life at risk for his country and Chakor supporting him. Naina’s angle is mainly to highlight the sacrifice of Chakor the wife and to show how she’s suffering for her country. It’s sad to see Suraj putting his life at risk and then seeing the promo only showing Chakor’s pain, are the audience so one eyed that they need a jealousy angle in everything or is it the makers and channel’s fault?

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