Udaan 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ishwar coming to know from his driver that Bhuvan was asking about bus stop. Ishwar says he will follow the bus and get them back. Ishwar says how could I think Bhuvan will let Imli become Bandhua. Prabhakar says Bhuvan thinks form heart and he decided well. The people tell Bhuvan that another bus will come in one hour and he gets glad. Chakor smiles and hugs him, that they can still go and save Imli. He says I will save Imli, and not let her become Bandhua. Ishwar asks Prabhakar did he advice this to Bhuvan to take Chakor. Prabhakar says yes, I told him to take Chakor from here, as I understand the reality, I don’t give false hope to people. Ishwar calls Prabhakar selfish and asks him to understand what he did by sending Chakor back, if he loves his son, what is this love who does not care about others. Abha cries.

Ishwar says you freed Manohar and goons, this is not your love, you are selfish. Soumya says you met with an accident, Aditya was getting shot, and you are saying we should not worry for you. Prabhakar leaves being hurt of Ishwar’s words. Abha asks Ishwar to come fast. Ishwar says no need for you to come, I will go. She holds his hand and says he won’t go anywhere alone. She says she will come with him. Aditya comes to them, and makes them hold hands. He says you both go and get back Chakor. Abha smiles and kisses him. They leave.

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Bhuvan and Chakor spend some time. Ishwar tells Abha that Chakor did not come home, as I would have never allowed her to go, so she left quietly with Bhuvan, I will scold her now. Aditya comes to Prabhakar and asks him not to feel bad of dad’s words. He says I know what you did was right, anyone would do this in this situation. Prabhakar asks does he feel that he did the right thing. He hugs Aditya and cries. Abha and Ishwar reach the bus stop and asks about Sitapur bus, did it go. The man says it went out hour before and other will come in some time. Chakor changes her uniform. Ishwar loses hope. Abha says maybe they missed the bus, Arjun said they came late.

Ishwar and Abha ask about Chakor and give her description of school uniform. Imli comes to the place where she has seen Lakhan making the stamp on people’s hand. She takes the tattoo machine. She thinks about Tejaswini’s call and is about to make the stamp on her hand herself. She gets hurt by it and throws it. Tejaswini and Girja come there. Ishwar says Chakor is of 7-8 years. The man says yes, I saw her. He sees Chakor and says no, not in uniform, maybe I saw someone else. Girja asks Imli why did she come here. Imli asks does it hurt to make the stamp. Tejaswini asks does she not know. Imli says no, I know they make it on wrist and it hurts and bleeds. She asks her to make the stamp and she will bear it for Chakor. Tejaswini starts laughing.

She asks is she not scared of hot iron, if she knew this before, she would have got many stamps on her body. She says you don’t know one thing, this stamp is seen on hand, but it effects the fate, the one who gets this stamp, becomes our Bandhua, and they don’t have any parents and sister. They become her property and its for lifetime, till her death. She says if Chakor does not come till tomorrow, then you will be staying in this haveli forever, as our Bandhua. Imli is shocked. Ishwar says our Chakor has gone. Abha says lets sit in car and think what to do now. He says I won’t lose so soon. Ishwar and Abha turn and see Chakor. They smile.

Chakor asks Bhuvan to come fast as they can’t miss the bus. Ishwar stops her. Chakor says we have to go, Imli is in bad state. Ishwar says he can’t send her to that hell again. Tejaswini asks Lakhan to tell everyone that Imli is getting Bandhua stamp today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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