Udaan 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli makes Saanvi her bandhua

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The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor looking for Saanvi in the lake. Udaan hai….plays…. Chakor shouts Saanvi. She holds Suraj and cries. They think of Saanvi. Inspector sees them and calls Imli. He says your work is done. She smiles and sees Vivaan’s pic. At home, Suraj sits numb. Gumaan and everyone look on. Gumaan says you said you will give money and get the girl, how did police come. Chakor says I went to help, because I was much scared. He asks what did you say, it means you took police, are you a mother or enemy. She says no, police came on own. Gumaan asks Suraj to say something to his wife, why did she get police when you stopped her. She says I didn’t get police. Gumaan says she has snatched your daughter, Saanvi, it was her birthday, it became her death day, Suraj is my younger brother, when I see tears in his eyes, I wish to burn this state. Everyone cries. Imli comes smiling. Gumaan says you told no one will tell anything to Chakor. Chakor asks what. Tejaswini says Gumaan is saying absolutely right. Chakor cries and goes to Suraj. She asks Suraj to say something. Suraj says you didn’t listen to me when I made you swear. Mahiya….plays…. They cry.

Suraj says I told you not to come, everyone blamed you when Saanvi went missing, I stood by you, why didn’t you listen to me, why did you get police. She says I didn’t… He says shut up, I don’t want to listen to you, we lost Saanvi because of you. She asks do you think its my mistake. He says yes, Saanvi died because of you, whenever I see you, I will recall that I lost her because of you, my happiness got finished. Chakor says you are blaming me, you are forgetting that I m Saanvi’s mum, no one can love her more than me, not even you, I have more sorrow to lose her. He asks why did you come there with police if you loved her, Saanvi died, our relation should also end. She cries. He says Saanvi was a string between us, that string broke, now I don’t want to live with you. She asks are you in your senses. He says yes, get out of this house. Gumaan signs Imli and smiles.

Naina asks what are you saying Suraj. Chakor says I won’t go with this blame. Suraj says don’t test my patience Chakor, just go. Chakor says no, you are in pain now, trust me, I didn’t do anything, I will stay here and make you believe me, I didn’t get police, police came after me. He says you trust me, Saanvi died because of your mistake. She says I won’t go. Suraj says then I will kick you out. She asks him to listen, its not her mistake. Bhuvan asks Suraj not to do this. Suraj throws Chakor out. Chakor says don’t do this, I will die without you. He stops her. He says Saanvi is dead, our relation is over, now our ways are different, our relation is also dead. She gets shocked and says don’t say this, I can’t live without you. Suraj shuts the door. She knocks the door and says listen to me once Suraj, its not my mistake.

Mahiya…..plays….. Kasturi says its not Suraj’s mistake, we will come later and talk to him, everything will be fine. Chakor says no, there won’t be any explanation, Suraj gave me a big mistake, till he realizes that he did big injustice with me, I won’t go back, this stain won’t get off me, I have no relation with Aazaadgunj now. Udaan hai…..plays…. She leaves with them. Imli says Naina, Suraj is your friend, go to him, he needs you. Gumaan smiles. Naina goes. Gumaan says you played well, what do you want to do next. Imli says just wait and watch. She goes. She meets a couple. The lady says you have given me a child, I can’t forget this favor. Imli says stop nonsense, you have to raise the child as her enemy, if you love that girl, I will kill you, you will live in Aazaadgunj, raise that girl, I will come to take my bandhua one day. Goon gets Saanvi and recalls throwing down a doll in the lake. Imli says a new story will start, I will make Saanvi a bandhua, Chakor made Aazaadgunj free. She applies the bandhua stamp and says this stamp is on Saanvi’s fate, not her wrist. Saanvi cries. Chakor passes by the couple, who has Saanvi with them. Saanvi cries. Chakor leaves Aazaadgunj.

After 7 years, Saanvi runs in the fields. A man calls out Anjor.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What is this .. Vijayawada said in the latest interview ki bahut saare scenes ane vale hai Jo fans passed hai… Ye konse scans h yaar we don’t like these… ??

  2. Worst storyline ever… Felt really bad for baby Saanvi. Why always evil wins over good. It’s giving wrong message to viewers.

  3. Mona146

    god knows why this serial runs with repititive plots. fed up of even listening to its name.

  4. Horrible using a baby for revenge against own sister. I hate this show. Showing cruelty towards a kid on tv in India is a normal thing but not in the uk. Seeing imli pinch Saanvi yesterday n mke her bandua today is the reason why I’ll stop watching the show

  5. A heart breaking episode but great acting. I know that It’s out of character for Suraj to not believe Chakor but they need a reason for separation and it’s good that Chakor felt hurt and didn’t want to defend herself again, she left to keep her self respect.
    The most heartbreaking thing was Chakor and BhuKa missing to see Saanvi, I felt she saw them and was calling for help.
    I don’t like how Colors have been promoting the show, I won’t watch next week until I’m sure that Chakor is the lead and not Anjor.

  6. This track is a mix of Imli devi-ranvijay and Chakor’s childhood.
    I feel I have seen this scenes

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