U R My Sunshine In Day & My Moon In Night (Kkb-Few shots) (shot 3) final shot

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U R My Sunshine in Day & My Moon In Night(KKb) shot 3(last shot):
Thanq to my sweet sisieeeees & lovable frnds … ur support is my best gift& this is the last shot in this story.. so try to leave ur comment all the readers..this is my request.. u can show ur anger by telling ur view in comments… so, drop ur valuable comments.. sure ..i’l consider it..& don’t anger on me for this shot also.. I didn’t have enough time .. so, I didn’t add any songs in this shot.. for that forgive me.. & forgive me for my mistakes too.. don’t forget to leave ur sweet commets..

Abhi’s POV:
She hugged me!! & told me that she is loving me!!! After seeing the photos y she ran away!!! Is she mad or wat!!! I don’t want to pray God for anything!! But, for her!! now I’m praying!! Keep her safe!!.. I can’t bear if anything happens to her!!! that too because of she loves me!! I ran to take my car& drive it to her home!! Several thoughts are running in my mind!! A lady voice echoed in my mind ”now u r happy na.. because of ur love she is in this stage.. u r unlucky to my daughter.. abhisheik.. u r not only unlucky to her but also any other girl who loves u…..if any girl loves u then she will face the same as my daughter is facing now!! ” again & again it’s running in mind!! I can’t control my tears… tears rolling from my eyes!! Now I only want pragya’s safety.. that’s it… I reached pragya’s home!! Nothing happened to her!! thank God!! There their convo brought me a smile in my face!!..
Pragya: ma.. he is in love with some other girl ma.. (in a crying tone!!)
Ma: pragya beta.. who r u talking about?
Pragya: ma that nerd.. I told u na! 1 padipist in my gang.. I love to tease him.. & I like him.. but he is always used to study.. I told u all things.. but u r asking who is that!!.. not fair ma..
Ma: oo.. that boy.. so what.. he loves somebody.. wat’s ur problem in that..
Pragya:urrggg.. u can’t understand me ma.. how mean he is.. he is my imaginary guy.. I had shown u na?.. u know what!! he loves a girl exactly like me.. but, that girl wears chashma..i’m not wearing any chashma na!!but, I think, she is also a bookist.. nerd like him…1 minute I saw interchanged version of me & him..ma.. in all that photos that girl is like padipist.. & padipist is like me.. like teasing her.. made tounge out at her..winking at her.. anger at her.. keep books in her head.. he & his silly antics!! Like that ,several poses… in all poses he is somewat naughty like me..& they are too close to each other ma… I can feel their love in that photos itself!! tell me onething.. I have any twin sister .. ?& I lost her..?
Her ma’s eyes filled with tear..

Ma: beta.. u r asking about that imaginary person?.. u met him?.. when?..
Pragya: ma.. I used to see him daily.. I forgot to say that I met him in my first day itself.. y r u crying for that.. see.. I thing that girl is no more in his life.. he is free only.. I can make him understand my love..
Ma: pragya.. he didn’t say u anything?..
Pragya: (with a confused look):no ma.. he did not told me anything.. u know ma.. he didn’t said “I love u too” wen I confessed my love to him just now..
Me: I love u too my chashmish… my nerd.. !! my fuggy…!!
I said with a smile & tears filled in my eyes!!…
Pragya:wat r u blabbering.. I’m not that chashmish or nerd or fuggy.. look am I wearing any chashma!! No na?..i don’t have any books also& I don’t have any interest in all that!! so ,I’m not that girl.. got it padipist??.. (with an annoyed face..)
Ma: abhisheik… how r u beta.. I don’t know whether I have the rights to ask u to forgive me.. but beta.. please forgive me..
Me:ma.. why are u speaking like that.. at that situation even me also reacted like that only.. u r a good ma.. cared for pragya.. nothing wrong in that ma.. & don’t ask sry to me..
Pragya:hey stop.. I thought u were drunk wen u r blabbered!!.. now.. it’s look like my ma also accompanied u.. u 2 r blabbering something.. that I couldn’t understand..
Ma:u want to know who is he na..
Pragya: ma I know he is my padippist..but I want to know who is that chashmish nerd girl.. if I saw her.. I’l beat her definitely how dare she leave him alone & making him this much padipist.. u know ma.. first time when I’m entering in to the class all boys were looking at me!! But that chashmish made him as a bookist.. he didn’t even looked at me!! She gave him well training!! purab said to me that he had changed because that girl left him!! Otherwise he is a cool guy & s great prankster!!& it’s also nice she left him!! That’s y he is going to be mine.. else he will be in that chashmish side na!!! then also I will beat her because of my jealous!! 😉 😉
I could not control my self at her childish behavior!! She is jealous of herself!! I laughed out loud because of her pout!!!
Pragya: maramanda!! (wooden head)why r u laughing now!!u don’t want to convey ur love to me!! Go from here!! Annoying anaconda!!! …
Me:I won’t leave u!! I don’t want to do the same blunder again!!!
Pragya: wat? Same blender?..
Me: 1st time I left u… I suffered a lot without teasing u.. this time I’m not going to leave u.. I want u.. to irritate u, to tease u, to like u, to love u…
Pragya: ma!! See him.. how he is blabbering!! Do u want a demad like him?.. no na?..
Ma: abhisheik… I realized ur love for each other wen she draw ur face after that incident.. & asked me “is he related to me” that was the moment .. I failed as a mother .. I failed to fulfil her dreamlife.. her dream is always u.. but, I didn’t said her anything that time also..the loss of her life makes me to hide ur identity from her…
Pragya: but ma.. he loves another girl… that chashmish..
Ma: Beta.. u asked me so many times… u r missing something in ur life.. & wat is that!!
Pragya:ya !! I asked!!but u told me nothing na..
Ma:I’m sry beta.. because of ur health I said like that.. & s.. u missed his love in ur life after that accident…
Pragya: y ma!! Y u did this to me.. wenever I asked u said nothing na!! I believed in u ma.. y u did this… y u did this to abhisheik… he suffered a lot because of me!!
Ma: that time I don’t want to stress u pragya!! I want u to get well soon.. more over doctor said me not to give any stress to u.. for every mother her daughters life is more than anything na..
She said while crying… now pragya also crying..

Me: ma.. don’t worry.. I will take care of her.. may I take her somewhere…?
Ma nodded her head in okay…
I saw pragya & gestured to come with me.. I drove my car to beech.. she loves beech.. beech was& is her fav place… during the drive.. we both were silent.. we reached beech.. a smile appeared in her face..
Me: u know.. how much u r changed!!
Pragya: I want to know.. wat’s between us?..
Me: I will tell u fuggy.. but,promise me.. u won’t interrupt it…
Pragya: pinky promise .. tell me..
I started to narrate whatever happened in our life to her.. she started to listen me..
Me: U R MY SUNSHINE IN DAY & MY MOON IN NIGHT PRAGYA.. u r the only thought in my day & night.. I saw u in our U.G first year.. u know wat.. u r the topper in our class.. always u used to study & I’m attracted by ur four eyes… (smiled lightly) u wore chashma that days.. u always prefer last bench to sit.. but, ur bad luck.. I also prefer last bench .. though we had enough place to sit we used to fight for same place.!! My intension was to tease u.. & ur’s was without any disturbance u can carry on with ur work!! But, I won’t leave u for a single minute.. slowly u also started to like my antics.. ya it’s true.. u fell in love with me at first sight.. but, u didn’t shown up that… while saying this she started to ask question.. “wat u said..i loved u that also love at first sight .. on top of that u said I’m nerd.. I know.. these all r lies.. r u trying to make me to believe all this craps!! Listen bookist.. I won’t believe.. ” she said with her eyes full of confusion!! “I said u not to interrupt u.. whatever I’m saying is tru.. shal I continue or go?..” I asked with an acting angry..”okay okay .. say truth only..” she said.. I smiled & continued.. haa.. then u also liked my company.. we used to go everywhere as a pair.. & we r not confessed to each other.. but, u know.. I love u & I know u love me.. I don’t know y we were not confessed to each other.. I used to hide ur books.. & u know that but pretend to search ur book & in that way u curse me like who hide ur book will get imposition from staffs or his mobile will get cracked or his laptop will get full of virus.. like wise u started to curse me with a smile.. atlast I gave up & give ur book by saying for this silly book u r cursing my mob, lap, ipad & even guitar.. better u marry this book& run ur life with this idiot…. i used to say like this… u smile for that.. u bring lunch for me also.. but, I prefer urs .. so, I used to eat up the first tiffen box fastly & I’l share ur’s too by saying still I’m hungry.. u know the reason for that too.. but, u pretend like u won’t like to share.. but, I pulled ur tiffen & eat .. then u will say u r hungry .. I say like” teachers not taught u!! sharing!! (teacher solli kodukala .. sharing!!)” then, we both ended up in sharing that tiffen to.. but, u didn’t shown up that u r loving that sharing…. ya.. I wanted to share ur both happiness & sadness.. in our U.G. I always used to tease u.. no day without teasing u.. but, for that u r teasing me & taking revenge from me now… I used to tease ur fav professors also.. I used to give them names.. & I used to give names to u too… wenever I give name to u..u behaved like u r annoyed but, I know.. u loved it.. I will call u sometimes chashmish, fuggy, nerdy, silly, scary cat, book worm,borin professor, lecturer, chilly,slimy, sticky, scale, skeleton eggy eyesii(mutta kanni),sincere sigamani like that… I used to say about my school friends to u.. how we are bonded.. & how purab is responsible.. how bulbul is behaving like a child.. how they are attracted..how tanu was used to try different make ups & scared us .. how nikil started to follow her & all .. whenever I say about them & their incidents & all u used to hear it with full concentration.. also u go to my school life while I’m narrating about them… I used to tell u about my dreams to become a rockstar….& u motivated me.. u r my support pragya.. now & then… I told u about my parents accident & how I love them… wenever I felt sad u r the one who pacified me.. with u I feel like I have everything.. without u.. I’m nothing fuggy.. our U.G life is the best part in my life… I don’t know how that 3 years passed… last day of our college…the day I won’t forget! & it’s the day I lost my chashmish… ya now, u r not wearing that chashma na.. now I’m seeing different avatar of my chasmish.. my fuggy.. u r too naughty now.. this is the way I used to do with u in our U.G….time changes.. but, not our love.. our college last day brings me the most happiness & most sadness to me.. yes.. U confessed ur love & I lost u… not completely but partially.. u lost ur memory.. & yes u r a memory loss patient now that u know na!!.. u forgot me by mind but not by heart.. still ur heart is beating for me.. that’s y u draw my face whenever u started to draw…

The last day of our college!!!
Pragya: abhisheik wait.. I’l join u..
We started to walk in the road..
Me: tell me wat chashmish???..
Pragya: I have some thing to tell u..
Me:that’s y I’m asking u dear!!..
Pragya: I have some dreams abhisheik.. u have to reach great heights in ur life.. we can do P.G in same college with ur friends…. & u can start to sing also na..
Me: hmm.. chashmish.. u have said this more than 100 times like this.. & I promised u na .. I’l do my P.G also.. come to the matter now..
I know u r going to tell me that u like me.. & u will miss me.. but to my surprise u proposed me..
Pragya: i..
Me: u..
Pragya: i…
Me: u r going to tell that u like me & u will miss me after this day !!!
Pragya: no..
Me:Then u don’t like me& don’t miss me ya ?..
Pragya: yes I just don’t like u .. but I love u abhisheik.. I won’t miss u at any cost!!I don’t want to lose u.. I love u to the core.. I can’t spent my life without u..
U said to me while closing ur eyes & then u hugged me.. I hugged u back..
Me: I didn’t expected this from u..
I said because I really didn’t expected that u will propose me in this night with full moon. While walking in a lonely road.. the road without anyone except us… I really enjoyed this moment.. I want to struck in this moment..i want to stop this moment..
She pulled her back & said..
Pragya: yes I know.. u will get a better girl than me.. I’m a nerd to u na.. I’m a stupid I know..
U crossed the road & started to run from there ,U didn’t give me the chance to speak & I called pragya .. U turned & asked
Pragya:what u r going to tell me now..
U asked while running away from me..
Me: i want u tell u that I love u from my bottom of my heart.. I didn’t expected that my nerd chashmish will propose me at first.. I thought I will propose u first… that’s y I said I didn’t expect this from u….

I shouted from by bottom of my stomach & U turned & said.. I know u love mee.. but.. want to hear it from ur mouth & then running towards me..that time a truck came & striked U.. Tat’s it….. U fell down with blood covered body.. Ur last word was “Abhisheeeeeikkkk”.. I lost my balance & called u… chashmish… come with me.. chashmish.. get up.. I won’t leave u.. get up.. we will start a new life I said while I cried & carried U.. we reached hospital by someone’s help.. I informed Ur ma & pa about the accident.. treatment is going on & doctor said me that nothing to worry.. U had crossed critical stage.. then only I can feel my breath.. my pragya is with me only.. I engrossed myself in Ur thoughts..
Ur ma came to me & asked
Ma: is she proposed u? that’s y she is like this..
Me: ( nodded my head in agreement..)
Ma: now u r happy na.. because of ur love she is in this stage.. u r unlucky to my daughter.. abhisheik.. u r not only unlucky to her but also any other girl who loves u…..if any girl loves u then she will face the same as my daughter is facing now!!
I cried a lot because of her words& pragya is in this position because of me.. y this is happening to me.. at that time nurse came & said patient got conscious.. u can see her without disturbing her..
I tried to go there.. but ur ma stopped me ..
I stood near the door..
Ma: beta pragya! How r u now.. u r okay na..
She said while crying.. but, U didn’t utter anything.. then asked..
Pragya:ya ma .. I’m okay.. wat happened to me??..
Ma: while ur coming from college a truck hit u..
Pragya: (with a confused look..) wat college??..am I studying in college?..
Ma: beta.. u didn’t remember anything.. today is ur last day of college..
(with a tension filled face..)
Pragya: ma.. I can’t remember anything… till 10th std I can remember.. after that…. I can’t …
Ma: wat r u telling pragya??…. suniye.. call doctor.. quick..
Doctor came & checked u.. & said that u r suffered by partial memory loss.. because of that accident.. don’t stress her to remind anything.. it may give her pressure & leads to brain stroke.. so careful when handle her.. her memory will back .. may be in 1 month or 6 months or years even there is a chance to not getting her memory back..
I stood numb.. is pragya forget her 5 yrs of life?.. then how can she remember me.. y it is happening to me.. first u took my ma&pa from me.. now, my pragya is suffering because of me.. I’m the reason for her condition..ma came to me & asked..
Ma: now u r happy na.. she lost hey 5 years of memory because of a single reason that she loved u.. now.. y r u here.. u want to her to die or wat?..
Me:please don’t say like that.. I can’t bear that.. I will go away from her.. I won’t disturb her .. but I truly love her a lot.. I know one day she will back to me.. & say me that I love u.. until that I won’t cross her life.. I promise u .. I won’t try to speak with her.. I won’t give any stress to her..I have trust in my love..she will speak with me.. she will join me.. she will back to me.. & ask me to be with her.. I know .. it will happen.. &one more thing where ever she may be… I love her..& she loves me.. u can’t change this.. I don’t want to play with my pragya’s life..that’s y I’m going far away from her.. but, u will feel when she ask u about me..

I made a promise to ur ma.. I won’t cross ur life.. because I too felt that I’m unlucky to u… that’s y I didn’t told anything u about our past.. but, today u told me that u love me… & it made my day… the 1 year without u is my hell.. I made a promise to u na!! I’l do my P.G. with U, purab ,bulbul,tanu &nikil… that’s y I joined in P.G. all 4 knew that there is a girl in my life..& she used to study every time.. & I lost her because of some situation.. but they don’t know that is u.. I changed myself like u.. “because I want every U in each & every me..” that’s y I started to study like u.. I love u na… that makes me to love ur books…they knew that change is because of that girl.. only u r not physically present.. but, mentally u r with me in all means… I wanted u badly… but, I don’t want to risk ur life too.. & I promised ur ma na.. so, I became silent… but destiny have other plans to us.. the hell of my life became heaven.. wen I saw in my class… “may I come in sir” u asked na?…. it took no time to found me.. that is u… My head up to see my lady love after nearly 1&1/2 years… there is little changes in u.. u didn’t wore ur chashma… the identity of my chashmish… I freezed at the moment… I looked down because I didn’t control my happy tears.. because u came back to me..i want u to join in my gang sry our gang.. to my surprise u sat near bulbul..mentally I jumped like an idiot… that 1 period I don’t know.. how it gone!! I was totally in shock… after that period.. u started to speak as if u known all of them.. & u asked about me… & u teased that double battery also.. u easily mingled with all 4.. I saw me in u… wat all the things I used to do are now done by u.. u became very jovial.. fun loving girl.. I want to became like u .. that’s y I started to study like u& in some other things also I used to do like u .. my memory is not lost.. but, even though u lost ur memory with me.. , U used to do all things like me.. I was like dumbstruck by ur activities.. how can u manage to attract myself towards u.. I don’t know.. whether I have to worry because I miss my nerd chashmish or I have to happie because u didn’t forgot me by ur heart eventhough u lost ur memory.. I’m in all ur activities.. I’m in U… wat u r doing to me fuggy?… & in canteen… I want to taste ur bajji.. but, I can’t ask na.. but, u took my bajji & tasted it.. I was like super duber happie.. & for that I put fight with u & pull that bajji & tasted it after I went from ur eyesight.. that was like my several days hunger was satisfied my ur tasted bajji.. & I admire U wen u r doing some silly things like hiding others fav property.. u don’t have any idea that a pair of eyes always watching u…during our group study.. I really had hard time with u.. I can’t control myself from u.. as u know the two pairs are always busy in their talks.. but, I can’t talk to u like that.. wenever I try to talk to u ur ma & my promise came into my mind.. & I stopped myself…I always used to come college earlier to sit in ur place.. that give some calmness..& I missing u na..so I spent some time there.. in that second sem first day (first day’s previous day..)I was really surprised to see u there.. & I was like flying in air.. I don’t know.. y u came there.. but, I know, u also started to have feelings for me.. but, I waited for that moment.. u will tell me.. so, we started to speak & u again made me to laugh by ur idiotic thing!! U came before one day!! There the boys came na!! how dare..he told that U r going to their prey.. I can’t control myself.. so, I beated him blue & black.. & I don’t want u to interfere in that matter too.. I can face it na.. you told me something like if u r hero then okay to take film… & went from there.. I smiled at u.. then 1 week suspend..i missed u that week.. because I can’t come to college na.. but I followed u until u reach home without ur knowledge.. then sem mark.. that day.. I really went to heaven.. because I saw ur happiness.. that too because of me.. I felt satisfied.. u pulled my hand for handshake.. I gave my hand to u.. I really enjoyed that moment & shocked to see ur shyness was no more.. I snap back to reality .. then I went from there.. because I’m unlucky to u.. then in canteen u told purab,bulbul,nikil& tanu that u r a burden to me.. I know I’m the one who is burden to u.. why u talk like this.. & I convinced u to do the project with me.. thank god.. u agreed.. I was on ninth cloud.. because I can spent more time only with u like our U.G… I want to see ur fuggy face.. tat’s y I gave u all works& while u r doing ur works.. I admired u… wenever u r doing works u engrossed in ur work like always.. & I loved to see ur dedication towards ur work & u always talked like a silly girl through out our project.. one day I was angry at u.. because u hide my book.. s .. I angered.. because that book was full of ur names.. that written by me.. so, I have no intention to make u stress.. that’s y I said.. u r burden to me.. then only u give that book.. but, wen I know that .. I forgot my book in that double battery’s table.. I felt guilty.. so asked sry.. & then u said about ur madona’s secret of hide things& got caught by our beloved frnds… u said that u don’t leave me.. I happily said.. try it… ya.. ur sentence made me to smile in through out the day.. that day purab told me that u invited us to home.. but, I was fear to face ur ma.. so, I didn’t came.. & that day passed.. after that farewell day.. all were emotional & enjoying the programs too.. I sung a song for our group & another song for u.. my love of life.. & throughout the song.. I looked into ur eyes.. I saw several questions in ur eyes… but, after that I was busy in making some arrangements.. & came to see ur performance wen ur name called by the host… u r talented I know.. u like sand art.. that too I know.. & atlast u ended up in my face.. I can’t stand there due to my happiness.. & also felt sad that this time also I can’t say u howmuch I love u.. I went from there & walking to home.. on the way I heard a voice.. help.. & it’s ur voice..so I rushed to u..only to see an idiot beating u.. I fought with them & took u to my home.. I went to take water .. wen I came back to u .. u r not there.. & I saw my room way.. u r there ..going to open my room door.. I said don’t open the door.. like always u opposed me & going to open it.. I scolded u.. & u hugged me & said u love me.. I was like the happiest man in the world that time… so, I don’t worry about any promise now.. the time to reveal our truth is came.. & I opened the door.. to show u how much I love u… but, U the queen of idiots took it in a wrong manner & went like before.. always same while u proposed me first also u closed ur eyes & hugged me.. & without knowing my reaction u went from there… this time also u did the same.. I prayed to God.. nothing will happen to u.. I was like travelling to hell by ur activity.. but, wen I heard ur convo with ma I forgot everything & admired u how u jealous of my chashmish..then u know… wat happened !! now we are here… in ur fav beech!!! That’s all about us…

I finished my narration & looked at her.. her eyes filled with tears.. she ran to me & hugged me like no other tomorrow is ther in the world… we stayed for some times like that..
Pragya: u miss that chashmish now?.. u don’t like me..
Me: ya.. I miss my chashmish.. & I don’t want to miss u too… s.. I just not like u.. but love u … I love u.. how ever u r.. I love u.. I spent my life for u.. I love u in every beats of my heart…
Pragya: love u toooo nerd.. u r my sunshine in day & my moon in night.. without u .. I’m nothing… want to spend rest of my life with u padipist!!!! U R My LUCKY CHAMP….

~~~~ THE END~~~ for this story.. But not their love…!!!

Thanq all of u my dears readers .. to spent ur valuable time to read it!.. I wish.. I entertained u by my story!! leave ur comment.. & tell me if I’m bored then I will try to write in a better manner.. love u all.. & I’l try to come up with another story… once again than q sweet hearts!! Keep reading! Keep smiling! Keep commenting!! Miss u… please forgive me if I bored u by this story…

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