U R My MLA (My lucky Angel) – 6 Ragsan by suma

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“Shankar I’m happy man! Chalo party karte “

” Sir !! Party ? “

” You don’t like party ?? ” Sanskar enquired

” Wait ?, I’m the boss here ! And I’m giving party now…if you like or dislike you have to attend !! You don’t have a choice right ?? ” He cleared his own doubt …

” sir , engagement kya hua ? “

” Shankar …Use your small brain atleast once man “

” it got cancelled ! “

” Wow!!! What a quick realisation “

” Thank you sir “

” Stupid ”
Both went to party

” Ragini…please listen to me “

” What Yash ? “

” I’m sorry Ragini…but try to understand that my father’s reputation is also important for me “

” What about my father’s reputation then ? “

” Ok, come with me ”
He holded her hand and left the place…

After some time both ragyash families arrived at Ragini place

” Sorry uncle and aunty …. yesterday I don’t have a choice other than leaving but you all know I love Ragini and now I don’t want any misunderstanding btwn our families so , …”

He made her wear the engagement ring holding her hand.
” I love you Ragini…I never intended to hurt you “

” Yash ….” She is about to say something but he kissed her cheek

” Ragini beta, you also make him wear this ring ” Yash mother gave her ring

She looked at her parents and they signed her to go on.

She made him wear the ring .

“Finally my sister engagement done !jeejs I want ice-cream” Arjun said

” Sure Arjun ✌” Yash said

” Now itself jeejs “

” Ok Baba…chalo…Ragu tum bhi ajao, mom dad we will go out ”
Trio left
Here bechara sanskar is doing party with Shankar

Next day he went to Mr. Singhania office
And everyone attended the board meeting and after the meeting got completed

” I’m so happy mr.maheswari that you accepted the project idea and tell me when will we move further like signing the project “

” Yeah I’m also so happy can’t able to express also now , but I would like to meet your smart son his name ???? Yeah – yash right !! “

” Yeah Yash …he will be here anytime as his engagement was…. “

” Yeah , I heard that it got cancelled and I’m feeling bad Mr.singhania “

” Yeah… Engagement was cancelled but they are engaged now , its double happiness for me “

Sanskar was shocked and his words Couldn’t register at first
” What ? ” He asked being shocked

” Yesterday the engagement was done , and after 3months we are planning to get him married “

All the confusions in his face got cleared.
“Ragini is engaged”
He slowly moved out and soon he reached his room

He is throwing everything in his room and breaking everything which he gets in his hand.

” Sir… please… please calm down ” Shankar pleaded

He pushed Shankar and started throwing everything
” Ahhhhhhhhhhh how….how did she get engaged ” he shouted with loud voice

He went to Shankar and said

” Book my flight tickets, I wanted to go to Mumbai “

” Sir , project ? “

” Hell with the project, do as I said …other wise I kill you “

” Sorry sir “

He left to Mumbai

It’s been two days sanskar left to Mumbai

” Dad, please calm down… everything will be alright “

” How Yash…he is not picking calls…not replying to email and not meeting anyone and. You know how important this project to our company “

” I know Dad, everything will be alright , please don’t take stress dad …mein sab Kuch samhalunga “

” This project is my dream Yash….he fell down holding his heart “

” Dad….dad ”
Yash took his dad to hospital
Ragini’s family also came to see

” Yash …be strong…Kuch nai Hoga papa ko “

” I will not let him be in peace ragini…he is the reason for my dad condition “

” Yash…don’t take decisions in hurry…We don’t know what situation he is facing ..”

” What the hell Ragini…u supporting him ??? “

” It’s not like that Yash…we need to think in that way also right ? “

” Hell with your lectures…I don’t understand what he did to you in that coffee shop that you started supporting him “

Ragini is shocked
” Yash “

Yash controlled his anger.
” Sorry Ragini…I mean…I didn’t mean ….”

She left the place. Yash holded his fist tight and saw her disappearing figure.
” Sanskar beta, Eat this, from last two days you are not eating anything “

” Ramu Kaka please force math karo, you know if I get irritated I will do anything so please leave me alone “

” Beta , from last two days you are drinking alcohol only…eat something beta otherwise “

” I will die…it’s better to die …I want her…I want my angel in my life Kaka  “

” Don’t talk like that beta , I saw your mother dying and your father …”

” Shut up…..just ? shut up and leave the room NOW”  he threw the bottle in his hand.

Ramu Kaka left the room and sanksar fell down on floor.
” Someday you will forgive your father beta ”
Both Ragsan are crying screen splits


” Sir , it’s been two days you came to office “

” It’s my office and I will come when I wish ” sanskar answered while rolling on bed

” Sir , Ragini mam aur Yash sir ke beech mein jagda hua ” Shankar said

Immediately sanskar gotup from bed and holded Shankar shoulder

” What?? What did you said ?? ” ???

” Sir…mam aur sir ko jagda hua kal raath “

” Wow….that’s a good news Shankar , Ramu Kaka….Ramu Kaka….” He shouted

Soon he came

” Iam very much hungry , do something quickly and get to me …I will get fresh up and come “

Seeing sanskar happy Shankar and Ramu Kaka smiled and went down.

” Shankar, Email to those who selected for internship  to come from tomorrow , actually I want it to be today but my angel is in Delhi right …so from tomorrow is best”

” Sir, ragini mam is in Mumbai…but Yash sir is in Delhi still “

“Oh!!!  Then internship will be asual after 4days and get me address of My angel and every minute details of her. Oh wait ! I go myself to learn about her “

” Wow…how sweet sir “

” Is it that sweet ??  Ummm…ok you go and collect the details about her  and enjoy that sweetness Shankar “

” Sirrrrrrrrrr ” he raised his eyebrows

Ramu kaka smiling for his fate

” I want every details with in …????”

” Sir it will take minimum 2days sir “

” Ok Shankar…take 2hours time and get me the details “

” ??????? “

” Thank god ! He didn’t asked me anything ” Ramu Kaka thought and nicely escaped from the situation



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