U R My MLA (My lucky Angel) – 5 Ragsan by suma

Sanskar is thinking about Ragini engagement
” How to stop this engagement??” “How???”

He took his phone and called Shankar to his hotel room and told him to get the details about Ragini whereabouts in Delhi.
After 4hrs Shankar got the details and gave it to sanskar.

He looked at the pic of Yash and saw
“Oh…you are the one going to get marry her “

After sometime Shankar and sanskar went to sign the project papers.
” Thanks Mr. Maheswari for  this project “

” Never mind Mr. Singhania ”
Both shakes their hands

” Okay sign here Mr. Maheshwari ” he asked .

He saw all the papers and asked

” Before getting this done…I want to see your company and wanted to observe it for a week and will sign it…I think it’s better to do like this ” sanskar said

Shankar is shocked as sanskar never done like this before …as Mr. Singhania company project is not worthy as per sanskar view but he wanted to give him and now he is personally wanted to see his company for a week ???? what’s happening !!!!

After singhania left
Sanskar moved to confused Shankar
He bent to his height and whispered

” Don’t stress yourself , you will get to know everything ” ???

Shankar saw him shocked and sanskar blinked his eyes…

” Chale ? ” sanky said

” Sir ! “

” I’m hungry …I want to eat something ” sanskar said holding his stomach

” Sure sir ” Shankar went with him confused still.

” Sir ! Today  Ragini mam engagement “

” How can I forget Shankar ” sanskar said rolling on his bed. ?????

” What’s your plan sir ? “

” Itna excited ! ??”

” Sir ! I planned your day “

” Today…we are going according to my plan , and what time Ragini engagement starts ? ” Sanskar asked

” Sir it’s 10:30am “

” Cool! Let’s move to Mr. Singhania office to check and inform him to come “

” Sir, then engagement “

” Uffoo Shankar…u r excited like it’s Ur girl is getting engaged !! Chill she is mine “

” ????????”


At 10am

” Where the hell is Mr. Singhania ” sanskar asked to his PA

” Sir…they are on the way “

” I want every …every board member to be here right now ” sanskar said in cold tone

Everyone understand his coldness and got scared and doubted that will he sign !

After 15min everyone came including Mr. Singhania
But still sanskar looking at him like he did some crime .

“Mr. Maheshwari  ..I’m sorry for the delay …that’s …”

” Did I forget to mention every…single… board.. member to be here including   YASH SINGHANIA ”  sanskar said pointing on the table with very cold behaviour

” I know Mr.maheswari…but today “

” Yes! Today and now itself …I want him right now…text …call…do whatever with in 10min he should be here ” sanky said

All are sweating already..they can’t ignore him as this project is much important for the company right now
So with no option he called Yash


” Yash ! How can you leave me like this ! ” Ragini asked

” Ragini….try to understand this is my father’s reputation “

” Ok yash ” she said with no expression

After Yash left
” I will go to yash’ office dad “

” No , Ragini…this city is new and You don’t know anyone here “

” I will take care of it dad ”
Ragini left

Here Yash entered the office and saw everyone but not the main person

” Dad ! Where is he ? ” Yash asked

” He left ! Yash ” said Mr. Raghu singhania

Then his pa explained everything that sanskar scolded for wasting his time as he informed before and he will come tmw.

Yash banged the door leaving out

” Mera engagement has cancelled sir ” Ragini

” What ! Really ! Why ! Ufff yeah !!” Sanskar asked

” I’m upset and really I wanted to kill that bastard who stopped my engagement ???”

Sanskar choked while he drinking water

” Sir , careful “

” Ha…ha…Ragini, I told u to call me sanskar “

” How can I sir…as iam going to work under you “

” So! Call me sanskar …that’s all “

” Ok sanskar ? “

Yes! They are in restaurant as soon as Yash left there ragini came out and saw sanskar coming out from car.
And took ragini to one cafe nearby

” Now till 3months there are no perfect date for the engagement ?? that’s what upsets me “

He smirked

” Ok! Ragini I have meeting I will leave now “

” Okay sir…???sorry sanskar ”
He turned story other side while walking he counting  1…2…3… Months means 92 days ….is it enough ???

I know it’s short but I wanted to update this
Enjoy ✌
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