u r my everything -swaragini (Part 3)

Ragini and laksh reached Kolkata…they were ready to go to their home…
ragini:hey Bandar did I informed about our arrival
laksh:yeah sweetu,but I didn’t told them about timing
ragini:that’s cool…okay come let’s have a fun (with a smirk)
laksh:noticed her and he catched what’s going on her mind..he gave a crook smile..
they both came out of the station..on another side
Swara and sanskar bid bye their frnds and came out of station
Swara:ok sanky bye …I’ll go from here
sanskar:r u mad?how can I leave u alone??
Swara:what do u mean?
sanskar:I mean ….I’ll take u with me…
Swara:no sanky…I didnt informed mom…she”ll wait for my arrival
sanskar:no wry…already I infrmed aunty..so pls be quite and come with me
Swara:nodded like child and follow him
they were talking eachother while walking laksh and ragini came frm opposite side both were very near to meet eachother suddenly swara ankle was twisted she was about to fall but sanskar hold her by waist…raglak didnt saw them and passes them …they hired taxi and went
sanky and Swara went to sanskar’s home

in car
@raglak side
ragini:driver pls go fast as much as u can
laksh:sweety …let it be…calm down..
ragini:I missed them so badly …I would like to see them now
laksh:just few more minutes we will be there…just control itself
ragini:smiled at him and rested her head on his shoulder (laksh smiled at her and kept his head on her head)

@ragini’s home
shekar:Rithick…did they called u??when will they came here?
rithick:papa laksh told me that they will reach today but I didn’t ask him timing
janaki:leave it…anyhow they”ll came today
shivanya: maa I’m very happy and equally excited to see my doll and Bandar…after 1 yr
janaki:hoy hello…don’t dare to call him like that…he is Romeo…
ap and Krishna were entering hall and listened them…
ap:(smiled at janaki)janaki shall we go?
rithick:(to ap)maa not today we’ll go 2mrw
Shivanya:rithick how can u say like this? we already planned to go temple..then y u said like this?
krishna:kyunki?today his Angel and sweet Bandar going to come here that’s u
rithick smiled at him and hug him yes papa I’m eagerly waited from morning to c dem..
shekar:but we have to go temple…
janaki:no prblm. ..we will go to temple…
ridhi:no …I’ll not cm anywhere…
Shivanya:blow air from mouth and asked her now wat hpn to u?
ridhi:I want to c my bua and Chachu..
ap:(carressed her hair )ok as it wish..we will go another day after they come
ridhi:kissed ap and said thanku Dadi..
all of them talking usual things…suddenly two goons entered into their house…they were holding knife in their hands…they were in black shirt and black pant..their face was covered by black mask…only their eyes was visible…by seeing them all get panicked…
janaki:hey who r u??why u came here??
goon1:wat will u do aftr knowing my history
rithick:came near them and tried to catch the goon 1 but goon2 came infront and showed knife to rithick to move back
shivanya:get feared and said rithick pls don’t go…they will hurt u…
goon1:by hearing this he started to laugh…
goon2:that much love ….not bad…
ap:what do u want?
goon1:don’t u all know wat we want?
all of them looked confused
goon2:okay I’ll tell myself…we need ur jewels..
shivanya:why ?
goon2:why?? why u asking silly questions like this??by the way u r looking so hot in this yellow Saree… (while saying this the goon came near shivanya)
rithick:shouted at goon and tried to hit him..but goon 1 came and hold rithick from behind and kept knife in his throat a inch away..shivanya and whole family shouted to leave him…
goon2:came near shivanya and held her…
shivanya:glared at goon…and pulled her hand from the goon
goon2:don’t u like my touch…oh baby u r damn s*xy…I can’t control myself…I want u…(while saying this the goon pulleD her n tried to kiss her)

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