u r my everything -swaragini (Part 2)(c)

.. till now laksh didnt saw ragini… he saw that sankar’s scenes but he didn’t see swara because her back faced him..he could c her back only he can’t c her face… he tightened his hand…
Laksh:(in mind)I have to stop him from doing anything wrong to that girl b4 tat I have to send ragini somewhere..I don’t want her to land in any trouble bcse of me.. eat to do??Think laksh think… while he thinking.. he didn’t notice ragin.. she noticed what happened there… she smirked…
@sanskar’s side
Shiny trembling in fear… mohit tries his best to protect her..sanskar was irked by this so he drag mohit aside and ask his friends to captured him.. they did it helplessly shiny step backwards and blocked by wall…sanskar moves his fingers and touched her from eyes, nose and then he squeezed her lips she feel disgusted and hit his hand and raised her hand to slap him.. sanskar tightly held her hand with his one hand and her head with other hand, he tried to kiss her… she cried badly… mohit shouted at him to leave her.. sanskar was about to place his lips on her… he was pulled by someone that person revealed to be SWARA… sanskar got anger.
Sanskar:what the hell SWARA… don’t u c wat I’m dng
swara:I c wat u gng 2 do.. that’s y I stop u.. pls sanskar behave urelf..plss leave them
Sanskar:swara leave now… I’ll do what I like so pls stop ur lecture… go to hotel and pack ur things.. we will leave today…
Swara:I’ll not sanskar..not this time. I’ll not let u ruin one girl’s respect… (till now sanskar held shiny ‘s hand tightly so that c can’t run)
sanskar:swara I said leave now (almost shouted in anger)and turned towards shiny and tried to kiss her… whole people In the mall were simply watching the scene they have no guts to face that arrogant man.. while he try to kiss her again one hand was held him…
Due to disturbance sanskar closed his eyes in irritation without looking back he said:not again swara.. leave my hand… (but the hand didn’t leave him)so he shouted I said leave my hand swara… till no response… Swara was confused…
SANSKAR turned back and shocked to c the person stand in front of him.. but the person face was not visible to him… bcse the person was like clown face… (ragini-she coloured her face and kept a ball in his nose like clown… she was exactly like clown)
Ragini:(in mind)for what u waiting for ragini… slap him fast as you can and run from here b4 he doing anything to u..
Sanskar:glared at her… and said excuse me leave my hand (anger)she didnt leave his hand.. this make him more angry… he released his from her and turned towards shiny… this makes ragini angry… again she turned him by his shoulder tightly and slapped him very hardly on both cheeks…swara kept her hand on mouth and stunned.. remaining people were shocked… their frnds left mohit he take shiny with him and thanked ragini and went from there… sanskar hold his cheek and looked shockingly… due to the slap sound laksh came out of this thought and saw towards the direction he shocked wat a brave person..

Back to ragsan side
B4 sanskar could react ragini ran from there… sanskar tried to catch her b4 she run but he was pulled by swara
swara:enough is enough sanskar… pleas all of them seeing us… don’t make any more mess here… let’s leave from here…
Sanskar: made an angry face and went from there… (in mind who is he/she)he/she messed with me… I’ll not leave him but how can I find him…in frustration he hit his hand on car shittttt… by this swara made an angry face and make him sit inside the car and drove from there..
Ragini was hiding in one shop… after sanskar went she came outside and blow air from mouth… u escaped ragini…. hmmmm k let’s c my Bandar…
Here laksh was confused and murmered himself who could it be??
A voice came from behind…. I’m the one and only ur sweety slapped him… she raised her eyebrows up and down… laksh opened his mouth big o without blinking his eye

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  1. Super waiting for ragsan scenes

  2. Awesome dear, loved it

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