u r my everything -swaragini (Part 2)(a)

PART 2:(a)
a beautiful big mansion was shown.. the mansion was surrounded by large garden…inside the mansion one man was descending downstairs while talking in ph about his meetings..he came downstairs and called his wife.. he revealed to be ram kapoor..one lady came there and take him to dining area and serve him breakfast.. he ate very fast due to this the food chocked in his throat he cough very badly..
Sujatha:(shocked)patting his back and ave him water.. why u eat like this? Eat slowly.
Ram:no suji.. today I have important meeting so need to do some arrangement so I have to go early…
Sujatha:its k..ask ur p. A. To manage that till u reach office…
Ram; no, I have to arrange myself..
Suj:u’ll always do what u like.. (in mind:that’s y he also do whatever he like whether it’s good r bad)
Ram:nothing like tat.. ok didn’t u go clg..
Suji:admissions r gng on.. so clg’ll be reopen after 10days..
Ram:ok wen’ll he come here? How long he’ll stay in ooty?? Always roaming with that useless frnds.. with irritating face he said
Suji:don’t wry.. that’s y this time I send her with him..
Ram:u did wrong by sending her with him..
Suji:wat do u mean.? She’ll take care of him..
Ram:I’m not talking about her.. I’m talking abt ur useless idiot he’ll definitely going to create some mess…
Suji:looking worried and ask didn’t u get late?
Ram:yeah I’m getting late.. I dnt want to waste my time talking about ur son..
Suji:I don’t know why he behave like this.. i hope god’ll send someone to change him..
RAGLAK were reached mall.. ragini in red sleeve top till her waist and black Jean and laksh in white t-shirt with black Jean..they were holding each other hand and roaming in mall..

On another side in mall
3guys and 2girls were talking… while they were talking one guy didn’t hear what they told he saw one side continuously.. his sparkling eyes were staring at one girl… the girl didn’t notice his gaze on her bcse she was busy in talking with a guy who walking beside her.. the boy’s were stopped their talking and saw the direction where the guy saw.. they find that he starring at one girl..
Rakesh:hey dude… I know wat u r thinking? But it’s wrong..
The guy:didn’t listen him.. and his lips were smirked slowly
Jeni:Rakesh don’t waste ur energy he’ll definitely not obey u.. he’ll definitely going to mess.. before that we have to go and call her
Sammy:Haan.. this is the better option and call her Jeni and take Rakhi with u.. go fast..
The girls went from there to call another girl..
Here the guy goes towards the girl whom he was starring..he dashed with her intensely .. the girl turned at him and glare him she revealed to be SHINY DOSHI(black tight shirt with whit legin), :hey u Mr?
The guy turned at her and look her lustly he revealed to be our handsome and hot hunk sanskar kapoor..
Sanskar:sry sry.. I didn’t saw u..
MOHIT SHEGAL:(who came with shiny, her boyfriend)shiny let it be… he didn’t do intensely… come we have to go.. they went from there..
SANSKAR again came towards his friends..
@mall another side
In aquariums, a girl was shown… she wear short blue floral gown till her knee.. she was mesmerized by variety of fish… she was admired.. her lips were shown… she smiled widely by seeing them… her eyes were shining.. she suddenly turned back due to her friends shout.. she revealed to be TWINKLE.. :what happen? Why u r shouting we r in mall.. so pls maintain ur class
Rakhi:oh shutup twinkle… come and see In 4th floor…
Twinkle:(frowned her eyes)wht do u mean???
Jeni:twinkle ur mamu’s son……..
Twinkle:u mean sanskar… oh no… I don’t know why he behave like this.. arrogant fellow chi.. anyway I have to stop him from dng any mess

@4th floor
Sanskar:did u c?? What a girl yar?? She looking so hot.. I want to kiss her once
Sammy:sanky.. it’s wrong.. she had a boyfrnd.. plss leave ur arrogance here.. let’s enjoy man..

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