When u r mine ur dreams r also mine ….[part 16][the day before the college starts]

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So time for today’s question…
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So now let’s start with today’s part.

Precap : swasan masti…..

After some days…….

Time never stops. It passes with its own speed.
Days were passing and so was swasan’s life.
Swara was slowly making place in everyone’s life.
Ap began to love her like her own daughter, even pari was nice she treated swara in a nice way.
Dp though didn’t want to leave his old thoughts and traditions behind but even he started admiring swara…
Her care for everyone, her smartness with which she handles all the things.
And the way she was changing Sanskaar…
Yup, changing Sanskaar. Though Sanskaar was a confident, talented and responsible young man but still he was becoming a determined person now.
He was subsiding his anger in all ways, he was handling things in a more matured way now.
Whenever there was a big deal or a big project that needed to be done in a less time, Sanskaar would never panic and handle it with great patience….

Well even Sanskaar was changing swara a lot. Everything that she had buried inside her due to her past, she was now opening herself up.
Of course she was a lot talented but now she was able to voice her thoughts out.
She would smile and laugh whole heartedly instead of the earlier times where her life was only between the 4 walls of the house and the kids…

Another thing that changed now was swasan’s bond.
Their bond became a lot stronger now…… they had immense amount of trust between them.
They were BESTEEEESSSSTTTTTTT FRIENDS now. They would never spend a day without each other…….
Swara was sanskaar’s little kiddooooo…. He would always pamper her and swara loved being pampered by him…….

The day before the college starts:

Swara had been really busy the whole day. She had been doing all the preparations of first day of college….
Though she was a lllooooooootttttt excited she was a bit nervous too, a bit scared too, a bit doubtful too…

Her life would completely change from tomorrow. She will be having a lot of responsibilities too.
She doesn’t want to disappoint her mother-in-law who loves her just like her mother does, she doesn’t want to disappoint her sister, her daadi, her in-laws anyone…
And the most important, she doesn’t want to disappoint her SANSKAAR…
She was a really innocent 18 years old girl, though she had faced a lot from her childhood but still, her heart was innocent with no hatred for anyone.
Sanskaar was just like a knight in shining armour for her…. He freed her from all the problems, all her miseries. He gave her confidence.
SELF CONFIDENCE, that was the biggest thing that he gifted her.
She was sitting on the poolside, burying her legs into the water.
In her hand was a diary, her mother’s diary. She was holding it in her hands and staring up at the moon and stars shining bright…..
Will I be able to do it?? Was the only question playing in her mind.

Sanskaar who entered in the room only now after completing the project.
Sanskaar : come shona lets go to sleep……
Stops after looking at her lost in her thoughts.
Swara who was looking at the sky looks at him with innocent eyes, blinking them.

It’s been a long time she has started to share everything with him. At first she was a little.. no no not a little but quite hesitant to share her feelings with him but now she doesn’t.
She shares her worries, her dreams, her thoughts everything with him.

Sanskaar just sighs and sits beside her dipping his legs in the water too.
Sanskaar : [encircling her arms around her shoulder] hmm…. So what’s my kiddo thinking??
Swara just smiles a little hearing him.
It’s his away of asking her thoughts. He’s the first person in this world after her mom and the kids who’s asking about her thoughts.
Swara : [sighs and then rests her head on his arm, starts caressing the diary in her arms and speaks] you know Sanskaar, it was never my dream to become a doctor. It was my…..[chocking a bit] my.. ma…. Mama’s dream……. She always wanted her daughter to become a doctor and serve people… something that she could never do, because she didn’t get the chance…..
Pausing for a bit…..

Today.. when …… when I am going to take the first step towards the dream.. when am soo close to it… am feeling… feeling like… like….. I don’t even know what to say and how to say… you know…. You know…. It’s like…. Arrghh.. it’s… it’s so confusing…..

Sanskaar : [rubbing her arms and shoulder to calm her down] shhh…. Shhhh.. calm down calm down shona… you don’t need words to explain me that how you are feeling…. I know that. I know that kiddo.. I M WITH YOU. I UNDERSTAND YOU….. I TRUST YOU…….
With these words swara looks towards him immediately. Her eyes widened with surprise but then the peace missing in them comes again, the restlessness in her eyes slowly fading.

Sanskaar : [still rubbing her arms upside down] I know what you are feeling… you know shona eve I used to feel the same thing when it was my first day of college. You feel nervous, you feel confused, you feel scared. But kiddo, all these feelings are just temporary. You will slowly n slowly come over it. You will overcome your fear, your confusions, your nervousness everything and… then… and then when you will pass over it, you will be a more confident person, a more strong person.

You know it’s not just you, it’s everyone who fears responsibilities but they do come with a lot of power too. You have that power within you, and you will slowly realise it. I trust you, mom trusts you, those small small kids trust you. And when someone has expectations with you.. you don’t need to be scared with that, that simply means that how much they trust you. They don’t mean to scare you or to worry you……
I AM THERE WITH YOU, FOR YOU.. HAMESHA…….. you will overcome it as it comes, no need to be worries about it. Okay…
With that swara looks at him and nodes smilingly……

Sanskaar : [standing up] achaa.. now enough of these talks lets go n sleep now…
As he was proceeding towards the room.
Swara : [softly] Sanskaar..
Sanskaar : [turning back] hmmm….
Swara : how did you know what I was thinking……
Sanskaar just smiled lightly at these words…..

Sanskaar : [smilingly] maybe I can hear what your heart speaks….
With that he goes inside the room to sleep while swara looks at his way with a confused face……
Swara : [confused] really…..
Sanskaar : [shouting] swara come lets sleep… I will not hear you 2 mins and 5 mins tomorrow,……
Swara : [standing up] ha ha coming……
With that swara went towards the room to sleep….

The two of them were really sharing a unique bond…. Lets see how their way to the DREAMS go.. simple and straight or hard and wavy….
What do you guys think??

Precap : swara’s first day in college…..

Huff so guys I end it here.
Am really sorry for the short part. Actually I can’t include her first day in college here. Or else it will become too long.

Really hope this part was good enough to read. I know this part had nothing interesting to read, but still I wrote this because I wanted to show swara’s nervousness and her fears and then how Sanskaar turns her into a confident young girl.
I wanted to show how Sanskaar patiently deals with her and helps her overcome her fears….
Hope that what I want to convey you reaches you people.

Are you people liking the way this story is proceeding or you want me to make it a little faster….. I am taking it slow because I want to explain their emotions to you people. But if you feel that am stretching it, or over explaining the scenes or if am boring you people then please tell me honestly I will work on it……

Please I want every silent reader to answer this question.
Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for all the support you people have given me till now…..

Meet you in the next part till then bubye…
LOVE you all.

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