U r my life (vishkanya, manmarziyan and tashan-e-ishq) epi-14

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The episode starts with Apu helps Malay mom to have food.. Malay sees this and smiles.. Twinkle comes to house and sees apu and gets irked..she tells her to leave.. She pushes her.. Malay holds her.. They share an eyelock.. Siye re plays.. Malay makes her stand and tells twinkle to behave with her friend.. Twinkle tells so she is imp and not me? Malay tells I luv u also.. But she is like guest..

Twinkle tells she is working here becoz she was the show beaten u with goons.. Apu gets shocked.. She thinks how she knew about it? Malay tells her to leave it.. Apu cries and leaves from there.. Malay tries to stop her but fails.. All At once.. Arjun tells radhika to stay here and help him.. She agrees..

Apu comes to house and cries… She takes her fav toys and speaks to it.. Tum hi ho plays.. Malay cries.. Other side in his house with toys.. Twinkle comes to hotel.. Kunj comes there and asks her what happened? Twinkle tells about all.. He tells her to be calm. She smiles.. Suddenly waiter spills water on kunj dress.. Twinkle scolds him..

Kunj tells it is OK.. Twinkle brings him to house and makes him sit on her room and comes to Malay room and takes his dress and brings to kunj and makes him wear.. She removes old shirt.. He gets romantic.. He pulls her closer and kisses her.. .. She tells naughty and makes him wear dress..

He leaves thnqing her.. Arjun sits on bed.. Radhika cooks food.. Arjun shouts at her.. Tells her to bring food.. She brings it hot.. Keeps near him on bed… He gets up and tells it is soo hot? She nods her head.. He tells her to bring after it is cool. She tells I am not u r servant to do as u say.. She tells him to do as I say!!

He tells I am…… She tells boss!! I knew..??this sadist.. He asks who? She tells none other than u!! He smiles.. He throws walking stick and comes near her.. He tells I have already wasted many days.. In just talking to u.. He bends his knees..he wrinches in pain.. She feels it.. He proposes her with Ring.. Will u marry me??????she stands amused..

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  1. Narendran

    Precap:Is surprise!!. Will radhika accept arjun love?? Wait..

    1. i don’t understan when you wrote when twinkle told apu “she was the show beaten u with goons” please explain it

      1. Narendran

        Actually.. Twinkle taunted her.. Becoz she knew that apu was the one.. Who attacked Malay with goons and tried to kill him!! So only. Twinkle scolded her.. And Apu thought no one knows it except Malay.. But she comes to know twinkle also knew.. She she breaks down

  2. Kathy

    Lovely episode naren… Y twinkle always rude to our Apu… Felt really bad… Enjoyed aradhika moments… Wow precap… Ofcourse she will accept his prop…?? eagerly waiting for the next episode naren…

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Kathy.. For the comment..

  3. Awesome episode πŸ™‚

  4. Narendran

    Thnx brin????

  5. awesome episode…………..

    1. Narendran

      Thnx subha for the comment..

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