U R MY ANGEL (epi-11)

Hi guys I’m back with 11th chappy

Thank u for all ur lovely comments and one more thing I heard that swaragini is going off air due to low trp rates plz do watch and increase trp ratings I don’t want to miss swasan pair so soon so plz watch serial

Guys I’m getting less comments than before plz comment me to know how my story is and how I’m writing
Acha stop this bla bla let’s start chappy

Screen starts with ragini calling Sanskar asks him to take her to room
He nodded and lift her in arms and took their room and made her sleep on the bed (guys raglan stays in one room and swasan in one room and swasan beds are not double bed it 2 single beds)
Sanskar sees swara and smiles seeing how cute she was looking while sleeping
He pecks her forehead and went from there
And sees ragininwas working in kitchen
Sanskar: di I wana ask u something

Ragini: smiles and says when u started asking permission Sanskar

Sanskar: smiles di y both become more protective for us wt happen di say to me even I want help u both

Ragini: shocked listening his question and shouted on him to leave and don’t interfere in elder matters

Sanskar: becomes sad and went from there but he was determined to know the truth y he was staying here what happen when we went to that party

Ragini gets thinking and calls laksh and tells everything wt happen know he asks her not worry we will do our level best to protect then okie na laksh was giving support to her she smiles and cuts the phone

Sanskar went to room he was engrossed himself in deep thought he not even realised that swara woke up after 2 hrs
She went near him and sat on his laps placing her head on the chest (swara has an habit to sleep on anyone of the laps when woke from the sleep) Sanskar came into senses when she saw her
He smiles holds her protectively she slowly opened her eyes and asks wt r u thinking Sanky

Sanskar: smiles and says noting angel okie chalk we will have lunch do must be waiting for us
Swara nodes and went down

Both went near dinning table when she saw them and ask them to sit

Both sat and she started feeding swara and Sanskar but Sanskar said do how will u keep both u feed her I will eat with my hands plz
Ragini smiles and says okie she feeds swara but in between she feeds Sanskar after their lunch they accompany ragini bcoz she fed swara

Ragini: so Sanskar from tomorrow swara is going to come to ur clg u should tc of her there okie

Sanskar: okie do I will dont worry
Soon day passed like this
At night laksh came to home and started his work with ragini not office work romance work
Laksh hugged ragini from back and started giving wet kissing her
Ragini: ahh laksh
Laksh went crazy listening his name from her mouth
Laksh turned her towards him and asks for permission

Ragini: lucky I’m only urs u have every right on me only u have
Laksh smiles listening her ans and lean towards her lips and both are kissing passionately soon they started their love making
Again they both became one the room filled moans of ragini

On other hand (unknown place)
Lady: u got any information about them

Boy: no still they are searching

Lady: wt still searching from 8 urs u ppl are searching for them and u ppl cant find same ans I’m listening from 8yrs

Boy: u don’t worry I will get then as soon as possible

Lady: shouted I want them soon I have only 6 months time understand

Boy: yes mam saying this he left the place

Lady: ohhh where u pop are present I have to kill u ppl like I killed it parents
Come back soon to here I want to kill u ppl with my own hands

Screen freezes on lady face


Who s that lady???

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