U R MY ANGEL (epi-10)

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Hello guys I’m really sry for not updating from long time But Kya Kare I’m such lazy bug so plzzz don’t scold me for late chappy

Before going to chappy I want to clear one thing to all u r feels That the scene which was with swara was not possible at that age so I’m telling u ppl the each every scene of swara is not my imagination it’s real which I have done in my life when I was small it’s okie if u ppl think that it was not possible at that age But it’s true Okie okie now I’m stopping this thing now u ppl not convince With right so I’m giving swara age is 4th class and sankav at 7th class okie guys

Thank u so much for all ur comments guys I’m sorry for not replying individualy but my sincere thank to u all
And My special thanks to bhargavi U read all my parts in one go thank u soo much I’m glad u like my ff bhargavi It’s really means slot for me love u

Chalo let’s start our chappy

After 11yrs leap
A room is shown A girl was trying hard to wake a person but he was not even ready to open his eyes
Now the girl got angry took water mug and poured on the man
Man: ahhhh swara wt is This u disturbed my beauty sleep (with anger)
Swara: (with Fake Teary eyes) I know no Sanku u don’t love me that y u r calling me swara not angel
Sanskar: now u stop ur drama meri maa now tell y u r trying to wake me With rubbing his eyes
Swara: u said u will take me to shopping na duffer
Sanskar: okie I will take u, wait Wait wt u said to me duffer right
Swara chuckles and ran from there

U wait wt I will do saying this he started chasing her it was 2 bedroom flat She was running in kitchen and whole room finally went to another bed room she stand behind a man (that is our laksh) and she started showing her tongue out to Sanskar
Sanskar: lucky leave her angel stop hiding behind lucky
Laksh: stop it guys y u both fight daily u won’t get bored of fighting everytime
Voice: exactly I also think the same these will eat our brains by fighting
Swara: ragu u came from hospital saying this she hugged her tightly
Y ragu always u will be busy in this stupid operations u won’t even spend time with me (pout)
Ragini: Aww my swaru wants to spend time with me okie today no OT only swaragini okie
Swara: yeh thank u Ragu U r the best friend come bhabi She kissed on her cheeks and winks at her (raglak love each other and they even married now)
Sanky: Ohhh hello some said they want to go shopping and now they want to spend time with di wt S this
Swara: snaku I postpone shopping programme now I want rage know u go and sleep
Sanku: wt sleep u disturbed my beautiful sleep and now saying that go and sleep u monkey donkey gorilla
Swara: hey pikachu just shut up we u idio..
Raglak now stop it guys

Ragini: I’m hungry know I want to eat come laksh they will continue their fight we will eat leaving them alone saying this she took laksh hand in her
Laksh: have rago chalo even I have meeting in office
Swara: this S not fair u both are leaving us alone already our parents have left us now u ppl also ( fake tears)
Laksh: (but they didn’t know that she was dng drama) don’t say like that siso We both are living only for u both if not we don’t any reason to leave
Ragini: ha plz don’t like that ( crying tone)
Sanskar: arey lucky y ppl are not seeing she was just doing acting not real
Swara shocked seeing this reaction they did expect this from them
Swara: sry bhai I didn’t know I was just trying to tease u saying this she hugged both I’m sry sry plz forgive me
Raglak: okie from now onwards u shouldn’t say like this plz we can’t stay happy
Chalo we will do bf
All 4 headed to dinning table
Ragini was feeding swara and laksh was feeding Sanskar
Swara: ragu I can eat with my hands stop feeding me
Sanskar: ha lucky I can also eat Plz let me eat with my hands na
Ragini: we know how much u both eat know stop talking and eat silently when we both are there we will only feed u get that into ur little brains (strict tone)
Laksh laughs seeingbtheir expressions now stop making faces and eat now even I have to go to an meeting
Swasan: both accept their defeats nodded like a kid
Soon they both completes their bf and left the place now only raglan are having bf
Ragini: laksh did u find culprit
Laksh: no but I will. Get soon
Ragini: get it soon laksh I want their destroy only bcoz of them we are here now we lost our parents now I don’t want anyone of them (teary eyes)
Laksh: don’t worry I will get the information and I will not even leave that kavitha I got to know that she was in Mumbai know
Ragini: Gud but make sure that swasan shouldn’t know this
Laksh: yea now I will Leave He kissed her forehead and waiting for something more
Ragini understood and pecks his lips and say now go laksh smiles and left the place

On other hand
Sanskar leaned to headboard and swara sat on his front and her back was touching his chest he kept his hands o her waist
Swara: Sanskar don’t u think there something big which raglak where hiding from us
Sanskar: ha Angel I know that but I don’t know the reason y they r behaving like this
I mean from when we to this place not even a single day raglak have slept properly both used check us for few hours
Swara: ha Sanskar We will find out that
Sanskar: okie now go to ur ragu she will be waiting for u
Swara: ha ha I’m leaving she left the place and pecks his cheeks before leaving the place
Sanskar smiles seeing his love (they both love each other but didn’t married)
She left near ragini room
Swara: ragu u know wt saying this she started telling some stupid stories to her now wt she did in the holidays and all But soon she slept on her laps only
Ragini kissed her forehead and says I won’t even let anyone touch u both it my promise swaru

Screen fezzes
Precap: I don’t Know
finally I completed my 10 chappy I’m so happy
Yeaaaaa again thank u for all ur support

Wt happen to their parents???
For whom raglan where searching for????
Y raglak where taking so much care for both swasan?

To know this stay tuned to know

Keep smiling bye ?

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