TYAAG (Episode 4) Aarav and Piya’s story

Hi frnds hope u all r fine, srry I didn’t post the episode yesterday

Here is Episode 4

(Episode 4)

1 month later

(Aarav’s home)

Everybody is doing arrangement for Aarav n Maanvi’s engagement

Jahnvi guide workers that how to decorate stage

Sachin goes to check If Aarav is ready or not

In Aarav’s room

Sachin comes n says

Sachin: So, Ready?

Aarav: Yess

Sachin: Looking so nice

Aarav: Thanks

Sachin: Now its your turn to get married, I mean its your turn to go to jail, Today is engagement n soon u will get married

Sachin laughs also Aarav laughs

Sachin: OK I am going to check if everything is ready or not, come soon

Aarav: OK

In Ruhi’s room Ruhi is talking with Piya on phone

Ruhi: U r coming with ur family na?

Piya: Actually papa is in office n he has so much work today, mom is not well n I gave her medicine so she is taking rest

Ruhi: ohhh, so they will not come

Piya: Hmm, but I n maahi is coming, Maahi is excited than me,

Piya laughs n also Ruhi

Piya: I know u r feeling bad, u came here with a wedding card to give us specially n now they r not coming, I wasn’t about to come because of mom’s health but she said me to go

Ruhi: Arre its OK waise bhi this is engagement only, not Shaadi n they will come to shaadi na

Piya: Yes I will bring them for sure

Ruhi smiles

Ruhi: OK come soon, I am waiting for u

Piya: yes coming, Maahi is painting her face, when her make up will get done then we will leave

Ruhi n Piya laughs

Ruhi: Okk come bye tc

Piya: bye tc

(Piya’s home)

Piya goes to Maahi’s room n says

Piya: r u done??

Maahi: Wait didi, I have to look very beautiful in engagement

Piya: This is just an engagement not marriage n u r not a bride

Maahi: Okk done

Piya: Thank god finally….

Piya: Now come on, Ruhi is waiting for us

Maahi n Piya comes out of room

(Aarav’s home)

Maanvi comes with her family
n they greet

Aarav’s family welcome them

Aarav comes there n Maanvi looks at him n smiles n he also

Then Aarav n Maanvi goes on stage n sits beside each other on chair

Everybody is drinking juices n enjoying

Maanvi: U r looking so nice

Aarav: But not like u

They smiles

Ruhi was waiting for Piya n maahi on door then they came

Ruhi: Finally u r here

Maahi: Even I

Ruhi: Yes u also

Piya: U r looking so nice

Ruhi: Thanks n look at u, u r looking like a dhamaka

Piya: Shut up

They both smiles

Maahi: Look at me also

Piya: Yes look at her also, she is ur special guest

Ruhi: Yess, Maahi madam u r looking soooooo beautiful

Maahi smiles

Maahi: Thanks

Piya n Ruhi smiles

Ruhi: Come na I want u both to meet my bro

Piya n Maahi came inside

Jahnvi see them n comes to them

Ruhi gets worried thinking what her mother will say

Piya: Hi aunty

Jahnvi: Hi, ur parents didn’t came?

Piya: No actually they….

before she could complete she says

Jahnvi: Okk I have some work bye

Piya feels bad but she didn’t show it

Ruhi also feels bad

Ruhi tries to change the situation

Ruhi: Do u both want juice or something??

Before Piya could say anything

Maahi: Yes I want mango juice

Piya: I don’t want anything

Ruhi calls Waiter n Then waiter serve them

Ruhi: Now come to meet my bro

Piya didn’t see Aarav’s face yet because some peoples was standing in front of Aarav n Maanvi

Ruhi comes with Piya n maahi on stages before she can intro them to her bro

Jahnvi comes there n says lets exchange rings now

Piya didn’t see Aarav because he was talking to someone n that person is in front of Aarav

Aarav takes the ring to make it wear to Maanvi

Then only light goes off suddenly n Everyone gets upset n Sachin goes to check the switch

n then only Maanvi’s phone rings n when she see the phone then get nervous n while going she push piya n says (Excuse me) Piya is beside Aarav n Piya didn’t know about this because of darkness

Jahnvi says

Jahnvi: I think light will not come soon, u both exchange the rings

Everyone gets agree

Ruhi thinks (where is Piya)

Then Aarav holds Piya’s hand, He thinks that She is Maanvi

Piya gets shock n she tries to tell but then Jahnvi says

Jahnvi: Did u make her wear ring?

Aarav: No

n then Aarav Makes her wear ring n Piya gets shock

Then suddenly light comes

Everybody see Piya in place of Maanvi n they get shocked

Then Aarav looks at her n gets shocked also Ruhi n Maahi

Jahnvi gets Angry n came to her

Jahnvi: What r u doing here?? What nonsense is this, how u came here, Maanvi was standing here na

Aarav: Where is Maanvi??

Then only Maanvi comes there
n get to know about it through a girl

She comes on stage

Aarav: Maanvi where were u?

Maanvi: Actually…I was feeling so low so, I have gone to take some fresh air

Jahnvi: But u should tell us na, We was thinking that this girl is u (Pointed out piya) n Aarav makes her wear ring

Ruhi n Maahi comes beside Piya

Maanvi gets angry n says to Piya

Maanvi: What were u doing when he was making u wear the ring, u should stopped him na, why u didn’t stopped him

Ruhi: Why r u blaming her, U leave from here, n she gets nervous so what’s her mistake

Jahnvi: Ruhi don’t talk to her like this because of Piya, she is ur frnd only, but Maanvi is ur would be Bhabhi

Before Ruhi could say something

Maahi: So tell ur would be bahu to not talk to my sis like this

Jahnvi gets angry

Piya: Shut up Maahi, This is not a good manner

Piya: I am srry all of u, because of me ur moment gets spoil

Piya tries to take out the ring from her finger but that ring is not coming out

Then Ruhi tries it but then also ring didn’t came out

Then Maanvi holds Piya’s hand n tries to take out the ring from her hand but she failed then she harshly tries to take it out n Piya feels pain n she was crying

Ruhi watches this

Ruhi: What r u doing, she is feeling pain, take out it carefully

Aarav: Give it to me, I will try

Then Aarav holds Piya’s hand n tries to take out the ring n he does it very carefully n Piya is not feeling pain
then he takes out the ring finally

Everyone gets glad

Raajeev: OK now everything is solved, let’s do engagement

Then Aarav n Maanvi stands beside each other n exchange the rings
everybody claps

Ruhi takes Piya n Maahi from there n make them sit on sofa, then she brings medicine to apply it on Piya’s finger n then she applied it

Ruhi: Srry Piya for all this

Piya: No, I should say srry that I spoil ur bro’s engagement, I should told everybody that its me not Maanvi

Ruhi: No yrr I know u well u gets nervous in this type of situation

Maahi: come on di let’s go from here

Piya: Hmm, OK Ruhi we should leave now, Mom is not well

Ruhi: Hmm OK but promise me that because of today’s drama u will not cancel to come my bro’s marriage n u will come with ur whole family

Piya thinks (I can’t make her sad by saying no)

Piya smiles n says

Piya: Promise

Ruhi smiles n hugs her

Piya n Maahi leaves from there

Piya n maahi is in auto

Maahi: didi, we will not go to the wedding

Piya: Why?

Maahi: U r asking Why? Didn’t u see that Ruhi di’s Hitler mom n her would be Bhabhi was talking to u very badly, u haven’t done that by intentionally

Piya: Yess but u shouldn’t talk to Ruhi’s mom like this

Maahi: Then why they were blaming u

Piya: OK leave this topic here n don’t tell Anyone in home about it understand

Maahi then gives OK reaction

(Aarav’s home)

its night

Aarav in his room was checking some files then only Maanvi calls him

Aarav picks up the call

Aarav: Yess

Maanvi: What r u doing?

Aarav: Nothing, just checking some files of office, I am joining office of dad na

Maanvi gets happy

Maanvi: Its nice, now u will also work

Aarav: Yes

Maanvi: I was thinking that we should go on a dinner date, what do u think

Aarav: Nice idea so tell when do u want to go??

Maanvi: Tomorrow

Aarav: OK done

Maanvi: Thanks

Aarav: Okk talk to u later I am working, bye tc gn Sd

Maanvi: Okk bye gn tc…

After the phone call, Aarav’s mother Jahnvi comes there in his room

Aarav: maa come

Jahnvi goes n sits on bed

Jahnvi: I hope I didn’t disturb u

Aarav: Arre no maa, u don’t disturb me ever

Jahnvi smiles

Aarav: do u want anything?

Jahnvi: I just came here to talk with u

Aarav: Oh okk

Jahnvi: I am very happy that u r getting married, I was thinking that after ur marriage we should start searching a boy for Ruhi to get her married

Aarav: Nice maa, I was also thinking about this

Aarav: Maa today whatever happened….

before he can complete Jahnvi says

Jahnvi: Yes shouldn’t be happened, u know what this happened because of that Piya Ruhi’s bff, she doesn’t have manners because she is from middle class family

Aarav: Maa I was trying to say that, I don’t think so ke this happened because of that girl(Piya), that was my mistake, n u all insult her

Jahnvi: No son don’t blame yourself n we didn’t insult her in fact she insults us by shutting her mouth when u was making her wear ring

Aarav: May be she got nervous or something, I think….

Before he could say something

Jahnvi: Okk now leave this topic n also leave this work n gets some sleep, come on

Aarav: Okk

Jahnvi : OK gn

Aarav: Gn

Jahnvi goes from there

Aarav starts thinking something

Screen freezes there…..

Srry for a very short episode, will try to make the long chapter, I will post the episode everyday Except Saturday n Sunday

Bye tc?

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  1. TSY

    Nice episode
    that jhanvi and maanvi is good for nothing
    and ruhi is very sweet
    mahi did right with manvi
    piya respects her elders
    waiting for next

    1. Mizgaankhan

      Glad u liked it?

  2. Jasminerahul

    wow in darkness by mistake aarav made piya wear the ring.?loved the ring not coming out easily.aarav taking out the ring softly without giving pain to piya was lovely.liked ruhi supporting piya before maanvi n janvi.I find maanvi fishy seeing her with the phone.liked aarav supporting piya when jhanvi blamed her

    1. Mizgaankhan

      Glad u liked it…?

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