TYAAG (Episode 3) Aarav and Piya’s story

Hi frnds here is episode 3

Hope u all like it…

(Episode 3)

Its morning

Ruhi n Piya is in the library of clg

Piya was searching some book then she notice that Ruhi is thinking about something

Piya while searching the book says

Piya: What happened miss talkative, today u r so silent, this is magic

Piya smiles

Ruhi: Nothing

Piya then notice her mood n gets serious

Piya turns to Ruhi

Piya: I think there is something which u r not telling me, I hadn’t seen u like this before, tell what happened

Ruhi: Actually as u know that yesterday bhai came from the Canada

Piya: Yes, so

Ruhi: He didn’t came alone but with someone.

Piya: means

Ruhi: Actually he came with his gf, Maanvi

Piya: Ohh

Ruhi: n I…

Before she can say something Piya says

Piya: n u didn’t like that girl, right?

Ruhi: How do u know?

Piya: I guessed it because I am ur bff, n I know u very well, OK now tell me what problem u have with her??

Ruhi: I think she is not suitable for my bhai n also for our family

Piya: Why??

Ruhi: Because I didn’t like her dressing style, She was wearing a very small skirt, anybody will think that skirt is of some 3 year old baby

Piya laughs n then Ruhi also laugh

Ruhi: Seriously yrr, She doesn’t have manner to wear dress

Piya: We shouldn’t talk about someone like this

Ruhi: I know, but don’t know I am not ready to accept her as my Bhabhi

Piya: What other family members think about this?

Ruhi: I don’t know about others but bhai is so happy that’s why I didn’t said him anything n mom also accept this relationship n planning to get them married

Piya: Ruhi, if ur bro is happy then I think u should also be happy n enjoy ur bro’s marriage happily, u always said me that ur bro love u so much n he will do anything for u then can’t u get happy in his happiness

Ruhi thinks about it

Piya: OK now leave this topic, let’s go our next lecture is in 2 minutes, come

Piya leaves with Ruhi

(Aarav’s home)

Soni comes to the hall n see so much gold jewelry n gets very happy n says

Soni: am I dreaming or what, I have gold jewelry but not this much, I think this is for that modern bahu (Maanvi), Sasu mom is taking this much shagun for her, she didn’t even give me this much things on my time

she thinks (Should I take it, I will take only one box then no one get to know this)

She forwards her hand to take that jewelry then suddenly someone stops her by holding her hand, soni turns n see Jahnvi who holds her hand then she gets shocked

Jahnvi: What is this? u was stealing this jewelry

Soni: Noo sasu mom I wasn’t stealing it, I was just…

Jahnvi: u was just what??

Soni: Actually I was just checking that all things r on place or not

Jahnvi: No need to do this, I checked it already

Soni: ok, U want something, tea, coffee, juice

Jahnvi: am I in the hotel??

Soni: No

Jahnvi: Then why r u telling me ur menu, if I wants something then I will tell by myself, n no need to check anything

Jahnvi goes from there

Soni gets relief n thinks (Thank god I got saved from this Hitler)

Soni also goes from there

(Piya’s home)

Piya comes from the clg to home

n she see someone is sitting on the sofa n thinks (Who’s she)

Then her dad see Piya n say

Dad: look Piya also came

then that lady turns n Piya gets very happy to see her n she goes to her n says

Piya: bua… ( n hugs her)

Piya: When did u came??

Bua(Sarita): Just now, so how r u?

Piya: I am fine n u n all in ur home??

Bua: They r also fine

Piya: u came alone, phupa ji didn’t came

Bua: yes he doesn’t like to travel u know it

Piya: Hmm, u sit na , I will come after freshen up

Mamta: OK go n get fresh n also come n eat something

Piya: no I am not hungry

Piya goes up

Mamta: (to Bua) See her nakhra

Bua laughs

Bua: She is like u, u was also like her when u was newly married, whenever we ask u to eat something u makes excuses

Mamta smiles

Rishab: n now see her, she eats more than me

Rishab laughs but suddenly he notice silence then he looks at Bua n ask her in reaction (what happened) then Bua gives reaction to him ( look at there) when he looks that side then he see mamta is looking at him angrily, Rishab gets scare n thinks (I think I will not get dinner today)

then Piya comes there n says

Piya: What’s happening??

Mamta: nothing beta, ur dad is on a wrath, he will not eat anything today

Rishab gets shock

Piya: Oh but why??

Mamta: don’t know, u go sit there I will bring something to eat for u

Piya: mom but….

before she can say something

Mamta: I said na go n sit there

Piya goes n sits on dinning table

Piya: Bua u also have lunch

Bua: I had it beta, u have it

Piya: okk, where is Maahi??

Bua: Yes, where is the queen of bak bak

Mamta: she is in her frnd’s house, her foot can’t stay at one place

Piya smiles n have lunch

Bua: Piya, when is ur exams?

Piya: Next month

Bua: ohh then u will get graduate

Piya: yes n then I will do a job

Bua: what job? Then get married

Piya: no I don’t want to

Bua: lo look at her she is saying no for the marriage directly, beta girls don’t look good while doing job, girls look good while cooking only

Rishab notice Piya’s sad face n says

Rishab: Leave this topic here na let’s have tea

Piya: I have to study so I am going to my room

Piya goes to her room

Bua: What happened to her?

Mamta: nothing she has exams that’s why in tension I think

Rishab: Yes she is like this only

Piya is in her room sitting sad on her bed

Piya thinks (Why everybody thinks that girls can’t work, in fact girls can do anything if she make her mind)

Suddenly Piya’s phone rings

Piya see her phone n its Ruhi’s call, she picks it

Piya: Hello

Ruhi: Piya I think u was right, I should be happy for my bro

Piya: Hmm be happy always

Ruhi: OK n thanks for making me understand

Piya: in frndship no thanks n no srry

Ruhi smiles

Ruhi: OK madam, OK we r going to Maanvi’s house to talk about Bhai’s n Maanvi’s marriage

Piya: oh nice, n also complete ur study OK

Ruhi: OK boss

Piya smiles

Piya: OK bye tc talk to u later….

Ruhi: Ok bye u also tc…

(Maanvi’s home)

Maanvi’s Family greets Aarav’s family

Maanvi’s mom: come sit

All of them sits

Maanvi’s mom ask there servant to bring juices n snacks

Maanvi looks at Aarav n smiles n Aarav also smiles

Jahnvi: U know already that why we all r here

Maanvi’s dad: yes we know it, we r ready for this marriage, we don’t have anything important than our children’s happiness

Maanvi’s mom: Yes

Jahnvi: so nice, so what do u think, when should we get them married

Maanvi’s mom: I think next week be good for them

Jahnvi: Don’t u think its so early I mean Arrangements n all n also Ruhi has her exams in next month, so I was thinking that we should get them married in next month after Ruhi’s exams, am I right Raajeev

Raajeev: yes right

Maanvi’s mom: Okk as u wish

Maanvi gets sad

Jahnvi: please don’t mind it

Maanvi’s mom: no no its ok, so now marriage is fix, take sweets

Everyone feed each other sweets happily

Maanvi send a msg to Aarav (meet me out side)

Aarav goes out n Ruhi notice this n then Maanvi also goes

Ruhi thinks (Everybody is celebrating here n where r they going)

Ruhi goes behind them n hear them talking

Aarav: What happened??

Maanvi: what is this Aarav, I was thinking that ur mom will get us married soon but she is saying next month

Aarav: so what’s the problem, our rishta gets fixed na, n will get married next month

Maanvi: but I want to get married with u soon, I can’t wait till one month, n this is our marriage not ur SIS’s

Aarav: What happened to u, why r u behaving like this

Maanvi: (realises something) ahh srry Aarav I didn’t mean to talk to u like this, actually I love u na so that’s why, I am srry

Aarav: its ok, it happens sometime, don’t worry we will get married soon

Ruhi hear all there conversations

Ruhi comes inside n thinks (That was very weird, why she gets angry for small thing, I don’t know what’s happening, That was really weird)

Its night

(Aarav’s house)

Ruhi is in her room on the balcony

She was thinking about Maanvi n Aarav’s conversations, then she gets call from Piya, she picks it

Ruhi: Hello

Piya: So finished study or not??

Ruhi: yes I finished u say

Piya: I also

Ruhi: OK

Piya: Hmm now u will say or I have to ask u

Ruhi: What??

Piya: What’s ur problem now??

Ruhi: arre nothing just little sleepy

Ruhi (I think I am thinking to much I should be happy for my bro n shouldn’t disturbe Piya by telling this)

Piya: so get some sleep

Ruhi: Yes n u say u didn’t sleep yet.

Piya: no, I am not sleepy, u say how was the meeting with Maanvi’s family

Ruhi: It was nice, mom decided that marriage will happen after my exams

Piya: nice, now u can get nicely prepared for the exams

Ruhi: Yes

Piya: U take rest we will meet tomorrow in the clg tc bye

Ruhi: Hmm tc bye

Aarav in his room talking with Maanvi on the phone

Maanvi: U r not upset with me na?

Aarav: Arre no yrr, I am not upset, why will I, u don’t worry just chill

Maanvi: okk, I can’t wait for our marriage day

Aarav: Even I, OK gn tc bye

Maanvi: Hmm bye tc

Screen freezes there……

Srry for the short Episode, next time I will try to make a long episode

Thanks for reading…..

Precape: In Aarav’s house everybody is doing arrangement for engagement of Aarav n Maahi.

  1. TSY

    Hey nice episode
    But you mention aarav and mahi engagement in precap
    Anyway ruhi piya scenes were awesome
    Waiting for next
    Bye tc

    1. Mizgaankhan

      Actually that happen by mistake, its Aarav n Maanvi’s Engagement

  2. Jasminerahul

    like piya said if aarav is happy with maanvi then its fine.oh aarav manvi marr is fixed.why maanvi is in a hurry to get married?any reason?Bua is so irritating.she likes only women who r cooking

    1. Mizgaankhan

      U will get to know the reason soon…

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