TYAAG (Episode 2) Aarav and Piya’s story

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So here is episode 2

(Episode 2)

The episode starts with someone calls Aarav from behind n he turns, a girl is shown who called him from behind, Maanvi (Aarav’s gf)

Aarav comes to her

Aarav: Yes my princess

Maanvi: With whom u was talking on ur phone??

Aarav: With mom, I told her that I will come there by tomorrow

Maanvi: U didn’t talk about me to her?

Aarav: No, I want to give a surprise to all of them n that surprise is u

Maanvi: Ohh interesting…. u love ur family so much

Aarav: Of course I love them so much n mostly my mom, she is everything to me, see u will also love them because they r so caring

Maanvi: n now I am also on ur love list (she say it by keeping her hands on Aarav’s shoulder)

Aarav: yessss

Maanvi: What do u think will they accept me?

Aarav: They will definitely for sure, n my mom never deny my choice

Maanvi smiles at him n he also

(Scene shifted to Piya’s house)

Its night..

piya is studying in her room on her bed
Maahi comes to her room in very hurry with two dresses black n blue

While coming in her room Maahi says

Maahi: Didi its emergency

Maahi comes in front of piya

Piya: What??

Maahi: I am going to a birthday party of my frnd, don’t know what to wear, I have some options only, not confirm yet, please help me

Piya: Offo Maahi this is ur emergency??

Maahi: Yes it is, I want to look very beautiful in the party, but confused what to wear, this (black) or this (blue).

Piya: Maahi u know that I am also a confuse character, how can I suggest u ke what to wear

(Maahi started her emotional blackmail drama)

Maahi: Didi please help me, I came here with so many expectation n u r not helping me, how can u do this didi, I am ur sis, don’t u want that ur sis look so beautiful in the party, Didi…

Before she could complete her talk
Piya says

Piya: okkkk stop ur emotional blackmail

Piya see that dresses, thinks n say

piya: hmm OK u wear this one (Piya pointed out Black)

Maahi: But I think this is so loose

Piya: OK then wear this (Piya pointed out blue)

Maahi: This colour doesn’t suits me

Piya gives confused reaction

Piya: If u have problem with this both dresses then why u make them ur options

Maahi: Actually these r OK than other dresses

Piya: Aaahh what to do with u, OK now I am telling u last time, wear this (Piya pointed out Black dress)

Piya: Now don’t disturb me, I am busy

Maahi tries to say something but before she could say something Piya says

Piya: Thank u for coming here now u can go

Maahi makes sad face n goes

Piya smiles slightly

(Scene shifted to Aarav’s house)

Everyone is gathered in the hall n seeing Jahnvi

Sachin (Aarav’s elder bro): What happened maa, Why u called us here?

Soni (Sachin’s wife): (in Sachin’s ear) Does she decided to distribute the property??

Sachin : (in soni’s ear) Shut up, Don’t use ur brain on unwanted place

Soni looks at him angrily

Sachin ignore her

Jahnvi says

Jahnvi: I called u all here to give some good news

All of them gets excited

Ruhi: maa then give na

Jahnvi: Aarav is coming back from canada, his studies got completed

All gets glad

Ruhi goes n hugs Jahnvi

Ruhi: mom finally he is coming, its a great news

Sachin: yes maa our chote Saab is coming finally, when will he reach here

Raajeev: Tomorrow morning

Jahnvi looks at him shockingly n says

Jahnvi: How do u know?? I didn’t told u all this

Raajeev: yes but my son told me, Aarav

Jahnvi: ohh so he also called u.

Raajeev: Yes when I was in the office

Soni: I am very happy to know this (she isn’t happy to know this from inside but she is doing drama)

Sachin: (to his son) So raaj beta now u will get the partner to play with u, ur chachu

Raaj gets happy n starts playing with his car n running all around the house n sounding (bhurrr bhuurrr)

Everyone laughs

everyone goes to there room except Jahnvi n Ruhi n when Ruhi tries to go Jahnvi stops her

Jahnvi comes to her

Jahnvi: I am ur mom beta no one know u well than me, I know Piya still is ur frnd, beta I don’t have any problem with her but I am worry that u will become like her, u know what I mean, I mean Manners, Rich class people have manner to live n middle class peoples don’t have any manners, if u want then u can be her frnd but I only wants u to not become like her

Jahnvi goes from there

Ruhi feels sad

(Scene shifted to Piya’s house)

Piya’s mom came to her room n sits with her husband, her husband was checking some office file

Piya’s mom: Listen I want to talk to u about something important

Piya’s dad: yes say

Piya’s mom: Actually next month Piya has her exams n then she will get graduate so I was thinking that we should start to look boy for her to get her married

Piya’s dad: yes u r Right but don’t u think that u r going so fast n Piya’s approval is also very important on this

Piya’s mom: I am her mother Rishab ji, I will think good for her always, I want her to get settle that’s it

Piya’s dad: yes of course u wants her good but we should talk to her before taking any step

Piya’s mom: u know it well that she will not agree with us so I think we shouldn’t tell her all about this that we r searching a boy for her, when we find then we will tell her everything then she will agree because of us

Piya’s dad: I don’t want my daughters to get marry for us but with there happiness n we can’t force her to get married, n I know my piya well she is very responsible, I am proud of her n I know she will make always a right decision for her, I trust her

Piya was listening all this conversion by standing at door n after hearing this she gets emotional

Piya’s mom: U n ur daughter, OK gn

Piya’s dad: gn

Piya comes to her room n think

Piya: (thinks) Papa trust me n my decisions, I am glad to know that I make my papa proud n will always, papa I will not break ur trust never ever

Maahi comes to her room n starts her bak bak

Maahi: u know what Didi we enjoyed a lot n I am very tired n tomorrow I will pamper myself I don’t want my skin to look dull otherwise my frnds will taunt me

n suddenly she notice Piya is not listening her, she is thinking something n Maahi waves her hand near Piya’s eyes

Maahi: oh hello what happened?

Piya comes to her senses then

Piya: Nothing just little tired n wants some sleep

Maahi: here I came from the party n u r tired

Piya: Yes u r making me more tired by ur bak bak

Maahi gives her angry reaction

Maahi: What did u say I am making u more tired

Piya: My cute sis please go I have clg tomorrow n also urs please…

Maahi: okk going but I don’t do bak bak

Piya smiles n gives OK reaction

Maahi goes from there

There in Canada Aarav is packing his bags n getting ready to leave for India

Then Maanvi come there with few dresses n ask him

Maanvi: Aarav, tell me na what should I wear when we will meet ur parents

Aarav: wear anything, everything suits u

Maanvi: Aww so sweet but I want them to know my status then they will get agree for us

Aarav: come on Maanvi no one has to do anything with your status but heart

Maanvi: So what do u think how’s my heart?

Aarav: like a diamond that’s why I love u

Maanvi smiles n hugs him

(Scene shifted to Aarav’s home)

Its morning

Jahnvi calls her servant n ask

Jahnvi: everything is done??

Servant: yes madam

Jahnvi: Hmm

Jahnvi goes from the hall

In Ruhi’s room Ruhi is talking with Piya on the phone

Ruhi: Yrr I am missing u but what can I do After all my bro is coming so I didn’t came to the clg

Piya: We met yesterday only n u r missing me

Ruhi: yes u r my bestie n my day didn’t get complete until I meet u

Piya: Don’t worry we will meet tomorrow na

Ruhi: Hmm

Piya: Ok bye tc…enjoy the moment with ur family

Ruhi: Bye babes tc

Ruhi finishes her phone call then suddenly she hear the door bell n gets very happy n thinks ( I think finally bhai came)

Ruhi leaves her room n came down

when she came down then she see her family is sitting on the sofa then she thinks (I heard wrong I think, bhai didn’t come yet)

Then someone closed her eyes from behind

Ruhi: Sachin bhai please leave, I am not in the mood to have fun

A voice come from behind then

Voice: Then with whom I will have fun

Hearing this voice Ruhi frees her eyes n turns behind then she gets surprise by seeing her Bro Aarav there

Ruhi: Bhai….u came

She comes near Aarav n hug him very excitedly n then she says

Ruhi: so u all was playing with me

Sachin: Yes because we all know that u will get more excited after seeing him

Ruhi: But I knew that he will come so what’s surprise

Sachin: That’s why we did this to see ur expression after seeing him unexpectedly

Ruhi: OK so bhai welcome to the home

Aarav: Thanks miss ruhi

They laugh

Jahnvi: OK now everybody leave him to rest

Raajeev: OK beta go n take rest we will talk to u later

Aarav: Actually mamma papa I want to talk with u something important

Jahnvi: We will beta but later, first eat something n rest

Aarav: But mamma…

When he was talking then suddenly door bell rings

Soni: I will see

Soni goes n opens the door

n she see Maanvi standing there wearing skirt n top n soni thinks ( Who is she)

Jahnvi ask her

Jahnvi: Who’s there??

Maanvi comes in n says

Maanvi: I am Maanvi

Everyone gets confuse that who is she

Then Aarav comes to her mom n says

Aarav: This is the important thing which I wanted to talk with u all

Raajeev: Then say what’s the matter

Aarav see Maanvi n Maanvi come beside Aarav

Aarav: Actually I n Maanvi met in the clg of Canada from then we starts liking each other n now we want to get marry with each other

Everyone gets shock except Jahnvi

Raajeev: (Thinks) What he is saying, he wants to marry this girl who doesn’t even know how to greet elders n also she is not sanskaari

Soni: Ohh so she is my would be devrani

Sachin looks at her angrily

She stops

Aarav: maa what happen u didn’t said anything

Jahnvi then smile

Jahnvi: So when u want to get married

On hearing this Aarav n Maanvi gets very happy except Raajeev, Sachin n Ruhi

Ruhi comes to her papa

Ruhi: (to her papa) Papa say something, mamma is doing wrong by accepting this, this Maanvi is not suitable for us in any way

Papa: I will try but I know beta ur mom will not listen to me now, because she never deny Aarav’s wish ever

Ruhi gets worried n goes from there n Aarav notice Ruhi

Aarav: (thinks) What happened to her, Is she not happy with this news

Jahnvi: (To Maanvi) OK beta have lunch here

Maanvi: srry aunty I can’t, I have to meet my family, they live in this city only, I will have next time

Jahnvi: Its OK, come next time

Maanvi: OK bye all of u

n before leaving she hugs Aarav n said bye

Everybody feels Awkward seeing her like this

she goes from there

Soni comes to Jahnvi n say

Soni: Sasu mom What is this? U ask her to have lunch n she didn’t even respect ur words, Aisa lagraha tha jaise koyi shop par aayi ho aur jaldi se saamaan lekar chali gayi

Jahnvi looks at her angrily

Soni goes from there then

Jahnvi thinks: Soni has a point, she should Wait at least till the lunch (Realises something) I think I am thinking too much, today’s children like that only, leave it, I am happy for my son

Jahnvi comes to her room then Raajeev comes next to her

Raajeev: Jahnvi I want to talk with u

Jahnvi turns n says

Jahnvi: yes say

Raajeev: Don’t u think, that girl Maanvi is not suitable for Aarav n this house

Jahnvi: What r u saying, She is very suitable for Aarav n also for our house, n look at her status, I think she is also from a rich family

Raajeev: We shouldn’t judge people by there status but Heart n sanskaar, n I don’t think so ke she has any sanskaar

Jahnvi: Raajeev please, I know, this is ur habit to offend me always but at least don’t offend me on this matter, At least think about our son’s happiness

Raajeev: But…

Before he could say something she says

Jahnvi: I have some important work I am going

Raajeev feels sad

(On lunch all r gathered on dinning table in Aarav’s home)

Sachin: (to Aarav) Now we will not let u go anywhere

Jahnvi: yes Sachin is right u will live here only from now

Aarav: (to mom) OK boss

Everyone laughs

Raaj come there n sits on Aarav’s lap

Aarav: (to raaj) so how’s our chota bheem

Raaj: No, from now on I am super hero

Everyone laughs

Aarav: waah he is talking much now

Sachin: yes very much

Aarav: (to all) Thanks for making my day special by this dishes

Ruhi: Yes maa had called a special chef for u n she have done this arrangements for u

Aarav: I know that’s why I love her the most

Aarav hugs her mom

All of them have there lunch

Its night

(Scene shifted to Piya’s home)

They all r having there dinner

Piya serves food to everyone n sits to have it

Rishab(Piya’s dad): hmm very tasty

Mamta (Piya’s mom): Yes because this is made by ur daughter

Piya smiles

Rishab: So that’s why today’s food is very tasty

Mamta: what do u mean by this? I don’t give u tasty food everyday

Rishab: U r very smart actually

Piya n Maahi laughs

Mamta looks at them angrily

Piya: papa why r u teasing my mamma, no one can make the tasty foods like her

Maahi: Yes right

Mamta smiles n thinks (I think Rishab ji was right we shouldn’t force our daughters to get married n I trust Piya n her decisions, From now on everything will happen with there wish

(Aarav’s home)

When Aarav comes back from the night walk he see her sis( ruhi) on the terrace n goes there

Ruhi was on terrace n thinking something then Aarav came n stands beside her

She smiles seeing him

Aarav: what happen to u, u r not looking happy from Afternoon

Ruhi: I am very happy that u came

Aarav: Then why u didn’t talk to me nicely till now

Ruhi: Srry if u r feeling bad but I am not sad but happy, don’t worry, be happy

she smiles then Aarav also smile

Screen freezes there……

Precap: Piya says Ruhi: If ur bro is happy then I think u should also be happy n enjoy ur bro’s marriage happily. Then Ruhi thinks about it. Jahnvi goes to Maanvi’s house to talk about Aarav n Maanvi’s marriage.

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    piya parents are really understanding
    post nxt one soon

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      Thanks? yes coming soon….

  2. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that aarav loves maanvi.maanvi also wants to dress up to show her status.oh.piya mahi scene was cute.janvi doesn’t want ruhi piya friendship bcz of the status.so mean.how did everyone judge manvi at first meeting itself?janvi is looking atmaanvi’s status.when will arav know that maanvi is not suitable 4 him?

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