TYAAG (Episode 1) Aarav n Piya’s story

Hi frnds actually I did a mistake in promo’s title, Hero’s name is Aarav not Arnav

Here is episode 1

(Episode 1)

The Delhi city is shown where vehicles r going here n there at street
A home is shown in house a girl is sleeping n then her alarm rings suddenly she wake up n checks the time, in this scene her face is not reveal yet her eyes r shown,

girl: omg its late I have a very important lecture today I can’t miss that I think this alarm is not working properly I had set alarm of 7 o’clock n its 7:30 now

she suddenly came out of her bed
she gets fresh n came with wearing a anarkali dress of purple colour n she gets ready

girl: Oh done, my work is done (realises something) ohh I think not yet, I haven’t done yet most important work of my life that is to wake her up maharani sahiba MAAHi

She turns n her face gets reveal
She is piya
She is from middle class family

she comes out from her room with hurry n goes in her sis’s room n try to wake her up

Piya: Maahi wake up fast u have to go clg

Maahi (in dream) : Ohh u want pic with me oh take it, actually I don’t have such attitudes like other actors

Piya gives confuse reaction

Piya: ohh hello miss dreamy

Maahi (in dream): ya actually my next film is with tiger we r working on it

Piya: What? r u gone mad? now I have to work on u

Piya: ohhhh Maahi what happen to ur face

Maahi wakes up suddenly with scary face

Maahi: where?? how?? when??

she gets up n come in front of mirror

Maahi: There is nothing

piya laugh n says

piya: yaa its nothing actually u was doing movie with tiger so I had to do it

Maahi gives angry reaction

Maahi (sad): u r a dream breaker I was seeing a very beautiful dream n u came

Piya: awww soo sad

piya hits her head

Piya: get ready fast u have clg

piya checks the time in her watch

Piya: see because of u I am
getting late if my lecture
get miss na then today I will
come in ur dream with
stone n break ur head

Maahi gets scare in funny way

Piya: I am going bye

Piya with hurry tries to come out of house before she can open the door of house some voice come from behind her

Voice: Hmmm have done breakfast??

Piya turns n see her mom is standing there in hall

Piya: maa sorry I didn’t said u bye

Mamta (Piya’s mom) : Don’t change the topic

Piya comes near her mom

Piya: no Maa I am not, actually I have very important lecture today so in hurry n didn’t get time to have breakfast

Mamta(Piya’s mom): First health then everything

Piya: OK sorry I will keep this in my mind can I go now I already getting very late, i will eat anything from canteen Please….

She makes puppy face

Mamta(Piya’s mom): U know what u r becoming like ur sis day by day

Piya: ohh please maa I am not doing any movie with tiger in dream

Mamta(Piya’s mom): What?

piya: Nothing bye love u….

Mamta(Piya’s mom): bye tc…

Piya is in auto

she gets the call from her bff Ruhi

she picks the call

Piya: Yes say

Ruhi: Where r u miss bestie waiting for u class is getting full n I think lecture will get start in 5 minutes

Piya: sorry actually I wake up late today, u go in the class I will come, I am in the way

Ruhi: No I will not, u come then we will go together, I want to sit with u not with that Rita, if she finds me sitting alone then she will made me sleep with her talk

Piya: Hahaa but she is sweet

Ruhi: Haann Sweeettt, OK come fast babes

Piya: yes coming bye


(scene shifted to Piya’s house)

Piya’s mom brings the tea
for her husband Piya’s dad who is reading the newspaper in hall on sofa

Piya’s mom: Take it (tea). To her husband

Piya’s dad (Rishab): So where is our daughters?

Piya’s mom: Piya have gone to clg n…

before she could complete, the voice come from behind, There was maahi

Maahi: n Maahi is here, Maahi comes n hugs her dad from behind

Maahi: Gm my hero Rishu

Piya’s mom: offo what to do with u, How many times I told u that no one call’s there dad by there name

Maahi: But I call, u know na mamma I am unique

She blinks her eyes with funny way

Her dad laughs

Piya’s dad: so u didn’t have gone to clg till now

Maahi: actually today there is not anything important but I will go in few minutes (Realises something) omg I forgot that tonight there is a birthday party of my frnd n I don’t have dress to wear what Will I do now

Maahi tell all this with expecting reaction

Piya’s mom give reaction to Piya’s dad (look at her)

Piya’s mom tease her

Piya’s mom: ohh my daughter so sad u want new dress?

Maahi gets happy n gives yes reaction

Piya’s mom: I have a saree, old but I didn’t wear it till now, I will give u that tonight OK

her dad smiles

Maahi gets sad

Maahi: I don’t want ur baba Adam ke zamaane ki saree

n she goes from there

Piya’s dad: u should gave her money na

Piya’s Mom: Ohh come on she bought a new dress just a month ago, n I am on paise bachao hartaal

Piya’s dad gives Whatever reaction

(Scene shifted to Piya’s clg)

Ruhi n piya walking in corridor

Ruhi: Thank god u came on time otherwise because of u I would get scolded by professor

Piya was thinking something when ruhi was talking to her

when piya didn’t reply anything then Ruhi notice her n stops her

Ruhi: oye in which dream u r, I am talking to u here n u r seeing dreams

Piya: ohh sorry actually I was thinking about my career, we have exams in next month, so in tension how it will go, u know that I have so many dreams in my eyes for my family, I want to become something big so I can give so much happiness to my family

Ruhi: Oye don’t take tension yrr, see u will get 99% pakka

Piya: idiot

she smiles

Ruhi: arre I am serious really I heard if u do hard work then u will reach that place which u want one day, n my princess Piya is the mountain of hard work

She laughs n piya also laugh

Piya: ohh n what’s ur plan??

Ruhi: I will complete the graduation n will look for the job n if I didn’t get the job which gonna happen of course, then will get marry with my Prince charming

n Ruhi starts dreaming

Piya looks at her with smile n say

Piya: ohh hello u r still in the clg first get graduate

Ruhi: yes but we have to marry one day na

Piya: yes but first make the career then think about this

Ruhi makes cute face

(scene shifted to Ruhi’s home)

There is a lady who comes down n calls her servant

Lady: Aasha

Servant comes there with hurry n say

Aasha: yes madam

Lady: Bring me the tea

Aasha:OK madam

n she goes to bring the tea for her

n that lady sits on the sofa that lady’s face didn’t get reveal yet

That servant came with the tea in the hall n when she was bringing the tea to give that lady then only a kid came there who was running n playing n while playing he pushed that servant n the tea falls on that lady’s saree n that lady n servant both get shocked n the camera focus on that lady’s eyes when she looks at that servant in anger

Her servant aasha in scary voice say

Aasha:S..soorryy madam actually raaj baba….

Before she could say something That lady gets up n gave a tight slap to that servant n then that lady’s face get reveal
She is no other than Jahnvi Arya ( Ruhi, Sachin n Aarav’s mom)

Jahnvi (scream ): r u blind? u wasted my fav saree n also so expensive

That servant is crying n she bends her head

Jahnvi: Do u know how much this Saree cost (realises something) hmm how do u, u didn’t even have touch this saree in ur whole life, u bloody middle class get lost from my side or do search for other job

Aasha: no madam I am srry, I will not repeat this mistake again

Jahnvi: good for u

That servant goes from there n Jahnvi also goes to her room to change the saree, in the way she say

Jahnvi: Don’t have any manners

when Jahnvi enters her room her husband was getting ready for office when he see her mood then ask her while getting ready

Raajiv(Ruhi, Sachinn n Aarav’s dad): What happened to my shrimati

Jahnvi in anger: Ur servants don’t know how to work

While saying this she was getting new saree from cupboard

Raajiv: even urs

She gives him an angry look

Raajiv: okk fine that type of servants r only mine, now tell what happened

Jahnvi tells him everything

Raajiv is shocked

Raajiv: what?? u gave slapped to her!

Jahnvi: Then what should I gave her, Sweets??

Raajiv comes to her

Raajiv: Listen Jahnvi If they r our servants that doesn’t mean ke we can behave with them like this, they r also a human n every human has a nature of doing mistake this is natural

Jahnvi ignores his words n thinks( He always gives me gyaan)

She give him whatever reaction n say

Jahnvi: Leave this, go to the office n I will come after changing my saree

Jahnvi: don’t know why this Ruhi didn’t come yet from clg

She says this in the way

Ruhi came from the clg n when she enters she see her mom standing in serious mood in front of her in the hall
n she gets thinking that( now she will question me about Piya ) n she gets worry

Jahnvi: What happened? Why r u looking so tense?

Ruhi come to her mom n say

Ruhi: Nothing I was just seeing my mom’s beauty

she said it with the smile

Her mom also smile then

Ruhi: OK I am going to my room to rest actually I am so tired bye

when Ruhi was going then her mom Jahnvi turn n stops her

Ruhi gets worried again n starts thinking (Now she will definitely gonna ask me about Piya)

Ruhi turn to her mom

Ruhi: Yes mom…

Jahnvi comes to her

Jahnvi: With whom u came from the clg

Ruhi: Mom u know this, with driver whom u send with me

Jahnvi: Ohh with driver OK wait

Jahnvi calls some servant n ask him to call the driver

Ruhi: Mom I am not lying

Jahnvi: will see

Ruhi gets very worried n thinks ( If mom gets to know that I came from auto till Piya’s house with Piya n I also manage the driver n said him to lie then there will start mahabharat in this house if he said the truth)

Driver comes n stand in front of both mother n daughter

Jahnvi ask him

Jahnvi: With whom Ruhi came home from the clg?, n tell the truth

Ruhi gets so much worried n also tries to talk with the driver in expression to say lie but Jahnvi turns n Ruhi nervously stops doing that

Jahnvi turns to the driver

Jahnvi: Ravi(Driver) I asked u something why r…

When Jahnvi tries to ask him another time then only she became disturbe by a phone call her phone starts ringing n she see the phone n gets happy seeing his son’s(Aarav) call n she pick the call n goes to her room after seeing his son’s phone call she forgets Ruhi’s case when she gone then Ruhi gives relief reaction n say

Ruhi: Thank God bhayi called mom otherwise what would happen who knowns

She said driver to go n also thanks him

Jahnvi comes to her room n say

Jahnvi: What u r coming back!

Aarav shown from the back he is standing in the balcony n he is in Canada

Aarav’s face didn’t get reveal yet but his eyes while talking

Aarav: Yes mom I am coming so excited to meet u all

Jahnvi: I miss u so much please come fast everyone miss u here

Aarav: yes will come because I have a special surprise for u all

Jahnvi: Ohh really, excited to see, when is ur flight

Aarav: I will reach there by tomorrow with big a big surprise bye tc love u

Jahnvi: Okk bye love u to my son tc

Jahnvi gets very happy n smile

There in Canada after the phone call Aarav is still in the balcony then only someone calls him from behind, Aarav turns n see then Aarav’s face gets reveal

Screen freezes there…….

Hope u all like it srry for the grammatical mistake

Will come soon with next episode n will try to make long episode next time

Thanks for reading?

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