Two states , meeting of hearts (manan )- introduction

Hi guys I’m new to ff hope u all support me nd this ff was on my fav manan

Manik malhotra: a hot and dashing handsome boy of 22, he was angry young man one of the members of fab5, loves
fab5 and his brother Roshan more , have a passion for music , studying 2nd year in space music academy

Roshan malhotra: younger brother of manik , a handsome boy of 20s loves his brother
manik too much , he also have passion for music and studies 1st year in space academy.

Nandhini murthi: a cute nd beautiful girl of 21, loves her sister shruthi too much nd also loves her amms, chacha and chachi. Staying with her family in chennai studying
2nd year in chennai music college.

Shruthi murthi: a cute bubbly fun loving girl
of 18, just finished her 12th and waiting for results, she also has a passiomanikmusic
like her sister, loves nandhini alot and her

Dhruv : a silent handsome man of 22, part of fab5 , consider them as his family

Aliya saxena: a modern cute girl of 22, part of fab5 , sister of harshad saxena.

Cabir dhawan: a hot dashing boy of 22, best friend of manik, part of fab5.

Mukthi vardhan: a tomboy type girl , best friend of fab5 nd female guitarist of fab5.

Abhimanyu: a handsome boy of 23 ,brother of nandhini and shruthi stays in Mumbai.

Aryaman: a handsome boy of 20, friend of shruthi and nandhini, has secret love for shruthi and very close to nandhini’s family.

So guys these was the intro of characters in this ff , here I added two characters shruthi nd roshan who was my fav Telugu serial couple .

The plot is :Nandhini nd her sister goes to
Mumbai for their studies by some circumstances and how they meet their loved ones , how the destiny join them .

So guys stay tuned will upload the first part soon, pls give ur opinion through comments whether positive or negative.
Thank you…

  1. Inu

    Good. Interesting. I will surely read ur ff.

  2. Very nice intro dear pls update soon and pls continue

  3. Nice start dear hope there are Telugu people hear happy to see u guyss am also from andhraaa cont dearer…

  4. Nice intro dear pls continue….

  5. Sushmi

    Thanks Inu,piya , manu and sharmi as u guys said I’ll try my best to give an update each day keep supporting guys

  6. Mahi13

    It’s interesting.
    Update soon.

  7. Intro is interesting sushmi update soon

  8. Keep going dear

  9. Sushmi

    Thank u mahi, Sush and aswini , I’ll update as soon as possible

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