Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter1

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A beautiful rising sun on the sea shore is seen, two girls were sleeping peacefully in same bed . suddenly sun rays started to fall on a girls face so her sleep was disturbed ,the girl woke up she was wearing a blue color night suit, she went near the window and seen the sunrising as her home was near beach then the girl turned it is our very own Nandu .

Nandhini was smiling looking at the girl sleeping in a bed with a cute pout , she drag her blanket nd said shruthi wakeup its already 6:30am (yeah its shruthi nandu’s younger sister)

Shruthi: dii let me sleep fr 10more min pls…(saying this she agn went to sleep)

Nandhini: oh god she dint change yet!
(Saying this nandhini went to washroom nd got ready , she was wearing a purple color short kurti nd legging , she done little makeup nd saw the bed still shruthi dint wake-up)

Nandhini: meri pyaari behen wakeup na today is ur board exam results nd u still sleeping its 8;30 ur result will be on 10:00 so get up soon
(Before Nandu finishes shruthi woke up wth a jerk)

Shruthi: omg y dint u say this before to me I forgot today is my result im so scared

Nandhini: arey cool shruthi now first go nd freshen up , and don’t worry u will definitely pass in first class

Shruthi: thank u dii hope the same (saying this she get down of her bed , she was wearing a baby pink night suit and rushed inside washroom and got freshen up soon , she was wearing a blue casual top and 3/4th jeans and came down to living room where all are present nandhini,chacha, chachi, amms)

Amms: arey shruthi beta how much time u will sleep today is your result na wht u think u will get good marks

Chachi: amms don’t you knw abt both sisters na they are always good in study definitely our shruthi will score more like Nandu

Chacha: yes amms shruthi will score good marks, hai na Nandu??

Nandhini: haan chacha, of course she will and she will score more than me.

Shruthi: dii ur the worlds best dii , amms don’t worry I’ll score good.

Results came and Shruti got 90% in her exams
Everyone was happy and feeding sweets to Shruthi , Nandu was overjoyed but she noticed the time she already got late to college

Nandhini: I’m very happy for u shruthi , but now I have been already late to college I have to go we will celebrate ur sucess in evening.

Shruti: OK dii have a nice day and come early to home

Chachi: Nandu u dint have breakfast??

Nandu gave a death glare to chachi

Shruthi: what ? Dii u dint have ur breakfast yet this is not fair dii

Nandhini: oh sweety I’m already late Ill have on college

Shruthi: acha !dii I know very well abt u , u will not have in college bcoz ur very good student na , now have this juice .

Nandhini: shruthi but…

Shruthi: dii no but’s nd if’s drink na pls

Nandhini: OK meri maa give ( saying this Nandu drank juice nd went hurriedly waving bye to everyone nd hug to shruthi)

On next scene Mumbai is shown

There was a building named space academy , on the entrance a car parked and 5people got down from that 3boys and 2girls, every person there are shouting fab5fab5 .
Then there faces revealed to be manik wearing black jeans with red shirt nd black blazer, cabir wearing a blue jeans nd blue T-shirt nd jacket, dhruv wearing a baby pink shirt and blue jeans and blue blazer, alya wearing a blue short skirt and mukti wearing a brown short skirt , they were walking in the middle of the crew.

Next scene

A boy is shown entering the space academy , he was wearing a blue shirt black blazer and black jeans he was handsome looking man , he and one of his friend speaking excited about their first day in space .

Suddenly a voice came from behind , there was a group of senior called him and his friend and asked their name but they boy dint answer they ask many things but he dint answer and gave a stern look , one of the boys raised his hand to Punch the boys face but suddenly a hand holded it and pushed him away it was none other than our manik

Manik: how dare you to touch my brother , (everyone ran from there as they know about manik),
Manik: he is my brother roshan hereafter if any one dare to touch him I’ll not leave them (saying this he patted roshan’s
shoulder and wished him for his first day class in space)

(Manik and roshan are the children of one of the trustee of space Mr. Varun malhotra nd Mrs.nyonika malhotra but there parents always engaged in business nd do not spend time with them so they both are companion to each other and fab5 are their family)

Roshan: wow this place was awesome and I’m studying in same college where my bro studying and here everyone loves fab5 cool
( saying this to his friend he went to the class)

PRECAP: Nandu and shruthi shocked faces…..

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  1. It’s nice.. I love manik & Nandhini pair.. Ur ff also lovely..

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    Thank u so much devisree and piya , I know this part is quite short I’ll upload next part as long and there will be meeting of nandhini and manik soon

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  4. Sushmi

    Thank u so much devisree and piya , I know this part is quite short I’ll upload next part as long and there will be meeting of nandhini and manik soon

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