Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 6

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Thank you guys for all your support and comments, thanks anjali, aswini, manu, mahi, sharmi, inu, piya, u are the people who comment for me frm my first chapter thank u so much hope u comment and support me in same way

So here we go….


Manik was very confused about what feelings he have for nandhini, he was stuck between his friends and nandhini

Manik’s POV: when we were in class and speaking something suddenly sumith sir came inside the class and he said about the new girl actually our prefixed target to play pranks we were happy, but when he called her name as nandhini , the girl whom I hold in corridor came in , she is beautiful wth a innocent smile in her face I was lost in her then I came to know that she was the one whom we planned to play prank, oh god I can’t do this to her, she is so innocent, I have to do something, I feel a strange connection wth her, but wht abt fab5 they are my friends , frm first when we fixed our target we never stepped back , now how could I say them, God pls help me to find a way tht don’t affect both
End of POV

In the same time dhruv who saw nandhini admired her prettyness and innocence, he also dnt want fab5 to play prank on her.

Dhruv’s POV: when tht girl entered our class I lost in her innocence and prettiness , she was so beautiful but how could I save her frm fab5 , I don’t want her to suffer
End of POV

Cabir: what happened manik?

Manik: nothing buddy

Cabir: seems to be u lost somewhere

Manik: not at all

Cabir: so guys let us think what prank we will play on nandhini

Dhruv: please guys don’t do such things with that girl she looks so innocent

Mukti: so that only we decided to play wth her it will be fun to play wth innocent

Alya: I agree with mukti

Cabir: what do u think Manik

Manik: guys I think so we don’t wanna do this to her

(Everyone was shocked to listen this as the great Manik malhotra , said to stop prank on a girl)

Cabir: Manik u r fine na, u had any accident on the way let me check ur head whether there s any wound

Manik: cabir I’m not kidding here OK

Mukti: then wht Manik why ur so concerned for her , u just met her now only na

Manik: yes mukti, but I heard so she is very close to principal and even mom and dad knows about her chacha, so it will create problem to us later we will think of it

Dhruv: I agree wth manik

Cabir,mukti, alya: OK (in a angry tone)

In the whole class manik and dhruv was continuously watching nandhini

Later the class was over and while sumith sir leaving a circular came frm the administration office, he read it and signed it

Sumith sir: students there was one good news for u all

Students: what is it sir

Sumith sir: students tomorrow was first years , fresher’s party and u are also invited to it, by the nandhini u also joined newly in our college so we expect a solo performance frm u , can u do

Nandhini: sure sir I will

Sumith sir: that’s good OK students thank u
(Saying this he went frm the class)

Fab5 got a msg in their mobiles as they are the top band in college they also wanna perform tmrw, then fab5 went to canteen

At the same time navya and nandhini was speaking

Navya: u look so pretty nandhini

Nandhini: thank u and u too look great yaar

They both went to canteen and sat opposite to fab5

Navya: nandhini u know they are known as fab5 , that five people frm left to right cabir, manik, dhruv, alya, mukti they were the top band of this college and very arrogant they play pranks on everyone except dhruv

Nandhini seen them and was shocked to see manik between them, manik also saw her and smiled before she turned

Nandhini: navya what about the second boy u said na Manik, is he good?

Navya: he was like head of them a heartless rakshas, very angry man, fab5 and his brother was his world

While hearing this nandhini felt little hurted, she thought he will be kind person but never thought he will be like this, but later she changed her mind and was speaking to navya about tomorrow fresher’s day

All this while Manik was continuously staring at her.

At first year class room

Raghav sir class, was over but Roshan was still staring at shruthi , ameer made him to back in class

Raghav sir: student’s as I announced before tomorrow was your fresher’s party and u should perform , all the best thank u student(he went from there)

Shruthi and Isha was speaking something and Roshan were silently listening them, this was also noticed by ameer.

Shruthi: isha you too will perform tomorrow na

Isha: yes shruthi of course

Shruthi: OK let’s go to canteen and discuss about tomorrow by having our lunch, I’m very hungry
(She said cutely, and Roshan we’re were admiring her childish cuteness)
They both left to canteen

Ameer; what bro let’s go to canteen now?

Roshan: how u know , I was about to say this?

Ameer: when u watching that girl , I was watching u , so chalo

Roshan: OK come

They both followed shruthi and isha

Ameer: bhai isn’t she cute

Roshan: cute and beautiful , and also mesmerizing voice…

Ameer: bro I asked only one question and u giving me many answers

Roshan; ufoo buddy shut up

Ameer: u like her that much?

Roshan: I don’t know bro but something is attracting me towards her I don’t know what is this feel but it is good

Suddenly Shruthi got some problem in her heels so she turned to correct her heels at that time she saw Roshan and ameer, they also about to go but shruthi called Roshan

Roshan’s POV: we were walking behind her but suddenly she turned we was about to go but she called me by my name wow I dnt know my name will be this much sweet when I heard frm her mouth, she came to me and started to speak

Shruthi: hi Roshan, where you guys r going

Roshan: we are going to canteen.

Shruthi: we also going there only so let’s go

Roshan: yeah sure( saying this he dragged ameer)

Ameer: Bro this is not fair u dint even introduce me to her

Roshan: sorry baba, wait, shruthi!

Shruthi: yup what hpnd??

Roshan: nothing, I jst forgot to introduce he is my friend ameer

Shruthi giggled
Shruthi; I know

Ameer: how

Shruthi: I got all info about everyone in class through isha , OK isha let’s go

Roshan and ameer followed them

Ameer: bhai ur Stoll girl is very clever

Roshan: yup and also beautiful , oh god I have to return her Stoll but no I wanna keep it wth me

Then they went to canteen

There shruthi saw nandhini and went to her with her friends tht is Isha, Roshan and ameer

Shruthi: hi dii , how was the class today

Nandhini: it was good , wht abt urs??

Shruthi: it was superb, by the way dii these are my friends isha, Roshan, ameer

Everyone said hi to nandhini

Nandhini: shruthi first day itself got many friends and BTW she is my friend navya

Shruthi; hi navya dii

Navya:hi shruthi

After some talks

Shruthi: OK dii u carry-on i will come later

Nandhini: OK

Meanwhile Roshan also seen Manik and went to him

Roshan: hi guys

Manik: here comes my bro

Cabir: arey Roshan what happened u look so happy today

Ameer: cabir bhai ur great , u found easily

Roshan stamped His foot and signalled him to shut up

Mukti: yes cabir there was some tejas in his face

Manik: guys enough of teasing my bro
So wht suddenly came to canteen

Roshan: nothing bro, jst came with friends to have lunch

Cabir: friends but only this walkie talkie is here na

Roshan: no bhai two other friends

Manik: where are they

Roshan: there they are( he pointed towards the table where Shruthi and isha were sitting, they were busy in chatting)

Cabir: oh oh new friend , by the way who is that cute girl

Roshan: newly joined in our class she is frm chennai

Manik: oh so sister of nandhini

Roshan: yes bhai, now only I met her sister she was also as sweet as her speaking softly and kindly and seemed very innocent

Manik: I know
Everyone stared at manik

Manik: nothing u go I don’t wanna part u frm ur new girl friend sorry friend in girls

Roshan: bhai!! ( later all laughed and Roshan went to the place where shruthi and nandhini were sitting)

At the same time navni and fab5 went frm canteen to discuss abt tmrw’s party

Shruthi: Roshan to whom u were speaking there this much time

Roshan: I was speaking with my brother

Shruthi: Ur very bad yaar u dint introduce me to ur brother

Roshan: oops sorry next time I’ll introduce u to him

Shruthi: OK forgiven, OK guys what would u all like to have

Isha: a veg burger and Pepsi,

Ameer: a mushroom burger and coke

Roshan: I will have a paneer burger and coke

Shruthi: OK I’ll get , ameer can u help me I can’t carry everything(ameer was about to get up.but Roshan signalled him)

Ameer: no dear, my leg is paining u can ask Roshan

Shruthi: OK u take care, Roshan can u come

Roshan: yeah of course

They both went to canteen and shruthi ordered all as her friends said and also ordered a paneer burger and butterscotch ice cream for her, all these time Roshan was staring at her

They both got the foods to the table and started to eat Shruthi was laughing by some nok jokes done by ameer while eating , Roshan was lovingly seeing her , suddenly she got hiccups so Roshan made her drink water and she thanked him

After finishing their lunch they four started to discuss about tomorrow’s performance

Shruthi: guys I got an Idea let us sing songs in duet

Isha: that’s nice, it will also be good

Shruthi: Roshan can u sing with me??

Roshan was over joyed he dint expect this ,

Roshan;sure Shruthi we will perform it tomorrow by the which song

Shruthi said the song
Everyone said it is beautiful and romantic song

And Isha and ameer also planned to sing a duet

After some chit chats they all went to the respective directions both Shruthi and Roshan was very eager and excited about tomorrow

In second year class room navya and nandhini also decided there song and fab5 too

As nandhini recognized the time she went from the class waving bye to navya
While going out suddenly she dashed with someone, and its manik, both was looking into each others eyes, Manik was about to speak something but nandhini remembered about navya’s words and went frm there saying thanks to him

And both nandhini and shruthi went home while discussing about tomorrow

Here Manik and roshan was restless because of nandhini and shruthi

Manik’s POV: why does she dint speak with me what happened to her. Her silence is killing me , whatever happen tomorrow I wanna speak wth her

Roshan’s POV: oh god I dint expect that she will be such a friendly and joy type , I’m very excited to sing wth her tomorrow

Roshan with Shruthi’s Stoll in his hand and speaking to it
Roshan: tomorrow was my best day, I’m gonna sing with u get ready sweet heart ,, good night.

Later both manik and Roshan went to sleep after having dinner

In murthi mansion nandhini and shruthi also said about their first day college to chacha and chachi and had their dinner and went to sleep

Precap: the both brother got mesmerized to see their respective angels……

Thank u friends hoped u like it , take care guys

And today is my little sister’s bday pls bless her

love u all will update next chapter as soon as possible

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