Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 10

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So the beautiful sunrise disturbed both the princess and prince, Shruthi woke up first and nandhini woke up by holding her

Nandhini: Shruthi what happened to me, my head is aching

Shruthi hugged Nandu and cried

Shruthi: dii yesterday u were lost somewhere, I searched u all over college but can’t find then manik came and sent me to his home wth Roshan at the time was late and he found (she dint say the spiking of drink)

Nandu: oh god I don’t know where I am at tht time, im so sorry dear
But wht I was doing alone there

Manik:I’ll say that(he entered wth Roshan in their room)

Nandhini’s POV: monster what he is doing here, smirking at me
End of POV

Nandhini: Shruthi y he s here

Shruthi:dii this is his home, ystrdy he took u here

Manik:yup when I found u , u were not in ur senses someone spiked ur drink and that’s y I don’t want ur sister to face prblm bcox ur missing so I said my bro to take her here and called ur chacha, chachi and said them that u r staying in ur friends home, now can u remember

Nandhini started realizing whatever hpnd ystrdy then she felt guilty of not understanding manik,

Nandhini: sorry Manik, thanks for ur help, if u not there na definitely I would be suffered

Manik:its OK

Manik’s POV:not u i suffered so much, but I never forget this day in my life, Nandu soon I’ll make u understand my feelings
End of POV

Shruthi: thank u roshan,and manik now we have to go meet u both in college bye

Roshan:OK(smiling at her)

Nandhini: bye Manik

Manik;OK bye

Then they both left to murthi mansion and got ready

Nandhini was wearing a yellow tops wth jeans and little make-up she was so beautiful

Shruthi was wearing a brown tops wth jeans and little make-up she was looking cute

Both had their breakfast and bid bye to chacha and chachi

They reaches college at the same time, fab5 and Roshan and ameer also came

Manik eyes was searching for nandhini , then both the sisters entered their respective class rooms

Nandhini sat beside navya and was speaking about last night

Dhruv was admiring at nandhini
Manik was lost in her cute expression

Fab3 except dhruv and manik, went to canteen, they both said they will join later

Manik was continuously staring at her, but nandhini could feel it

Nandhini: Manik wht hpnd??

Manik:wht hpnd

Nandhini: y r u staring at me

Manik:y r u distracting me

Nandhini: what

Manik:sorry (he realized wht he said and went to canteen and joined wth their frnds)

At tht time dhruv came to nandhini

Dhruv:hi I’m dhruv

Nandu: Han I know dhruv, nice to meet u

Dhruv: nice to meet u too

Then they have some conversations , dhruv asked for nandhini’s friendship, she also accepted it

Then they both started to spk , fab4 also came back and dhruv left to fab4

Sumith sir came in and the class goes on

In first year class

Roshan was lovingly staring at Shruthi, Shruthi also watched it but she don’t know y he is staring her

Isha: yesterday wht hpnd to nandhini dii is she fine now?

Shruthi: yes Isha, thanks to Manik he only found her and Roshan also took care of me well

Isha:u know wht , Roshan will not spk wth any girls before but he is more frndly wth u

Shruthi:oh (while seeing Roshan)

Then Raghav sir came to class , and they class went on

After few hours both the classes were over and fab5, navni went to canteen and same wth shruhan and ameer and isha

Fab5 occupied the table, which usually they sit, navni sat beside them and all the juniors came and asked about their siblings and friends and sat next to them all were conversing something, but Manik and dhruv was continuously staring at nandhini

Nandhini also got some type of feelings wth Manik

Here in shruhan’s table

Roshan was continuously staring at shruthi but Shruthi was busy in speaking wth isha , he lost in her cute smile, suddenly someone came and blindfolded shruthi’s eyes wth hands, Roshan was shocked by the person, he was about to slap him
But he stopped as he said something
Person: oh angel find who is this?

Shruthi felt it as a familiar voice, then she touched a ring in his index finger and find out it s aryaman

Shruthi:don’t try too much tricks, it not workout for u, aryaman

Yes he is aryaman

Aryaman: how u found

Shruthi:u think I can’t identify ur voice, and also the ring which I presented to ur bday

Aryaman: yeah ur So clever

Then they both gave a frndly hug and at tht time Roshan was fuming in anger, he can’t see anyone wth Shruthi, Shruthi then introduced him to everyone and Roshan can’t able to bear his closeness wth Shruthi so he left frm there as he had headache, Shruthi can’t understand his action
Her thought was broke by aryaman

Shruthi: how u came here

Aryaman: i newly joined here, in ur class

Shruthi: but y there are many colleges in chennai also

Aryaman in mind; there are but I can’t stay away frm u shruthi u r my heart

Aryaman:yeah but papa said to join here as u all Also here

Then they met nandhini and nandhini also happy tht he came

Whole day she can’t find Roshan, she was very upset

Nandhini while leaving frm class, saw Manik

Nandu: hi Manik what r u doing here

Manik: nothing just waiting for Roshan

Nandhini: Manik actually (she felt hesitated)

Nandhini forwarded her hand: friends???

Manik was so Happy

They both shaked their hands and later after some chit chats, nandhini left to home wth shruthi and aryaman

Manik also went wth Roshan

All of them had dinner and left to the room

In roshan’s room.

Roshan: y was he so close to her, but shruthi also close to him, may be they both r lovers , no nothing like that,oh y I can’t see her with anyone
End of POV then he dozed of to sleep

Both manan were lost in each other feelings

Manik: nandhini ur the best thing happened in my life, today I’m very happy as u accepted my friendship soon it will develop into love I’m sure abt it (smiling)

Nandhini’ wht hpnd to me, something is attractive in him , I don’t know wht but I can’t resist myself frm him, I feel like if he was wth me any prblm can’t touch me

Then they both left to sleep

Shruthi: wht happened to Roshan y he not speaking wth me, I have to ask him tmrw, His silence kills me,

Aryaman’; Shruthi I came here only for u, and will express my love soon to u , ur my life

Then all were asleep

To be continued…..

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