Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) CHAPTER 36

CHAPTER -36- Suffer and killing in silence type



“Stop stop!” I breathed out and snatched the water bottle from Maira who glared at me. “Loser. We just jogged for like what , an hour” she scoffed and I glared at her spitting the water on her and she jumps back , “Gross!”

Natasha laughs stretching out and I lay back on the grass , “I haven’t been this much happy in a while” Natasha muttered and I looked at her smiling , “I’m glad. Dad took everything easily”

She nodded smiling , “I know. I didn’t knew uncle would be so …welcoming” she laughs and I grinned , “It’s okay. I promise you would get used to it. Besides you are moving to Paris in a few months. And I just realized why you were so happyyy once you got the letter that you got accepted”

“And why is that?” she questions and I smirked , “Dhruv , Duh! Paris , the city of love” She glared at me before throwing the bottle at me and I laughed , “Yeah yeah. Keep on denying. But I saw the looks you give each other”

“And what exactly those looks are?” she crosses her arms , “You know. Those deep long intense stares. Just me and you , where everything else disappears and bla bla”

She looks the other way blushing and I chuckle , “Natasha likes Dhruv! Natasha likes Dhruv” I sing-song running along the park with her chasing me and I hear Maira yelling at us.

“Dad called. Abhaidev’s family is gonna be there in a few hours” I stopped on my spot and frowned , “Seriously?” she nodded and I sighed as we walked towards the house.

“Is he hot?” Natasha questions wiggling her eyebrows for the effect and I chuckled , “Who knows what must have changed throughout these years”


“Do they know? Me being already married?” I question Dad and he rolled his eyes , “You have been asking me this for the past hour. And my answer’s always the same. Yes”

I sighed nodding and he stepped ahead holding my hand , “I’m really glad , Twinkle. You finally decided to move on. I hope nothing goes wrong now”

I gave him a small smile and he smiled back.

Only if you knew dad.

“And I told them you already divorced the man you married” I chuckled at his selection of words and he laughed but then stopped immediately , “You did , right ?”

“Yes , of course. Why would I lie to You?” I gave him an awkward smile and he nods walking out of the room.

“Maira I’m gonna strangle you to death. You keep on lying to Dad” I glared at her and she gave me a sheepish grin , “He’ll find out sooner or later”

“Whatever” I mumbled putting on my shoes and stood up , “So what’s the plan?” I ask and Natasha smirks , “We both have an amazing plan”

“And what is it?” I ask impatiently and they grin , “Just go with the flow”


Bless the poor souls of their husbands.


“Hello” I smiled brightly at Abhaidev’s parents and they smiled back giving their blessings. I sat back on the couch you know it started.

The elder talk…

“Where’s Abhaidev , aunty?” Natasha questions and I glared at her keeping that oh so bright smile on my face , “He was..There He is”

I looked at the front and broke into guffaws.

Just kidding.

I started choking on my own spit and Maira rubbed my back laughing silently. Dhruv and Yuvi were walking ahead whilst Kunj was walking with…Abhaidev.

How typical!

“Hello , uncle” Abhaidev greeted Dad with a handshake and dad nodded dumbstruck glancing sideways at Kunj. “Twinkle…” He smiled at me and I gave him a small smile.

“I met them outside. Mom , this is Maira’s fiance , Yuvraj. And this is his brother , Kunj” he introduced them and I gulped down the lump forming in my throat.

After almost an hour of conversing with each other about politics , sports and basically politics and with Kunj gazing over at me every two second and me trying to ignore him with my best possible strength.

“Twinkle..” Dad speaks and I looked at him , “You people go ahead. Take them towards the backside garden” I nodded giving him my best sickening sweet smile and I could see the smirk behind my Dad’s voice.

Abhai stood up gesturing his hand for me to go ahead and I nodded as the others followed behind.

“Hey..” Abhai grins at me and I look up to meet his eyes , “Hey , Greek chic” I greeted him with the same wide grin and he looked at me shocked before laughing .

“It’s been so long since I have heard this term” He chuckles and I nodded smiling. “I know right. But look at you now. No glasses or any silly hoodies”

Maira speaks up from behind and I turned around to see Yuvraj and Kunj talking to Natasha. “And where’s the Maira I knew? No hard looks , no hair in a bun just a brand new Maira.

Who knew Maira Taneja would be wearing dresses anddd heels”

I chuckle and looked on at Maira who stood there blushing. She looks gorgoues in her peach Sunday dress and I smiled as Yuvi wraps an arm around her grinning , “Yuvi’s effect”

“Totally!” Abhai gives him a thumbs up and looks at Kunj , “Are you more like the ‘suffer in silence type’ , Kunj?”

I bit my lip trying to hold my laughter and Kunj shook his head glaring at him , “Nope. I’m more like ‘Killing in silence type’ , Abhaidev”

Here I thought everything would go on smoothly….

“Where’s Mahi?” I question Yuvi , missing that crazy brat. “She has an exam today. That girl totally forgot her exams were this week”

I nodded and thought of texting her later on but knowing that ass , she’s gonna come running here after her exam.

I looked at the side to see Kunj giving me a knowing smirk and I rolled my eyes. “Abhai” i called out and he walked towards me , “Come on. I know somewhere we could talk”

I purposely raised my voice and he nodded smiling.


“Stop it , Abhai” I warned him and he shook his head breathing heavily trying to stop his laughter. I crossed my arms leaning against the wall and he sighed but again started laughing.

“I’m sor-sorry” he sighed still smiling , “It’s just that I haven’t heard such a twisted love story ever”

“Shut up , idiot” I rolled my eyes smiling and he grinned , “Thank You , Abhai. For listening to me and understanding” He gave me a small smile and we started walking back to the house.

“You were forced into this alliance , too?” He questions after a few minutes and I looked at him shaking my head , “Nope. Not exactly. Wait- Forced?” I question and he nods shrugging.

“My parents created such a huge scene. I denied to almost 10 girls. Still they won’t get it” He muttered and I looked on puzzled , “Get what?”

“I’m gay”

I froze and stood there dumbly blinking my eyes twice , “That’s..some news” I muttered back. He chuckles , “Now you know why I always ran away from you in high school”

I laugh lightly nodding , “Makes sense now”

“My father is okay with it. But my mother she just can’t accept it” I nodded at him , “Give her some time , Abhai. She’ll eventually understand and if not , you are an adult.

Or wait – do you still ask your parents about what clothes you should wear or what time should you eat and-“

I was cut off with hin giving my shoulder a slight bump and I laughed , “Stop Okay! I wasn’t even that much of a nerd” he defended himself and I smirked shrugging .

“If you need my help , you have got to stop calling me a nerd” He warned and I gave him my best bored look , “No can do , Nerd. And what help?”

“Duh! Making that ‘suffer in silence’ jealous” he stated the obvious and I quirked an eyebrow at him , “Where did this come from?”

“Look. You just want him to man up and speak to your dad about this whole messed up situation and well the punch too” he explained and I looked at him shocked.

“How do you know all this?” I question crossing my arms and he grinned , “Both of your sisters and you crazy best friend contacted me yesterday and they threatened to chop my balls off if I didn’t agree”

My jaw dropped at his words and he covered his hand with this mouth trying not to laugh. “I’m really sorry about them..” I started but he shook his head , “No worries. It was kinda funny. Three short girls trying to threaten me”

He smirked showing off his muscles and I laughed nodding , “True that. You have some good muscles there. But Natasha is tall”

He rolled his eyes , “It wouldn’t hurt if you could compliment me a bit open heartedly”

I shrugged , “Duh! If you need my compliments , you have to help me” I quoted him and he grinned giving me a thumbs up.

I was about to turn around but Abhai pulled me back and I hit his chest hard , “What..” He kept a finger on my lips silencing me and I narrowed my gaze at him.

“I’m really glad you said yes to this marriage” He begins smiling and I give him a puzzled Look , “I have always been in love with you but just couldn’t muster up the courage”

I gulped hardly , “Abhai..” he shook his head slightly pinching me , “Kunj a few steps away” he muttered slowly and I nodded.

“I’m glad too” I squeaked out and Abhai pressed his lips into a thin trying to laugh. I coughed trying to cover the embarrassment, “I mean.. I’m happy , too”

“Let’s go inside , yeah?” he gives me a small peck on the cheek and I turned around looking down. I nodded and we turned around coming across Kunj.

Lips pursed together , hands in the pocket of his jeans and a calm but hard look on his face.

Damn! He looks hot.

Snap out of Twinkle!

“Oh Hey there , Kunj” Abhai smiles widely at him and Kunj nods , “You’ll soon be saying your goodbyes”

My eyes widened and Abhai looked the other way trying to hide his amusement. “I mean your family , they are leaving”

“Let’s go inside” I took his hand and we sprinted to the entrance of the house and I stopped trying to catch my breath. “I must say. You do have a good choice. He’s hot” Abhai smirks and I smiled.

“I know. He has a soft side behind that hard posture. Hey! Eyes off my husband” I snapped my fingers in front of his face and he laughed.

“Don’t worry. I’m in a relationship” he smiles brightly and I gave him a thumbs up. “Still I have my eyes on you. I’ll gladly help Maira and Mahi to chop..”

He raised his hands in surrender , “Geez! Woman , I get it. And I was just joking” he muttered the last part and I smirked dusting the invisible dirt off my shoulder.

“See. I can be pretty intimidating” I winked at him and he laughed whole heartedly before I looked at the front to see Mahi rushing out of her car.

She sprinted towards us bending down to catch her breath , “ best for this last exam”

“Uh..are you trying to convince me or yourself?” I question doubting if she did good in her exam. “Of course , myself” she rolls her eyes and diverted her attention to Abhai.

“Hey , Abhai” she breathes out and he shook her hand while I sighed mentally .

When did this girl learn ethics ?

They kept on talking for a while until Abhai’s parents came outside with my dad. Dad looked at me and smiled.

“Twinkle , dear. We would be really glad if you both would say yes” Abhai’s mother smiled up at me and I tried to give her a small smile.

“Mom. We both agree for this marriage” Abhai speaks up for me and I gave him a silent thank you.

And of course it happened.

His parents and dad started congratulating each other and Abhai shook his head mouthing a ‘they have no idea’ and then grinned wickedly while I supressed a laugh.

Natasha , Maira and Yuvi came towards me and Abhai. “Congratulations Twinkle!” Natasha grinned throwing her arms around me and giving me a bone crushing hug.

“You brat! I’ll deal with you three later” I mumbled and she chuckled silently pulling back. “Kunj looks like someone just hit him with a big yellow bus”

Yuvi snickers from behind me and I turned around seeing Kunj who stood there silently and …dejected mostly.

He gave me a final glance before walking towards his car and out of my sight.

I sighed feeling awful for a moment but shook my head getting rid of those thoughts.

Now I need a plan . Mostly a plan that would finally hit Kunj’s last nerve so he could talk to Dad.

And this time I’m not going with the go with the flow thing.

“Don’t think too hard. You might damage that pretty little head of yours” Abhai smirked at me and sat in his car giving me a small wave.

“He’s a good guy” Dad speaks up from beside me and I nodded agreeing , “He is”

“I can already see your future. You both living happily ever after having three children and the fourth one trailing behind while..”

I groaned covering my ears and he chuckled but he stopped soon turning around to glare at me.

“What was Kunj Sarna doing here?”




How’s Twinkle gonna deal with it now?

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