Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 29)

Let’s begin….

It was the night before the wedding, nobody knew where sanskar went, where’s he or how’s he after the engagement ceremony!

Karan:i know sanskar was wrong at a time but now whatever is happening is wrong aarav!

Aarav didn’t say anything

Nikhil:bro when i saw you after the long back i was so happy that we all friends are together but if you landed here to break Sanskar like then i wish you should have never come here!

He just goes from there

Kavya:i too agree with nikhil. I am so disappointed with you aarav

Aarav:disappointed with me!! Kavya if you were in Ragini’s place what you would have done?

Kavya:i don’t know what i have done but now what you have done is very wrong!!how could you just bring our friendship in between his personal life aarav, this was so ridiculous.

Aarav closes his eyes


Sanskar:i can’t.. I can’t let her go from me
When he realised what blunder he did in his anger he just pulled her away from him..
How could he?

This thought just him inside in inside!

He was about to go to Ragini when aarav held him

Aarav:where are you going?

Sanskar :i.. I am going to bring back my Ragini

Aarav:let her go Sanskar

Sanskar looks at him painfully!!

Aarav:let her…

Sanskar:no.. No

Aarav shouts:hamare dosti ke vaastha chod de usse

Sanskar looks at him shocked!

He pushes him

Aarav:this can only bring happiness in her life

Sanskar:what about me then? Say

Before he could continue sanskar leaves from there

Later he met him on the engagement ceremony itself where he isn’t in the good terms with him.

Aarav knew because of him only sanskar have stopped himself and let Ragini and laksh to get married. Yet he is not wrong either!

Flashback ends

Kavitha:where will we search sanskar, hope he doesn’t do anything to himself!

Aarav was startled, the fear arisen in him listening her

He without wasting a time immediately ran out to search him.

Next day..

At the sides of the sea a guy is walking lifeless

And he is none other than sanskar, he has grown beard and his eyes are surrounded with dark circles.

Chhod diya woh raasta
Jis raaste se tum the guzre
Thod diya woh aaina
Jis aaine pe tera aks dikhe

The thought of Ragini is going to be someone else’s, killed him to thousand times!

His phone rings he sees many missed calls from his friend and currently aarav is calling him and he just disconnected the call

Then again it rings and this time the caller ID just gave him the more pain “o2“. His memories turned back to the days spent with her

Rukh na kiya un galiyon ka
Jin galiyon mein teri batein ho
Chhod diya woh raasta
Jis raaste se tum the guzre

He disconnects the call.

Here Ragini got ready in the navy blue colour lehenga with heavy jewellery adorned her on her neck hands and head

She was extremely looking gorgeous but the smile was missing from her face.

Ragini continues to call sanskar and he continued to disconnect her call

After the various try Sanskar picks the call.

The first question from Ragini was:where are you sanskar?

Sanskar smiles weakly:mara nahi hoon abhi bhi zinda hoon
(i didn’t die i am still alive)

Ragini felt hurt listening him but composes:can i meet you?

Sanskar:why to check on me whether i am happy or sad?


He couldn’t deny her and he couldn’t deny her ever

Ragini:can we meet on near city mall, please

Sanskar:if you have time from laksh then i have no problem

Ragini:be there in 10 minutes
And disconnects the call

Ragini immediately stood to move out

Laksh who came there all ready in groom attire:Ragini where are you going…?

Ragini:i need to go near city mall will you take me?

Laksh:but now only 45 minutes left

Ragini:i need to go

Laksh:ok ok calm down!

And they went from there..

After 10 minutes

Ragini gets dwn the car once they reach

She starts to run and look for sanskar

Sanskar just reaches he sees Ragini in the bridal attire.

She turns and faces him, she smiles through tears rolling down her cheeks

She moves back. While sanskar looks confused and he sees laksh standing behind her

Sanskar was bit far from her

Laksh was confused he was burning in anger seeing sanskar there.

Sanskar:Ragini, don’t move to the road(he was having some fear)

But she didn’t listen to him she just kept moving and reach the mid road

Laksh:Ragini what are you doing?

An Ragini didnt bother to reply him
She shouts

I LOVE YOU” making both sanskar shocked and confused

She again screams:I LOVE YOU…………


Both sanskar and Laksh were shocked

Ragini rolls down the road and

she murmurs “Sanskar” closing her eyes

It happened in a fraction of second that they couldn’t realise what exactly happened

The love of their life is surrounded by the pool of blood!

Laksh shouts:RAGINIIIIII…

he runs towards her. While sanskar couldn’t take it he stumbled back

Sanskar murmurs:Rag.. Ragini…

He runs immediately ran towards her

Laksh immediately picks her in his arms:Ragini…

Sanskar moves to them he cups Ragini’s face where blood has spread over her face:Ragini… Ragini wake up…

Laksh angrily moves back holding Ragini in his arms

When there comes ambulance where laksh places Ragini on the stretcher and leaves in the ambulance

Sanskar was blank he needed his Ragini. He wanted her to be safe.

He just ran behind the the ambulance

To be continued….

So what next?

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