Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 26)

Let’s begin….

Swara cries:no i can’t let it happen, i can’t let anything happen to my laksh

Ragini looks confused as she couldn’t lisyen what sanskar said,when she sees sanskar returning again

Sanskar: don’t take it silly,am serious about it.i can kill anyone

She was shocked

He leaves from there. While swara was scared.

Ragini goes to the room

Sanskar takes a rat poison and was reading it’s description

Ragini looks at him being shocked.

Sanskar takes a knife, he was looking at it by all the directions.

Ragini:wha..what are you doing?

Sanskar turns to her and smiles: oh you..O2 i am planning to….

Ragini: how can you do this?

Sanskar confused: what?

Seeing knife in his hand Ragini gets scared and goes out

Sanskar confused: what happened to her?
He shrugs his shoulder

Later she slowly enters and listens a loud voice and gets scared

Sanskar places a photo on wall

The hammer in his hand scared Ragini

Sanskar turns to her: O2…

She immediately goes and covers herself in comfort.

Here swara sees laksh sleeping
Swara:i don’t know what i have to do? No matter what,but i will not let anything happen to you.

Next day

In kitchen

Ragini enters kitchen with a fear, she was feared of the party thing and also feared of taunts

She sees pari in the kitchen

Ragini silently helps her
Pari smiles

Swara enters the kitchen,she sees Ragini and thinks to talk with her about the matter.

Pari goes out

Ragini looks at her

Swara:Ragini,please please help….


Ragini looks at him
While he waves his hand.

Sanskar: O2 can you give me 2 cups of tea..?
Ragini:am i looking like your servant,huh!
She goes from there while sanskar turns to Ragini who passes by from him

Sanskar:i asked as you are my wife

Ragini without turning:Go to hell

Sanskar: definitely……with you O2

She has already left.

Sanskar was shocked when swara kept the tea ready on slab
He smiles impressed

He takes it:ok i would give one to laksh.

Swara looks at him

Sanskar while picking the cups: nowadays,people don’t think twice to add rat poison on tea

He goes

Swara was confused about his words, she later realises what he hinted!

Swara runs and she sees laksh having tea..
While she looks at sanskar and he smirks at her

Swara immediately ran to laksh and grand the cup from him

Laksh shocked by her move: swara!!!

Swara: laksh laksh (she cries) let’s go to doctor.. She was about to drag him

Laksh: swara are you ok?

Swara: laksh,Sanskar have added poison on your tea..

Everyone there stands shocked.

Ap:swara,what are you saying?

Swara:if you don’t believe me then ask sanskar

Sanskar acting innocently: what are you talking about?i don’t know

Swara:maa trust me,he have added the rat poison in it.laksh come let’s go to hospital…

She was about to hold his hand, when laksh moves back

Laksh:have you lost it swara? I am fine

Sanskar innocently:no laksh,you should go to doctor and check.i don’t know why she is blaming me. I can’t take the blame and live

Swara to sanskar: why are you acting sanskar?

Laksh:swara…for god sake why are you doing drama..if there was something in tea i would have died by now, it’s been 15 please stop the drama.

He goes from there and followed by everyone

Ragini who just then entered the scene and was confused about what just happened!

Swara moves to sanskar: tum aise kyu kar rahe ho mere saath?

Sanskar: what did i do?
He sees Ragini

Sanskar: can’t i have a cup of tea?

He moves from there passing by Ragini.

Ragini straightly moves to kitchen

And later

After having the breakfast,laksh leaves to the office

Sanskar sees swara who has bid laksh

Sanskar: nowadays even breaks of the cars fails

Swara:what did you do?

She immediately calls laksh,but he didn’t pick her call

Swara:oh god

She immediately runs out

Sanskar laughs

He felt sometimes gaze and sees Ragini glaring him

Sanskar:see i don’t have time to listen the lecture, ya tho tum bhadak jaati ho ya tho bhatak jaati ho

Ragini:what are you talking with swara?

Sanskar looks at her:ohhh.. jealous

Ragini: jealous?and me?

Sanskar:oh so you came to see off me,how cute?but i am not going anywhere!

Ragini:oh god….
She goes from there being frustrated

Sanskar:bolo kal kya hai..bolo bolo

Ragini turns to him: if tomorrow your birthday too i don’t care

Sanskar smiles: not my birthday but Wednesday

Ragini:oh wow,thankyou for telling this


Ragini :ahh..i hate you

Sanskar:sochta hoon ke woh kitne masoom the,kya se kya hogaye dekhte dekhte
He sings sadly and melo dramatically

Ragini sobs like kid being frustrated:ahhh…why are you doing this to me?

Sanskar:oh you got to know,this was for you only

Ragini looks around and sees a vase and picks

Sanskar:haww…ghor paap lagega

She hits gerself with the vase lightly

Sanskar:aww so cute,i was thinking when our 4 kids enter our life,they should be cute like you and smart like me.

Ragini angrily breaks the vase

Sanskar:aww..poor vase

Ragini:woh chodo,why you scared swara?

Sanskar:you will know come to maheshwari office 11


Sanskar:if you want to watch movie

Ragini: definitely not with you

She goes from there

Sanskar goes

Here laksh finally picks swara’s calls
As hereached office

Swara scared:laksh laksh are you ok?

Laksh:am fine swara..but what happened to you?

Swara:laksh where are you now?

Laksh:just reached office..and i will call you later i have some important work

He disconnects call

Swara takes a sign of relief

Sanskar from behind:didi ji

Swara turns and angrily:what are you trying to prove

Sanskar smiling teasingly:that i am smartest of all

Swara looks at him being disgusted

Sanskar:do you know where is laksh now?

Swara looks at him

Sanskar:he is in the 42nd that’s the last floor of the new construction

Swara:what you mean to say?

Sanskar:till now you only witnessed trailer but now direct climax

He sits in his car and droves off

Swara immediately takes the car and moves to the site

After sometime swara reaches the site

When she sees laksh standing at the top floor and none was there in site

Swara gets a call

And it was none other than sanskar

Sanskar:you are so punctual but still you are late…

She sees sanskar who is in the same floor

Swara screams :laksh

But he couldn’t listen her

While here laksh was checking some file about the construction

Swara calls him

Laksh kept it in silent

Swara immediately ran inside the building

She was tired but still she wanted to reach near laksh

And finally climbing all the 42 floor stairs

She reaches there and she only found sanskar but not laksh

Sanskar smirks seeing her

Swara:sanskar..where is my laksh?laksh laksh
She calks for laksh

When sanskar poits down while whistling

Swara looks down and sees laksh lying lifeless on the floor with the pool of blood around him

Swara cries and shouts:lakshhhh….
She falls on her knees and burst into a bitter cry

To be continued….

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