Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 25)

Let’s begin..

Ragini wakes with the heavy head ache, she held her head
Ragini:ahh, what’s happening?
Her vision gets clear and she sees sanskar sitting in the floor and smiling at her.

He was still smiling
Ragini angrily :what?
Sanskar smiling dreamily:you look so cute
Ragini gets frustrated at him:ahh, why is this head ache
Sanskar smiles:that’s because you were drunk
Ragini shocked:drunk? I am not in the mood to listen your joke!
Sanskar:joke? It’s truth and you danced in pink lips
Sanskar:and(he remembers her confessing love to laksh)
Sanskar smiles mischievously :and everything!
Ragini scared:everything what?

Sanskar closes his eyes through palm:haaye, something can’t be said
Ragini angrily :don’t scare me, tell me what you did with me
Sanskar:me!! No it was you, you were hunting me as a prey
Ragini in the verge of crying:no it’s a lie.
Sanskar:lie? But for me it’s a beautiful moment after all we became one
Ragini:no i don’t believe you
Sanskar:i was thinking, let’s go to honeymoon there won’t be anyone to disturb us just you and me. And now you stop all those drama’s, yesterday i got to know by your actions that how much you…
Ragini cries
Sanskar:arey why are you crying, you have completed the duty of wife

Ragini cries loudly
Sanskar :there’s no reason to cry, kuch tumne mera shikar kiya and kuch meine tumhara
Ragini hits him with pillow and cries

He laughs and moves to her :so o2 there’s no point of getting angry on me.
She hits him on his chest
He tries to stop her
Sanskar held her wrist:arey listen…
But she frees her hand and hits him through pillow

Sanskar escapes from her and:O2 nothing happened between us, i was joking

Listening it she burns in anger

She picks up the vase and about to hit him but stops
And later sits and cries

Sanskar slowly comes and sits next to her
Sanskar:first you were and cried thinking everything happened, and now why are you crying more? Oh is it because nothing happened
Ragini angrily:youuuuu…….
He immediately ran from there.
She held her head being frustrated!


Ragini was embarrassed to go out of her room!!
Sanskar enters the room whistling
She looks at him
He signs her what?
Ragini:i am…
Sanskar interrupts:no no it’s ok, afterall you are my o2

Ragini angrily:i am hungry
Sanskar:even i am come let’s have together
Ragini:but i can’t go out
She bend her head
Sanskar:don’t worry, i am with you right
He forwards his hand to her
She looks at him and they have an eye lock

She places her hand on his
He smiles

And they goes down
Where Ap gives an disgusting to look Ragini
Ragini felt bad so she stops her steps
Sanskar looks at her
She nods in no to him
He understands her and he along with Ragini goes out
Sanskar:lets go out and have something
When they sees Laksh coming from his workout
Laksh looks at Ragini
This his eyes reflected something else instead of hatered

They passes when her saree pallu gets stuck with laksh’s watch
Sanskar sees it
Ragini didn’t reacted, she didn’t even looked at him
Laksh removes it.
Both leaves

Swara:laksh, everyone are waiting for you at breakfast
Laksh:i want to ask you something swara!
Swara fears:wh.. What laksh?
Laksh looks at her expressions :on the wedding…
Swara immediately :laksh, i mean…
Laksh determined :um, nothing!

Here Ragini and sanskar goes to an hotel
They have food.

Sanskar looks at her
She sees him
Sanskar:you can’t take off your eyes from me right!
Ragini:what? In your dreams
Ragini embarrassed :what did i do?
Sanskar :what?
Ragini:i mean last night, i have insulted our family

He smiles listening “our” from her!

Ragini:Sanskar please tell me i don’t know how i got drunk, i don’t remember anything

Sanskar:Ragini calm down, don’t think about it much, and now smile
Ragini :i have did something very based right
Sanskar:it’s ok Ragini, leave it
Ragini :but how…
Sanskar held her hand :because i am saying, so stop thinking about it.

They goes to the car
When she looks at sanskar
Today she found new sanskar an understanding and supporting one
She smiles looking at him
Sanskar who was driving feels her gaze and he looks at her
She immediately turns other side
Sanskar:i told you!

Sanskar :that you can’t take off your eyes from me
Ragini:no, nothing like that
Sanskar:chal jhooti
Ragini:it’s the truth

Sanskar:oh why don’t you accept that i am handsome and hot

Ragini:i don’t want to listen your nonsense, will you please shut your mouth for sometime atleast
Sanskar pouts and continued to drive

While Ragini smiles

Later they come back

Swara was moving to her room
Voice:didi ji

Swara stops and was confused and turns and sees Sanskar who is smiling

Swara:what’s this new drama?
Sanskar:tell didi how are you?
She angrily was about to go
Sanskar:i was calling you didi because in planning you are didi
Swara:wh.. What?

Sanskar:but in plotting you are grand mother, and how to act innocent for that i should atleast compare you to great grandmother

Swara angrily was about to say something
Sanskar:wait wait, i am not over yet, you have 24 hours to save laksh
Swara:what? What do you mean?

Sanskar smiles :i don’t want him to come in between me and Ragini and after last night’s incident i am determined to kill LAKSH

Sanskar angrily smacks his finger thrice a times:if you can then try saving him
He points to wall clock, which shows 9:30pm
Sanskar :same time tomorrow, laksh is going to die in my hands
Swara feared:no, you can’t do that and he is away from your life
Sanskar:no but my hatered for him has went so high that now i am determined to kill him
Swara cries:no, no i will save him
Sanskar:try you best, but laksh is going to die

He leaves

All this was heard by Ragini, she was shocked

To be continued..

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    The best part is when sanskar called swara didi😂😂

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