Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 24)

Let’s begin…

Ragini:Laksh i love so much….

She moves back and wides her hands

Ragini:this much no…more than this..more than the world more than the universe more than anyone….

Sanskar was hurt..he didn’t move he just let her to talk whatever in her heart..but the reality was he couldn’t digest the fact each word of her was piercing him..the pain is unimaginable for any other..only he himself know about it

Laksh was shocked and was froze..she is confessing her love for him but why did she cheat him him..why? When she loved him then why she betrayed him?

Swara was in shock and also she was fearing that she may blurt out the truth.. She was in the greatest fear of getting caught and losing laksh

Ragini cries:but why didn’t you trust me?is this called love…?

Laksh closes his eyes and looks other side

Ragini:look at me you think i can cheat you?bolo na..bolo ab bolte kyu nahi aap..aapne meko bohoth bada tag diya chara…charac..characterless hone ka tag diya…

She sniffs:this is not love…this is not…

She looks at sanskar who has bent his head.. She went towards him with heavy steps and she was feeling dizzy

Ragini:i don’t love laksh.. Right?

Sanskar looks at her

Ragini: tell me…

Sanskar:Ragini.. let’s go u should take rest…

He held her wrist and was about to move..

Ragini sees him pouting and blinking her eyes and frees his hand from her wrist:Ragini Sanskar maheshwari….will …(she stumbles..sanskar holds her in nick of time while laksh has moved a bit towards Ragini with concern but stops seeing sanskar holding her)

Ragini pinches sanskar’s cheeks:you are so sweet sometimes…mein kahan thi….haan MRS RAGINI SANSKAR MAHESHWARI WILL…NOOOOOOOT(She bends back in Sanskar’s hold and then stands.while sanskar holds her more tight so that she doesn’t move..)go until you answer…

Sanskar:Ragini please…

Ragini:you are sooooooo(again was about to bend but sanskar holds her)shy!??

Ragini:tell me who i am?

Sanskar:please let’s go

Ragini:Sanskaaaaaaaaaaaaaar’s belooooooooooved(she dragged both the words) wife…

Sanskar takes a deep breath and picks her in his arms

Ragini cries:areyyyyyyyy…. Don’t pick me…i want to tell laksh…..laksh laksh…arey laksh jiiiii(she shouts)

Laksh was looking at them

Ragini:i want to warn laksh jii…please my handsome hubby mujhe chod dho…

Sanskar looks her.. Actually he was shocked

Ragini creates her own song?:chin chin chick chik ..lala lala la handsome…dashing…hubby…superb..cutiee…i want to talk for a minute with lakah jii…chodo na chodo chodo naaa

Sanskar was climbs the stairs

Ragini hugs him in the same position: would you take me like this everyday?

Sanskar would die out of shock’s

Sanskar reach the room and places her on the bed..

Here laksh goes to his room and locks himself… While swara knocks the door

Ragini:you are not answering my questions?

Sanskar fills the water in glass and gives her

Ragini:mein laado maheshwari will not drink even the drop of water..until my husband answer me

Sanskar:huh…what should i tell.?

Ragini:do i come in your dreams?

Sanskar smiles: why when you are with me?

Ragini:do you love me?

Sanskar: i you should ask your heart!

Ragini stands in bed: where is the heart.. Let’s go and ask?

Sanskar smiles

Ragini sits and goes close to him

Sanskar was getting shocks by her every moves

Ragini: i want to tell you a secret..!!

Sanskar: and what is it?

Ragini: first take me to the heart.. Let me ask do you love me or not

Sanskar takes her hand and places it on her chest:here is your heart

Ragini: you are a buddhu…can anyone listen through hands..see.. She hugs him… And listens his heart beats

While sanskar’s body was heating up
And a new feelings desires were arising in his mind but he brushes off his thoughts

Ragini hugging him tightly: you know what heart is saying?


Ragini:dhak dhak… Do you know what is means?

Sanskar: what?

Ragini:u love me…

And she places her head in his lap

Ragini: do you know i always wished to get a husband..who will let hug him as much time i want..who will make me sleep in his lap and will take care of me like kid….

He caresses her hair while patting her and was attentive to her and was listening her each and every talks

Ragini:and are more than i expected

Sanskar smiles.

Ragini: how much i cried for my mumma…but she didn’t came to me as she left me for forever…i used to pay and also talk to her through stars and told her that i am weak and i need her…but she didn’t came but instead she sent you for me

Sanskar was patting her:hmm…

Ragini:but i am hurt with you…why did you cheat me?

Sanskar:i didn’t cheat you…i didn’t knew about the thing happened…

Ragini:i know that..

He looks at her shocked

Ragini:on the wedding i was going to come to you only

Sanskar:what..?but why?

Ragini:u know i wore the the dress of bride..but then changed and was about to come to you only…

Sanskar:but why?you wanted to marry laksh….

Ragini:i only WANTED but la…later..i…i realise……
She sleeps

Sanskar: later what Ragini?

He sees her slept

He then covers her in comfort

Everything was running in his mind….
One thing was clear that she doesn’t hate him…but everything was running out of his mind?
He isn’t understanding does she love laksh or not?
Why did she was going to come to him on the wedding day?

To be continued..

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