Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 21)

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Rikashini good question the only person who found the mystery..hmm and i would say why did sanskar said those words you will know soon ..

Let’s begin…….

Sanskar was sitting broken

He gets call of someone

Sanskar sees the caller ID…

He picks it

Sanskar: kyu congratulations bro kyu…?

Sanskar:i accept that i did wing with her..but just save her from taunts in the first place and u know that i love her from the past 2 year’s…


Sanskar: what should i understand… She just blamed my love and called it as a lust…may be may be it would be lust before because i just drawn to her beauty and once after i got to she is the same who……


(You people would be pissed off with me right ?)

Sanskar: and now she is my wife she is my responsibility and every evil should cross me before her

He said it with determined

Sanskar finally smiles after what a caller told him

Sanskar:i wish the same…and afterall how can she refuse my love…and now tho she is tied to me….he smiles

But still his smile reflected a pain..a pain which is unimaginable


Next day…

Sanskar who was has slept in the garden.. Wakes up and goes and he finds laksh there…. And he was about to go

Laksh sees him: oh wait Mr.Sanskar

Sanskar under his breath: yeh phir se…

He turns with a wide smile..

Laksh mocking: what happened?is everything fine..i thought you would be busy with your wife

Sanskar smile: busy..busy tho mein ab hone wala hoon…after whatever happened Ragini was tired and she is resting and same question to you what you are doing

Lak: i think it’s not my need to answer you

Sanskar: ok…

He goes

Laksh thought he would ask him about last night forcefully but he haven’t asked him anything


Sanskar sees Ragini has slept in the floor.. He traveled back to the last night where Ragini named his love to be a lust…

Ragini wakes up and her vision clears and sanskar was standing straight to her

Sanskar smiles: good morning o2…and now get fresh.. Its the first day of you in sasural and i think first rasoi too

Ragini looks other side angrily

Sanskar: you are feeling annoyed you are feeling frustrated and you are feeling irritated and what not.. This has amazing plans to join a couple right?

Ragini gets up and was about to go from there…

Sanskar held her arm

Sanskar:go get fresh…. And he points towards a wardrobe which is filled with lehenga and saree

Ragini struggles to free her arm

Sanskar:i am telling you sweetly… And don’t awake the beast in me!

Ragini smiles Sarcastically: you are a beast

Sanskar: so stop your nakhra and go get fresh…

Ragini pushes him with all her force and was about to go out

Sanskar: if you didn’t change yourself.. Then don’t complain i forced you…

Ragini stops buy didn’t turn

Sanskar: actually why force… I am your husband now so i can dress up my wife

She turns and glares and moves to wardrobe.. She was about to take a green saree

Sanskar: what a choice? Even i liked the same …

She leaves it and was about to take orange

Sanskar: i was so confused.. Now i got it orange would look good

She held a white

Sanskar: white is my favourite…

Ragini grits her teeth and holds a pink

Sanskar: u always complement with me when you wear pink

She takes a maroon saree…

Sanskar smiles but didn’t say anything

At the time kavya enter: Ragini…

Kavya looks at the room which is no less then a mess.. She understood that they may has a fight…

Ragini looks at her

Kavya:i brought a salwar for you…

Sanskar was glaring Kavya.. But kavya didn’t understand why he is glaring her..

Ragini takes it from her

Sanskar comes to her and takes it from her

Sanskar mocking kavya: wah kavya what a choice..i didn’t thought Ragini would look good in this..but she would look….


Ragini bangs the washroom door

As she has already went with a maroon saree…

Kavya: sanskar is everything alright

Sanskar; you don’t spoil my plan in between

Kavya: huh? What did i do?

Sanskar: you did nothing that’s what i am saying
He goes

Kavya stands confused


Here ap instructs swara for her first rasoi

In kitchen swara was confused as she knew nothing she didn’t even knew how to on the stove

Here Ragini comes out freshing

Sanskar who was waiting for her just couldn’t take his eyes of from her…

Ragini felt irritated by his gaze

Sanskar pulls her to the dressing table and fitst aids her wounds forcefully makes her wear the jewllery

Ragini was about to remove

Sanskar stops her: of you remove then you only have to face the consequence

Ragini was about to go from there

Sanskar stood her.. He adores her forehead with vermilion

San; now let’s go it’s your rasoi rasam

Ragini: i am not going to do anything

Sanskar:i thought its your maun wrath..finally you spoke..

Ragini ignores him

Sanskar: mein bhi tho dekhun tum kaise nahi rasoi rasam karogi

He drags her out…

He goes to the kitchen.. Dragging Ragini with him

Sanskar sees Swara

Sanskar:oh so today is gonna be competition inbetween my wife and my not to be saali..

Swara looks at him

Sanskar: it would be fun to see Ragini winning infront of you…

Ragini wasn’t listening or watching what the talks are going on

Swara:dekhte hai..not to be jijaji

Sanskar: what a game planning…tumhara koi barosa bhi nai hai…

Ap comes: swara haven’t your started

Swara smiles: actually ma… Ragini is also having her first rasoi

Ap:swara tum…. Even after this much happened with you still you care for the people who hurt you…

Ragini looks at ap…

Sanskar nods like understanding ?

Ap goes from there giving a look at RagSan

Sanskar: o2… Go and all the best for your rasoi..and make a kheer sweet like you…

Swara starts to make.. She looks Ragini

Swara: Ragini…

Ragini: i think whatever you had to say.. You have said those.. Now i think there shouldn’t be any conversation between us

Ragini does make anything just then she gets his word

“and make a kheer sweet like you…”

Swara goes after making the kheer after a lot of struggle…

Ragini makes the kheer and pours full bottle of salt

She goes….

Everyone sits in the dining table..

Swara goes to kitchen

And she looks at Ragini’s kheer..
She gets something and she changes her kheer with Ragini… Thinking it would be tasty ? then her as Ragini making amazing food..

Ragini comes and takes the kheer and keeps the table

Everyone are sitting in the dining table

Swara serves to everyone

Sanskar: o2 you will not serve me

Ragini herself: now i will see Sanskar… This is my first move against you..

She serves sanskar without seeing anything

Here everyone have first soon of kheer…

Laksh pushes it angrily: Swara..if you don’t know to cook… Why are you doing this?

Sanskar smiles remembering the fb
Where he saw Ragini adding salt in the kheer and swara changing it with her’s.. He didn’t anything because he wanted to see the glimpse what will happen

He Ragini was looking sanskar..but he was eating with a smile ?

Ap:swara you could have told me atleast…

Ragini wasn’t understanding anything

Sanskar felt her gaze.. He was having small smirk…

Sanskar:taste this kheer..
nobody takes it

But dp takes he eats it…

Which shocked everyone.. Everyone tasted it except lakah he goes from there…everyone likes the kheer

Everyone goes being unpleasant with Swara..

Ragini was confused…

Sanskar gets up and takes the kheer from ragini’s kheer…

Sanskar: over greed let’s you down…and o2

Ragini looks at him

Sanskar: now don’t look at me shockingly…

He eats the salty kheer and eats it..

Swara tastes tge kheer..her kheer was tasty and Ragini’s kheer was salty ??

Ragini goes from there angrily as her first move agaisnt sanskar got flop?

To be continued….

So how was the part?

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