Chandan Kumar as Inspector Aniket

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Madirakshi Mundle as Gayatri Raghuram

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Anmol Jyotir as Pratap Raghuram [ Gayatri’s younger brother]

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Mark Farokh Parakh as Ajay [Aniket’s Best Friend]

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Days won’t go with beautiful moments. Perhaps we have to make each day as good for our needs. With this thought Gayatri packed her things .

Gayatri : Pappu wake up soon. Oye Makku Paiyaa

Pratap : Akka, I told you so many times don’t call me Makku paiyaa, You never listens to me.

Gayatri : Okay then tell me how many arriers are pending ?

Pratap : I have passed in two subjects, Akka.

Gayatri : What happened to you , Pratap ? You was not like this at school days. Why you are not focussing on your studies ?

Pratap ; Akka please. Don’t start day with your boring advices. I will get ready soon. You may leave.

Gayatri : See I have packed your tiffin and I have arranged books also. Don’t skip the food and class.

Pratap ; Yeah sure. Akka you are getting late. It’s 9.30 am

Gayatri : Yeah I need to pick the bus. Okay makku I mean pappu

Pratap : Akka!

Gayatri : Sorry, I was just kidding. Love you bro, Bye

Pratap : Bye Akka


Ajay : Mam I already told you a criminal and his entire gang has been surrounded here. Our team is in search of them .So please co-operate

Gayatri ; That means today also I will be late . Kadavule !

Ajay : Who is he ?

Gayatri : Nothing I was just saying Oh God in Tamil

Ajay ; Tamil! I love Tamil. You rumba -rumba ek duje ke liye

“Ajay stop it ” A harsh voice raised behind Gayatri and she turned back.

Ajay : I was just joking

“Oh really? I thought you was flirting with her.”

Ajay : Yaar Aniket

“Remember the protocol”

Ajay : I am sorry Aniket Sir. Actually this girl needs to go now.

Aniket ; Mmmh madam Please just 10 minutes Everything will be cleared.

Gayatri nods her head.

After a chase Aniket and the entire team catched the criminals. But one of them was much provoking that he stabbed at Gayatri’s chest with his knife.

Gayatri screamed in pain . Aniket felt shocked and he lifted Gayatri in his arms.

Aniket : Nothing will happen. Ajay call the ambulance

Ajay ; Blood has clotted too much Sir. It’s better you take her to hospital.

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