Two hearts with one beat epi 25… ragsan

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Hey I know u don’t want this story but please bear it for some more time.. I am ending this Story soon.just two tracks and then here goes…

Ragini was pacing in her room angrily.
Ragini: how could she …cheapdi..
Yuvi and Pooja comes there..
Yuvi: ragu what was that…why did u say yes to that wedding
Ragini : pagal panti bhai…I was mad to think that I will sacrifice Sanskar for that London dairy..
Yuvi: London diary?
Pooja: London ki bhais in ragu’s language bhai
Yuvi nods his head unbelievably
Pooja: but ragu what happened.
Ragu explains them about swara’s plan
They get shocked
Yuvi: ok ragu but what was the need to say yes to this wedding
Sanskar comes there
Sanskar: exactly my question
Ragini : when did u come here
Sanskar: just now. Answer me ragu
Ragini: why did u say yes to swara
Sanskar : my problem is different
Ragini: it’s not different it’s same..u stop Ur wedding with swara and then I will stop my wedding..why r u worried about my wedding ..what is it to u?
She goes from there..
Sanskar(in mind) : right why I am worried for ragu..I mean she can marry anyone..but I feel like someone is killing me..god please help me.

It was engagement day..
Swara and Ragini both got ready ..swara was dressed in reddish orange coloured lehenga and Ragini was dressed in peach coloured lehenga..

She was damn elegant and beautiful…
Both were called down by Janki
Sanskar couldn’t take his eyes off Ragini..
Even swara couldn’t deny her Beauty..
Janki:beta our guruji is coming ..take his blessings
Guruji comes ..everyone..rush towards him .
Both swaragini take blessings from guruji..
Guruji looks at swara
Guruji: jhoot..lies never win
Swara gets shocked ..everyone look confused..
He looks at Ragini
Guruji: u r born for Ur Love …its urs only..but..
He looks at Janki and Shekar
Guruji: Janki and Shekar be ready for unexpected..
Janki: what do u mean guruji..
Guruji: god planned something u planned something let’s see how God is going to play his chance..
Everyone is confused and guruji leaves them.with confusion
Swara comes to her room angrily
Swara: guruji my foot…
She sees Mahi was thoughtful
Swara:what happened to u
Mahi: whatever guruji says it will happen
Swara thinks..
Swara: Mahi we have to do something with Ragini
Mahi : why
Swara: if whatever guruji says will happen I don’t want ragini anywhere near the engagement
Mahi : buts it’s Ragini’s engagement as well
Swara : I don’t care..let’s lock her in store room until my engagement is over
Mahi nods ..
Pooja listens to all this..She goes to dadi and Yuvi as she can’t fond swara hits Ragini on her head and puts her in store room …
She tells everything to dadi..
Yuvi: dadi let’s go save Ragini..
Dadi: no let Ragini be there only..atleast her engagement will stop …
Pooja: then what about Sanskar’s engagement
Dadi tells them her plan..

It was time for engagement
Ragini’s groom was revealed to be Rohit
Rohit and ragu were childhood friends
Everyone was ready…it was rohit and ragu’s engagement first
Sun comes there hurrying..
Sumi: Shekar ragu is missing.. everyone gets worried ..
Swara: I think she ran away..u know na she is all about making fun…don’t worry she will come back..
Janki: swara
Mahi: mom swara is right ..I am sure Ragini is playing prank..she will come.lets go ahead with Bhai’s engagement

Rohit: I think aunty they r right let’s start with their engagement..I know ragu will.come..

Janki looks for Sanskar but he was missing as well..
Swara gets tensed..
Swara: how can saanskar go anywhere at this time..
Dadi smirks
Dadi and Yuvi send Sanskar with a aplan to store room and lick them..he was locked with ragini
FB ends

Here swara was getting frantic..
Janki asks pandit ..
Pandit: Janki ki we cannot postpone engagement as swara and sanskar’s horoscope doesn’t match ..this is the only muhurat for engagement

Janki : now what to do…mahi call him …
Swara: actually his phone is with me..
She steals the phone so that no one disturbs him for Ragini

Pandit one way is there ..u can give Shagun to swara’s parents
Janki: but swara doesn’t have parents.
Shekar : I will take Shagun on behalf of swara’s parents..
Swara rolls her eyes.
Pandit was about to say something but dadi stops him by stuffing money into.his hands..

Shekar and sumi take Shagun from Janki..thus engagement is completed

Dadi takes pandit outside…
Pandit : what did u do parvatiji..if Shekhar takes Shagun that means Sanskar is engaged to his daughter not swara..
Dadi: I know and it is meant that way…sanskar and Ragini r made for each’s my husband’s last wish
Here Sanskar was trying frantically to open door but being a festive mood no one could hear the sound…

He decided to give up finally..on the other hand ragini woke up to the sound..she was still feeling dizzy …
She came walking to where he was but stumbled due to weakness..Sanskar holds her ..
Sanskar: ragu..what happened to come u r here..
Ragini: sw..swara hit me and locked me here..
Sanskar is shocked
Sanskar: what?.
.she was lying in his arms..
Sanskar: why?
Ragini: I don’t know..
She was losing conscious

Sanskar patted her cheeks.
Sanskar: ragu wake up..
She started breathing heavily
Sanskar : Ragini please wait for few minutes …someone will come..
He left her on the floor and started banging the door
Ragini: San…sanskar
He rushes to her and takes her in his arms..
Ragini was unconscious now..Sanskar didn’t know what to do…
He closes his eyes letting tears drop…

He placed his lips against hers..he was breathing heavily into her mouth giving her seemed as if he was giving her his life which she gave him years back when she was born…he was trying to revive her as if it’s the only hope of getting his life back which was getting away from him every second
Suddenly door opened and swara was standing there fuming

Precap: Ragini’s kidnap

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