Twisted tales of our Ronakshi… Epi 1

Hello to one and all.. So I am here with a greattt story ahh.. According to me?..

The sun rays peered into a pink black room… Invading the sleep of a beautiful angel….the sun rays scattered over the quilt that covered a bombb inside.. 

A voice from outside… 

Sonnnaaa… Wake up baba… Its your birthday today… Donttt take so much liberty haa… We need to pray to bappa for you naaa…. 

The voice was of a straight forward lady who was nearly in her fifties.. She regarded her sonna to be the world for her.. Her appearence was deceptive… She was dressed in a pink salwar Kammez with a curly bun…

Haaannjii namaste…Myself suman rastogi….although u ppl know me… Afterall my sona is a stttarr… Everybody loves her… And u knw what?  I have made her reach this height… She is so so beautiful and talented. .   Whaattt?  R u laughing?  I’m telling the facts… Come I’ll show you.. 


Sona’s room..

The quilt was slowly removed with two hands coming up lazily…a girl woke up with her tresses swirling in air… Eyes shining like stars. .

Good morning sonakshi rastogi… So it’s your birthdayy todaaay…!!  Ohhh shooottt…so late… Abhi toh i have to pray also ..dont know why it happens only with me…

And she fumes… Throwing the quilt in air and nearly jumping from the bed she took the towel and barged into the washroom..


Precap-: Suman- Sonnna happpy birthdayy… Its your 25th bday right?  Dont u think now mumma should ask something from uh?

Gyzzzz. …i will update it as per ur response… If u do not like it… I shall close it… Do give your opinions below.. ?

Thankyou and stay blessed everyday..keep yourself hydrated!!


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  1. Jasminerahul

    nice intro of suman n sona’s birthday.but it’s too short

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