a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 24)

after karan confessed his feelings to naina, she went back to the room. naina was in a state of so many emotions, she didn’t know what was happening. it was killing her to behave like this with karan but she was too scared to just go back to normal. naina had to sort things out in her head first before deciding anything. karan came in after awhile and when he did, naina got out of the bed to talk to him.

naina: karan, i need to talk to you.

karan didn’t behave differently, he was acting like his usual self.

karan: yea sure, is everything okay?

they sat on the sofa in their room when naina told him what was going on.

naina: um, so i spoke to rohit earlier this morning.

karan: about?

naina: i wanted to know where and how my family’s doing. remember i told you about my bua, sister and her husband?

karan: yes, i do.

naina: well um, rohit said that my mom and bua passed away a few years ago.

karan: naina, i’m so sorry. are you okay?

naina: uh yea, i’m fine. anyways i spoke to didi and jeeju, they’re coming here in a few days.

karan: okay, well i guess that’s great.

naina: hmm yea i just wanted to tell you that they know everything – how we got married, the accident, everything and so you don’t need to pretend like you’re in love with me or anything in front of them.

karan: naina, i don’t need to pretend anything with you. you’re my wife and i love you.

naina rolled her eyes and got up from the sofa.

naina: whatever.

karan: i know you love me too.

when karan said that, naina stopped and walked towards him wanting to clear his misunderstanding.

naina: karan, i don’t love you and i don’t think you do too.

karan: naina, you can’t tell me what i feel for you.

naina: you’re right and neither can you.

naina said hinting at how he made assumptions that she loved him too. karan then came closer to naina and she backed up. eventually, naina hit the wall behind her. karan was in front of her, not letting her go anywhere.

karan: naina, look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me.

naina looked into his eyes and after a few seconds she started sobbing. karan looked at her and immediately wiped her tears away, not being able to stand them.

karan: naina,

naina: karan, i can’t. i can’t tell you that i don’t love you because i do. i love you karan. but i’m scared, i can’t go through this again. i’ve gone through so many heartbreaks. so many people have left me and it hurts so much when they do.

naina continued crying and karan wiped her tears.

karan: naina, i love you so much – it kills me that i’m the reason you’re crying right now. you know, i hate knowing that because of me you got into the accident, because of me you were in that hospital bed, and because of me you’re hurt and you’re scared of getting hurt. naina, i was so scared that i was going to lose you that day in the hospital. i promise i’ll never tell you to leave, nor will i ever leave you. i won’t let you go anywhere away from me. i love you.

karan caressed naina’s face as she stopped crying. he then came closer and that was the moment when they shared their first kiss. it was the perfect moment. naina had her arm strung around his neck and his was now on her waist. it was weirdly amazing. but you know, nothing’s ever perfect and so there was obviously something to ruin it. meghna and kunal came in just then to see if they were doing okay.

meghna: woah, kunal definitely wrong timing!

kunal: aye, not bad little brother.

naina: oh god.

meghna: so you guys kissed and made up huh? i mean that literally.

kunal: it’s pretty obvious, meghna. i mean, do we really have to ask them haha!

karan: okay, haha very funny. did you guys really have to come and ruin the moment?

naina: karan!

karan: what?

naina: it doesn’t matter if you came now or later di, besides we can’t do anything more than this.

karan: what do you mean?

naina: i was in an accident two days ago, remember?

karan: oh right, i’m sorry.

kunal: i don’t think we should be here for such a conversation. meghna, let’s leave them alone.

meghna: yea, let’s go. wait, naina, everything will be okay at the end, remember?

naina nodded at what meghna said – something she’d say to naina often when she’d go through troubles. meghna and kunal left when naina looked at karan.

naina: i’m sorry.

karan: why?

naina: for hurting you the last few days.

karan: i deserved it, it’s okay.

naina: yea, you did.

karan: naina!

naina: hahaha.

karan brought naina back to the sofa, which meant they were going to have another serious conversation that night – naina could feel it.

karan: i want to ask you something.

naina: let me guess, blake?

karan: um, yeah.

naina was going to tell someone, after a long time, about blake. it was odd, she had this weird feeling about it. but, naina knew that it would be okay because she wasn’t alone now. naina had karan to be there for her, to comfort her, and to bring that happiness in her life that was until now, non-existent.

thank you for reading! i have to say, i think this is one of my favourite chapters i’ve had to write. naina finally confesses! who do you think blake is, where is he now, and do you think he’ll come back? comment some scenes you want to see in the future.

  1. Tamihna0808

    OMG ?????? MY GOSH THIS MADE ME BLUSH AND THEN LAUGH SO MUCH ??? MEGHNA AND KUNAL JUST KEEP POPPING UP! I loved it! Really really loved it! Karan and Naina are Nairan again! ??? I didn’t want it to end! The kiss was ?? Also I wanna know about Blake! Continue soon girl! ❤

    1. NainaSharma

      HAHAHA im so happy you loved it! yess they’re finally nairan ? you’ll get to know about blake in the next chapter ??

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    Loved it to the core.. post soon..❤️

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      thank you! i’ll try to post soon. ?

  3. No words to describe this! As Tami di said this episode seriously made me blush…this chapter was just fabulous! ??❤️

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      thank youuu! i’m so happy you enjoyed. i’m trying to get the other chapters have the same romance this did as they’re finally nairan now so next update may take longer. i hope you enjoy the next chapter as much, though. ????

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    nice timing meghanal …. hehehehe….. i was in emotional rollercoaster… it’s awesome….. update soon…. 🙂

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      HAHA i really wanted that nok jhok between meghnal and nairan! thank you so much and i’ll try update by tomorrow night latest day after. ?

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