Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 42)


Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changes is made according to my fiction.
As everyone knws hw great this story is bt if i fail to reach ur expectations plz excuse me.

Chapter 42:

Kunj s pov:(continues)
I saw twinkle going with her mother. She turned to me n waved at him. I was lost in her.
When I heard sme one calling me, it’s twinkles mom s frnd who asked me abt cming to party.

‘So, ur cming to the party?’ The lady asked.
I just nodded
‘ in this way?’ She asked pointing at my attire.
I made what else look.
She understood n she asked me to cme with her.
I followed her to her room.
She is such a nice lady, she gave me a suite.
I wore it.
‘ I knw it fits u, as I remember my son wn I see u in this attire,’ she said having tears in her eyes.
I held her hands n consoled her.
‘Thankq’ I said.

After that I went to the party.
For the first time in my life I was in a party of high class people.
As I came near the door, the person standing near the door with a long hat on his head with a broad wide mustache opened the door for me. I smiled at him with little fear n entered.
‘Come on kunj maintain ur own dignity’ I cautioned myself.
I saw each n eveyone holding thr arms with the lady in a different way. I was little amazed by seeing all these n the interiors of titanic was like a heaven.

As I moved seeing the wonders of titanic, I saw the most precious wonder of that place, twinkle…M she was standing near the stairs with a huge smile on her face n she was elegantly dressed up in a maroon colour long frock with a white lace all over it. Her hairs was into a bun with a small crown infront. She was looking like a princess of wonders.

I slowly moved towards her as she came down the stairs.
Like a gentleman I forwarded my hand for hers,which I learnt to do few minutes back by seeing the rest of the ppl over thr.
She smiled n gave me her hand.
I held her hand which had a white netted gloves.
‘How u came to knw abt this?’ She asked me with a little surprise n smile over her face
‘I saw many men doing that here, so just tried it out’. I said.

She took me to the dinner place.
We were on seated on tge big round table with all possible foods on it. Everyone had a glass of wine in thr hands. Some men were smoking also.
I sat next to naman.
Everyone over thr looked at me.
‘ He is the one who saved me yesterday’ twinkle announced bfr any one could question.
They also looked at me in doubt I just smiled at them.
‘Kunj, meet my fiancee Naman,’ twinkle introduced him.
‘Hello, sir nice to meet u,’ I replied.
‘Me tooo,’ He said smewt arrogantly. He was expression less.
I felt little wierd. We all sat fr dinner.
People present thr asked me abt my life n all when I answered them thy were least impressed by me,except two ladies who gave me dress n twinkle.
Rest a were nt happy or satisfied with him but a pair of eyes were looking at me with smewt arrogance, she is twinkles mom.
I don’t knw wt I did to her, from the first look she had hatred fr me in her eyes.
One more pair of eyes were very suspicious about me, it’s Naman.
He seems like a CID, I came to know what why twinkle wanted to kill herself.
After a long,boring dinner I was finally set free, I just moved to one side as thr was a couple dance.whule twinkle was dancing with Naman. I was as lost in looking at her.
she noticed me standing aside n she made an excuse n came to me.

‘Why ru nt enjoying, come on, see how the party is happening, ‘ she said.
For which I gave a funny laughter. She was confused by my smile.
‘ What?’ She questioned.
‘ do u think that this is the happening party’?I asked.
‘Oh my God, this is not at all happening, it’s too boring.’ I said.
She gave me whatever wala look.
‘Come i will take u to the real happening party,’ I held her hand n dragged her.
‘But….’ she dragged it.
‘Dnt be worried Coz thy are all busy with all thr own stuff, thy won’t look fr u,’ I tried to convince her.
She looked around n saw Every1 busy with thr own stuff, she looked at me n nodded in agreement.
I dragged her out of that bladdy shit place.

Precap: twinkle enjoying party with kunj, I think it’s time to realise thr feelings fr eo.

Hope u all liked it….

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