Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 40)

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Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changes is made according to my fiction.
As everyone knws hw great this story is bt if i fail to reach ur expectations plz excuse me.

Chapter 40:
Kunj was set free.
Kunj just made his way out, Naman saw him going,’ Keep an eye on him’, he ordered to the officer. And the officer nodded in yes.

Next day morning,
Twinkle got up from her bed and remembered what had happened with her yesterday night.
Still she felt it like a night mare.

Twinkles pov:
What ever has happened yesterday, I can’t even believe that I am still alive, it’s because of him, he was thr at the right time orelse I would have lost my life. I want to thanks him once.

As I was thinking abt him, my maid came to my bed.
‘ mam, ur mom is waiting fr u, to attend the prayer.’ She said
‘ I will be coming,’I went answered her n she left.
I had my bath n rushed to the prayer hall before my mom would lose her temper, fr God sake she was fine n i was on time.

I had dressed myself in a brown long frock with an overcoat. I just left my hair like that as I had no time fr it.
Everyone seemed like they r waiting fr me. I excused them n entered the hall.
The prayer began.
All the time I was talking with God.
‘Yesterday I wanted to die, but I couldn’t do that I don’t knw y, I believe in u, so plz give me answer fr all my questions, as I couldn’t even make out wt sort of questions I am facing. I can’t marry Naman. Even u know that, plz just pull me out of all this miseries. And the guy who saved me yesterday, I wanna meet him n i wanna thank him as I knew that u nly sent him to save my life. ‘

I finished my prayer n after few minutes the session also ended.
Naman was busy with his family n frnds. While my mom was busy tooo so I made myself free frm thr n rushed out in search of that person.
I roamed all over the ship n finally found him.
I felt like he was also searching fr me. I could see the eagerness of meeting me in his eyes, n i felt like he didn’t even slept yesterday, his eyes were little swollen.

**End of twinkles pov.**

Kunj s pov:
I was happy to see her again, dnt know what’s wrong with me but I was so happy to see her again n wn I learnt that she was searching fr me i was damn happy. I just wanted to share few words with her. As I knw that she being a high class girl won’t talk to me but I was wrong she came to me to thank me fr saving her. As I had many dreams of meeting her in nights. I couldn’t even sleep properly Due to her thoughts.
She came to me n started talking n she even thanked me fr my favour.
We had a random talks. She felt nearer to me, as we were like two old frndss sharing thr things aftr a longtime. I was listening to her v talks.
Kunj s pov ends.

Twinkles pov:
I was talking to him as merely I was thr to thank him but without my sense I started sharing my personals with him, see seemed friendly.
‘ U must be thinking that, why poor girl trying to kill herself, she is rich, cute n all. But not in my case….M.r…’ I didn’t asked fr his name.
He introduced himself.
‘Oh…twinkle.’ I said introducing myself
‘ U were telling smething’, he was quite eager to knw that
‘ Oh, yeah, that u might be thinking that I am being rich n full of luxuries but still thinking to kill myself, yesterday what had happened….’
As I was continuing he cut me.
‘No…’ He said.

I looked confusingly
‘No, I wont think like that, as I knw that wt problems u rich ppl go with, ‘ He spoke knowingly.
I sighed with casual face n i continued
‘I don’t knw wt to do, as many wedding cards are sent, n within no time I will be married to him n my life gonna end thr, even now of i imagine myself in the church on my wedding day, my heart would be pumping like hell with restless Ness but nt with happiness, I can’t take that…’

As I was sharing all my meaningless feelings of me to him he just asked me one question,’ do u love him?’ He asked.

Precap: whats twinkle s reaction? ??

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