Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 38)

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Note: the story is followed by the T itanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changes is made according to my fiction.

I can’t write such a passionate one bt i am trying my best plz excuse me if I failed to reach ur expectations.

Chapter -38

Twinkles pov:
I made an excuse n came out of that party hall, I could nt controll my tears.
Why? My life is like this,everything is against my wish in my life, I can’t marry him, I even can’t tell this to mom. Even I can’t share my life with him, I knw what’s Naman is, he is a womaniser. I even knw why he is marrying me nly fr the sake of lust. Orelse who will come forward to clear all our debts without expecting anything frm us.

I had no one to share my feelings for all at once I decided to end my life. Yes.. why should I live? Why should I give myself to a bladdy womaniser. It’s better to die than to be a puppet of lust in his hands. No matter abt this now. Atleast I can die peacefully.

With a tears gushing out if my eyes I ran towards the end of the ship. I climbed on the railing of the ship and stood at the top with my eyes closed.
I prayed to god as I knew that wt I am doing is wrong bt i had no option left.
As I was abt to jump I heard someone. I turned to see a man tall n fair in complexion,with a white shirt n brown coat over it n a cowboy pant. He had a cigar in his hand .
*end of twinkles pov *

(It will be nice to listen in thirds persons view,so go thru dialogue pattern)
The guy is kunj nly.

Twinkle= stop, don’t cme towards me, orelse I will jump.
Kunj=miss. What ru upto over here?
T=it’s nun of ur business
K=ya….but do u think u can jump?
T=what stupid question?

Kunj started to remove his shoes n socks.
K= it’s not an easy thing
He moves little forward.
T= I said stop…
He stood the nly
K=do u think it’s so easy to jump frm here n die, no miss. Plz come back
T= who are u to tell that? Never mind plz leave.

Kunj moved further
K=I…. will just… throw..this
He moved towards the railing n threw the cigar.
It’s nt easy miss, as u knw how cold it is, if u drown u feel like 1000 knives stabbing into ur heart all at once (this is my favourite comparison which he gives..heheheh)

Kunj looked at her, he could sense a little fear in her face.
K=do u think u can do it?
Twinkle looked down n was tensed to see her death infront of her.
She slowly uttered.
K=give me ur hand, slowly…
Twinkle slowly gave her hand.
K=dnt get tensed , u wil be fine.

He held her one hand n she turned towards him. While she was climbing the railing her long frock struck to her shoes n she slipped.
She lost her grip, nly kunj was holding her.
She was tensed
She shouted
K=dnt get tensed, dnt leave my hand.
Twinkle nodded in fear,Kunj tried to pull her up.
Slowly he made her hold his one more hand n drags her so that she reaches the railing n he pulls her up. With the support of railing twinkle climbs up.

Kunj pulls her away frm the railing n she falls on him.
At that time all the security ppl with Naman arrives thr.

Twinkle wakes up.

Precap: as u knw; kunj will be blamed n Arrested. Twinkle saves him. They become frnds….etc etc

Hope u r liking it. My next exam is on Tuesday so I am hving time.
Do support frnds no cmnts at all very less unbareable.
Let me clear frnds i will be quitting frm April 2017. I can’t help it out.

Tq fr ppl who commented fr last one. I will reply each of u in next epi.

Urs lovingly

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute ep

  2. Wow really loved this epi.. the way kunj saved twinkle???.. do cont soon ❤❤

  3. Awesome amazing fabulous episode loved it
    Bt y r u quitting dear plsss don’t quit na plsssssss

  4. Hey, it’s just awesome ,wonderful and so on.Waiting for the next episode.
    Love ya…

  5. Chiku

    Wowwwww it’s awesome ?????lovely. Loved it
    Plzzz post next soon
    Love u❤️??

  6. Sohi

    I liked the scene very much and that line is also mine favourite too do continue bye

  7. Awesome job roshini and u know i have not watched titanic movie so its all is suspence for me and sorry for not cmnting in previou epi

  8. Presha

    awesome rosh
    hw r u
    this one was lovely

  9. Hey rosh this is my first comment on ur ff…this episode is amazing…loved it…aur haan I haven’t watched Titanic movie so reading ur ff and imagining SidMin TwiNj is a bliss…dear post ur other ff I was I was full of tashan and u were full of love ff…plzz…

  10. SidMin

    Loved it, it was too good 🙂 awesome 🙂 Precap bechara Kunj

  11. Baby

    ohhh god roshini di srsly dis episode was wow.
    u know wat i bought a book from libraray named titanic☻
    bt den wen i visted tu dat day i saw ur ff n u know wat it stated titanic i was on cloud 9 dat i didnt had to waste my tym reading whole book n was soooooooooo happy n dat was it u r eally making me lyk wooohhaaaa d stry is going perfect i dont know d stry naa soo srsly njoying uff loveing it♥♥♥
    love u lods di thanks ♥☻♥☻♥☻♥☻♥

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