Twinj: When I fell for you: Season 2: Episode 3

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Season 2: Episode 3

A quick recap: Simmi’s midnight hunger, Kunj teaching Twinkle cooking, Amaya’s return to the Sarna mansion

“Is something special today, Mumma?” Simmi asked Twinkle for the hundredth time, and in return, she got the same reply all over again, “Simmi… It’s a surprise!! You don’t want to ruin the suspense, do you?”
“Papa! Your wife is so stubborn!!” Simmi complained to Kunj, who let out a little laugh. “Really?” He asked, pulling her onto his lap. “Yes!! Have you not realised it till now?” Simmi questioned seriously, placing her tiny hand over her mouth. “No. But what makes you say so, princess?” Kunj asked, trying to sound as serious as possible. Simmi smacked her head, and spoke, pointing at Twinkle, “Look at her! She’s been making all these decorations since morning, and refuses to give in on the reason!!” Kunj laughed and Simmi gave him a high-five.

Twinkle turned around immediately to look at them, and they quietened down immediately, while Pari laughed.
“Arrey! What’s going on? Something special today?” Amaya asked, walking down the stairs, while everyone else gave her an ‘I don’t know’ expression.
“Bhabhi!! Wait for the surprise!!” Twinkle said excitedly, as she pushed away some decorative material, making space for Amaya to sit down.

“It’s been an hour Bua! Tell us atleast now na? What is going on?” Pari asked, tugging at Twinkle’s dupatta, but before Twinkle could put her off, she spoke, “It’s not like I want to know Bua… I’m a very good girl. It’s just that those two are making fun of you” She pointed at Kunj and Simmi, who were watching wide-eyed.
“Pari Di!!! Are you not on my side?” Simmi protested, jumping off Kunj’s lap, while Pari made some signs, asking her to keep quiet, trying to convey that she was only trying to get the secret out, but Simmi was Simmi. “I’m not speaking to you!! You are a cheater!” She spoke, walking away angrily, and soon had the world at her command, everyone pleading to her, and convincing her.

“Ok baba! I’m sorry!! I’m always on your side… Put away your anger now… For me?” Pari asked, cupping Simmi’s face with her own small hands. Simmi smiled at her, and they gave each other a big hug, while everyone around admired their bond.
“Choti Siyappa Queen!!” Kunj mumbled, earning a glare from Simmi. She rushed forward angrily, but stopped as she noticed the door opening. “Who is that?” Simmi asked, turning everyone’s attention to the visitor.

“Chinki!!!” Twinkle called out excitedly, as Chinki and Aman entered the house with their twins. They had been living abroad for many months now, and had finally decided to shift back. Twinkle alone was aware of them coming back, as they wanted to surprise the others.
(Finally I’ve brought everyone back into the story!!!)

“Chinki Masi!!” Simmi called out, and rushed forward to hug her. Chinki picked her up in her arms and twirled her around, while Pari jumped into Aman’s arms.
“Chinki! This was such an amazing surprise!! We all had been missing you so much!” Amaya spoke as they all walked towards the hall.

“Simmi!! Look! Your best friends!!” Pari spoke sarcastically, pointing towards Aryan and Amrita, Chinki’s kids. Simmi looked up at Pari, feeling confused. “Di! What is wrong with you?” She asked, holding Pari’s hand. “They are your best friends, right? You completely forget me when you meet them…” Pari complained, freed her hand and walked away, while Simmi smacked her forehead again. “Papa should have called her ‘Choti Siyappa Queen’, not me” She murmured before following Pari.

Meanwhile, the others were engaged in gossip, catching up on all the issues that they had missed. They called even Leela and RT, and Rahul over to the Sarna mansion.
“Finally all of us are back together!! I missed all of this fun so much!” Chinki spoke, munching on some snacks that Leela and Usha brought for them. “Exactly!!” Aman added, “But there are some people missing their lovers here” Twinkle said, nudging Rahul. “Stop it!” He snapped, pushing her away.

“But she’s right. Where’s Nidhi?” Kunj asked, trying hard to control his laughter. Rahul glared at him, and spoke, “Bro!! It’s so difficult to handle these girls!! She’s after my life all day long..” Everyone burst out laughing at that.
Rahul had got engaged to Nidhi, the same girl that Twinkle had insisted was perfect for him, a few weeks ago. Nidhi was a really sweet girl, and they were totally in love, but everyone except the two could see it. Though Twinkle insisted that they showed their love for each other through their quarrels, they never accepted it.

“Pari Di! She’s sorry na?” Amrita insisted, blocking Pari’s way, while Simmi caught her from behind. “Di! Chocolate! Whichever one you ask for. Alright? Please?” Simmi asked, trying her ultimate weapon. Pari turned to her, and smiled sweetly, hugging her, and soon, the twins joined in.
Twinkle noticed Amaya watching them, though she looked lost in her own world. “Bhabhi?” Twinkle called, pulling Amaya back to reality. “Look at her! She’s so stubborn! I wonder what is going to happen when this baby arrives” she complained helplessly. Twinkle giggled, assuring her that they would be alright, reminding her of how Usha had spoken of Amaya being exactly like that, but as she and Kunj grew older together, they began supporting each other more than anyone else.
Amaya smiled in agreement, but her words made Twinkle recollect an incident, after which perhaps she herself wouldn’t agree with whatever she had just said.

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