Twinj: When I Fell For You: Season 2 Episode 15

Greetings all you lovely people! Thank you so much for all your love for my stories, through thick and thin as the plots proceeded, I’m aware I’m not perfect or the best, but I’m really glad that I’ve had consistent support all along, especially because the previous article I posted marked by 100th one on this site. It’s been a hell of a roller coaster ride, but honestly, I’ve either enjoyed or learnt something (or sometimes both) from the ups and downs. I’m really grateful to each one of you. Happy reading!

Twinj: When I Fell For You: Season 2 Episode 15

A quick recap: Kunj and Simmi share some sweet moments together, Twinkle and Kunj come to an agreement on standing by each other through every challenge her pregnancy brings along. Simmi takes care of Twinkle assuming she’s unwell, scaring Usha and then bombards Twinkle with her chatter about babies.

“May I have your attention, please?” Simmi said, standing on her chair at the dining table, making sure her voice was loud enough to be heard above all the casual talk going on. “Oh! Me too!” Pari said, taking Simmi’s hand as she too stood up. “Would the two of you not stand on the chairs?” Amaya asked, in the same tone that Simmi had used, teasing her, as the others waited to see what the latest thing that the girls were up to was. “We will, Mami. We need some demands fulfilled before that!” Simmi said, Pari nodding along to each word she heard. “Finish your dinner, Simmi!” Kunj said, trying to make it sound like the warning Twinkle used, but failed miserably, for Simmi simply glanced at him and then turned to Manohar to complain. “Look, Dadu! We are behaving so well, but Papa is trying to scare us! We are such girls, and all we are asking for is this little play-tent that we saw in the mall in the other day!”  She then nudged Pari, who added, “We did not buy anything at the mall that day either. Except for chocolates!” Simmi whispered to her that she shouldn’t have said anything about the chocolates, and Pari murmured a quick “Sorry. I didn’t know that.” Simmi grinned mischievously at Twinkle before adding, “Or you could allow us to bring home a puppy. Whichever! We are only asking for any one of these.” She added the last sentence in her most innocent tone, and smiled as she saw everyone burst out laughing.

 Kunj managed to convince the girls that he would get them the tent if they would become obedient, and took them along to put them to sleep. “I want to be a Disney princess!” Simmi told Kunj excitedly as they told him about the show they had seen on TV that evening. “But you are already my princess!” Kunj reminded her as he tucked her in with a kiss on her forehead. When he went to the other side of the bed to help Pari with the duvet, Simmi sat up, and Kunj knew from just one look at her that she still had a lot to say and wouldn’t sleep until she was done. “Papa, come here!” Simmi said, patting beside her. Kunj looked at Pari who had fallen asleep and shushed, not wanting to wake her up. He walked back to Simmi’s side and sat in front of her. She quickly jumped up and sat on Kunj’s lap, and pulled his hands around herself.

“Will I still be your princess when I grow up?” Simmi asked, genuinely worried, and Kunj comforted her by gently rocking her in his arms. “You will. Always.” He whispered, and added, “Just like your Mumma will always be her Papa’s princess. Even though she has her own little princess now!” Simmi smiled at that, recalling how fond RT was of Twinkle. “But didn’t you say she’s your queen?” She asked, sounding curious. “She is.” he replied, wondering where she was leading the conversation to. “How can she be both a princess and a queen?” Simmi asked seriously, making Kunj giggle. Simmi turned to face him, looking annoyed. He put away his laughter immediately. “Well, I don’t know about that, Simmi! I’ll think about it and let you know.” She nodded at him and let him cover her up, kissing him with a “Good night” that was almost a whisper. “Someday you’ll be someone’s queen too. I don’t think you know that yet, but you will, and then you’ll know the answer yourself. For now, all you need to know is that you’ll always be my little princess, no matter what.” Kunj whispered to himself as he turned out the lights, realising that his little girl was no longer the baby that he thought of her as.

Kunj walked into his room, ready to crash into the bed after the long day he had had, when he saw Twinkle cradling Amaya’s little one in her arms. He watched admiringly as she tried different ways to put the baby to sleep, as patiently as ever. “Is she asleep now?” Kunj asked as Twinkle carefully placed the baby in the cradle and continued to pat lest the baby would wake up again. Twinkle nodded at Kunj once she was sure, and smiled watching him observe the baby quietly. “How come she’s here today?” Kunj asked, realising a little late that it must have been the first time Amaya had left the baby in someone else’s care. “So that Bhabhi gets at least a few hours of sleep. I’ll take her back when she wakes up.” Twinkle said, as Kunj nodded and headed to the bed. “What are you thinking about?” She asked, looking at him being awfully quiet. “Simmi grew up so quickly, didn’t she? Remember when she was so tiny?” He spoke, pointing at the picture on the wall, the first picture of Simmi’s ever taken, when she was about a month old, cuddled by her parents, who looked so proud of her. “And now she is this smart young girl who knows exactly how to get things done?” Twinkle asked, giggling. He nodded, laughing along, and replied, “But that’s not all. It feels like time passed by in a flash. Like it was just yesterday that we brought her into this room for the first time, and then with a snap of a finger she is old enough to sleep by herself?” Twinkle wrapped her arms around his right hand, sitting closer to him on the bed and said, “She’ll be back here as soon as Pari moves back to Taneja mansion. Don’t you worry; you still have a lot of her pranks and antics to deal with.”

Kunj was relieved to hear that to say the least. He was so glad that Simmi was close enough to him and Twinkle that she could share anything with them, that way he would always keep her protected. Twinkle had just turned out the light when they heard the baby begin to cry. He assured Twinkle he would handle it and picked the baby up from the cradle, but that only made it cry louder. Kunj was surprised to see the baby calming down by the simple humming sound, given that none of his methods had shown any impact. “It’s time to work on your baby handling skills, Kunj Sarna!” Twinkle whispered as she handed him the now asleep baby. “Those were sufficient for Simmi!” He protested, keeping his voice as low as he could. “They might not be even half as good for this little one or our little one.” Twinkle said, looking slightly worried. “Look at her sleeping so peacefully!” Kunj said, diverting her mind, smiling to himself as she sighed looking at the baby.

“The baby didn’t sleep at all! I wonder how you are managing, Di!” Kunj told Amaya as he brought the cradle to Amaya’s room and Twinkle handed the baby back. “Of course not, Bhabhi! She did sleep. Kunj just doesn’t know because he dozed off in between himself.” Twinkle said quickly, smacking Kunj, but Amaya had already heard him. “I know her sleep pattern by now. I’m sure you two had a hard time. You should go back and sleep now, it’s only 2 in the night anyway. Besides, you shouldn’t be stressing yourself at all, Twinkle.” Amaya said, glancing at Kunj who couldn’t stop yawning. “You’ll still give her to us for some nights, right? She’s so pretty!!” Twinkle spoke hopefully, knowing that the possibility looked bleak. “Not if you two end up like this for just half a night!” Amaya replied, and Twinkle pulled Kunj along, deciding to get her to agree the next morning.

The next day, when Kunj entered Twinkle’s cabin to check how she was doing, he was surprised to see the entire gang, except for Amaya there. “What’s going on?” He asked, slightly annoyed that nobody had asked him to join in. They all shared confused glances and finally looked back at him, unaware of what they had to say to that. “Weren’t you supposed to go for that meeting?” Yuvi asked him, hoping to trap him instead. “Oh that’s why you thought this was the most convenient time to gossip behind my back!” Kunj exclaimed, watching everyone’s expressions carefully to catch a clue. “These people came just now, Kunj!” Twinkle said, trying her best shot. “These empty coffee mugs don’t seem to agree!” Kunj shot back, making her cringe in realisation. “Ma wants the naming ceremony to be held next week. On your birthday.” Yuvi explained, adding that they weren’t trying to hide it from him, they had just found out and decided to meet, but he wasn’t around at that time. “That is such an amazing idea! I love that little one!!” Kunj said, pulling a chair for himself, but they insisted that he kept out, they didn’t want him to know his surprises either way. He made his best puppy face at Twinkle, but she just blew him a flying kiss from across the room and waved a good bye as Yuvi closed the door.

That’s it for now guys. Much love. Stay tuned!

  1. Superb
    Simmi is smart baby

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Melody! Glad you liked it!

  2. Vibhu

    Simmi and her cute antics❤️?
    Loved the episode
    Actually, with this story, I can never find one or two favourite parts in every episode. Becoz the whole episode is written so beautifully. ?
    I always fall short of words to appreciate you. ♥️
    Keep writing girl
    It’s always a pleasure reading you.
    Bye! Take care ?

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hi Vibhu! It’s an absolute pleasure to hear from you too, especially when you shower praises like these!! I’m happy you like it, it means a huge lot to me!! Thank you so much! Take care!!

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    Cute !!
    Simmi is really so adorable and her talks omg!!!
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      Thank you so much Preshu!! I’m glad you liked it! Next episode out soon!!

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      Thank you so much Yashika!!

  5. Just love the story , nothing more to say ?????

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      Aww! That’s so sweet as always!! Thank you Riya!!

  6. I feel myself drowning in awe…. Shit they are so adorable… Kunj unhappy about simmy growing up even though she is just 4 or 5 maybe was uber cute
    Loads of love ❤!!

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hi Vags!! Thank you so much!! I’m so flattered that you liked it thaat much! Kunj comes forth as a very possessive person in this story, which was intended, and I’m happy it worked well. Much love!!

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